Monday, January 23, 2006

Gravelly news by Glenna Goodson

A woman goes to the doctor for her yearly physical. The nurse starts with certain basic items. "how much do ou weigh?"she asks. "115" the lady replies. The nurse puts her on the scale. It turns out her weight is 140. The nurse asks,"Your height?" "5 foot 8," she says.The nurse checksand she is only 5 ft. 5. The nurse then takes her blood pressure and tells the woman it is very high. "Of course it is high!" she screams,"When Icame in here I was tall and slender. Now I am short and fat!"

I was so glad to get back to the Ola Fitness Center. My blood sugar had been really high, but after exercising, the reading was better. Cherry Turner came in while I was there and I asked her about hers and Sam's grandsons. Zac is FFA President of the NW District.He also teaches leadership conferences.Aaron is First Vice-president of the Ar. Jr. Hereford Association. Also at the center a lady said,"I've decided I'm just an old heifer instead of a young chick!" Amen to that!!

Last Friday, I went to Bluffton to see my friends, Betty andHoyt Lampkin. Betty's broken wrist did not heal correctly and after an MRI the specialist told Betty she has Osteoporosis andthe wrist probably will not ever be as it was. Betty really has trouble using that hand as we need to pray for her. I took her some books cause she had not felt like gong to the library.

You know that tablespoon of honey you love to put in your oatmeal or on your toast, means a bee must visit 4,200 flowers to make just that tablespoon of honey? I learned that fact from Joe Harrison as he delivered themessage at the Adventist Church in Plainview, Saturday. Joe reminded us that bees are always looking for what is sweet. Why don't we as people look for that which is sweet in each other instead of finding fault with each other?Aspart ofthe service,Greg Howard played the guitar; Dr. Sandberg playedthe harmnica andthey sang a song Greg had written entitled,"Gotta Change Our Neighborhood." Joe also made another statement I really liked. He said "A Christian without a church is like a bee without a hive."

I had a wonderfujl time at the Fourche Valley Homecoming Friday night. Around 5:00 p.m. the Queens were crowned after handsome young gentlemen escorted the contestants in. Christin Beggs was chosen as Jr. High Queen and Brittany Powell was chosen as the Senior High Queen. There were basketball games with FV andWestern Yell competing. I hadcalled Loyd Reed George to remind him when the homecoming was to be and asked him to be sure and come. He was there and I was glad to see him. Loyd tries to cometo all the homecoming games at FV. Probably I have written this before but Loyd Reed was the first coach hired when the other gym at FV was built, over 50 years ago. Those were the good ole days", I can tell you from personal experience. Loucinda and I asked Loyd Reed to sit between us so we could both "bendhis ear." We had lots of fun remembering the basketball games of the past andalso we were enjoying the games being played that night. Our FV Junior boys won with a score of 48 to 44. It was really a good-hard played game. Our Jr. girls really had a hard time and fell to Western Yell with ascore of 16 to 46. At one time when FV was 25 points behind, Loyd Reed says,"You know, those Western Yell girls are just gettinga little over-confident!" Our senior girls played hard and well but they lost by a score of 37 to 53. The 4th game was played by the senior boys. I mean those boys played fast as lightning! I do not see how the score keepers kept up with them! At half-time, FV was down by 3 and at the end ofthe third quarter, we were AHEAD by 24 points!Loyd Reed kept sayhing,"this isa good game." The final score was FV 70 and Western Yell 54. My friend Melba Reed and her husband, Harrison, from Story, came to the Homnecoming. I was really glad to see Melba--she really looked pretty.Harrison seemed to really enjoy the basketball games. He got to see his nephew, Clay Beggs,makeseveral 3 pointers.Melba saidshe bought achance on the horse they were giving away and Iasked Harrison what if Melba won the horse and he said"She will ride it home!" also saw Susan Jones at the games who gave me a hug--I like hugs don't you?Also Sheila and Gary Garner's daughter, Susan, and her husband sat behind me and we could talk. Susan has the most beautiful,happy laugh. Her laughter just made me feel good and as I wasdriving home I thought of how great it is that some people are gifted with the ability to make people happy with their smiles and laughter.

A few weeks ago Loucinda' s son, ,Scott, and grandson, Michael were visiting her on a Saturday. It wassuch a beautiful day they decided to take a walk in the woods. Scott wasahead, next was Loucinda and Michael brought up the rear. Loucindasays to Michael,"You know what will happen if we come upon a snake don't you?" Michael says"No, what?" and Loucinda says"Well, your Dad, being first in line, will wake up the snake, then I'll make the snake mad andthen he will bite you!" Michael became first in line very quickly!

A Golden Lab, male, retriever, that belongs to Justin Dees of Nola, is missing. The Lab isalmost 2 years old andanswers to the name of Dakota. Two little children miss their dog and I hope if you see the dog, you will let Justin know.

Gail Broussard hadan accident acouple of weeks agoi while driving her truck just outside of Bluffton. She had a blow-out, her truck went alll over the road--went down embankment and thrugh a fence. No, she was not drunk, just her truck was out of control. I had a flat on that same road, twice, and people behind me probably thought I wasdrunk,while trying to straighten up my car. Gail totaled her truck andIam sad for her.

Did you ever notice that the people who tell you to "calm down" are the ones that got you mad in the first place?


  • Goodson of Gravelly I enjoyed you story here also anytime we are in Yell County we pick up the record. Hope to be retired there sometime this year. We will be there in Gravelly, Ar

    By Blogger outlawvtx, at 5:22 PM  

  • Gary,

    thanks for the comment.

    I'm Glenna's son. I will direct her to this comment. I'm trying to get Mom enthused about the Blog idea. The techey stuff is offputting to anybody but Mon especially hates all things involving computer tech.

    She has another Blog that she is the adminstrator where I can't help her and so she's only made one post to it.

    On this Blog I just take her articles and cut and paste and add a random Gravelly photo.

    Take it easy. Gravelly will be a sweet spot to retire.

    Ellis Goodson

    By Blogger Mr Goodson, at 11:38 PM  

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