Sunday, February 12, 2006

Just my observations

Sunday, February 12, 2006 3:08 PM
Gravelly News by Glenna Goodson

For weeks a 6 year old girl kept telling her first grade teacher about the baby brother or sister that was expected at her house. One day the mother allowed the little girl to feel the movements of the unborn child. The six-year old was obvioiusly impressed but did not say anything.Furthermore, she stopped telling her teacher about the impeding event. Finally, the teacher sat down with the girl and said,"Carolyn, whatever has become of that baby brother or sister you were expecting?"Carolyn burst into tears and confessed,"I think Mommy ate it!!"

I went to a district basketball game Wednesday night at Plainview's gym. My niece, Kathleen Swaim, was nice enough to allow me to go with her. I was really anxious to see Kathleen's son, Jacob, play ball. Jacob is the smallest on his team but he is fast and a scrapper!!When we arrived, Sacred Heart and Plainview girls were playing. Plainview won the game with a score of 25 to 21. Then it was time for our Jr. boys to play. It was really a well played game andI really thought F.V. boys would win. In the last few seconds it was a tied score but Plainvieew had the ball and scored. So the score was 34 to 32 in favor of Plainview. I was so amused at Susan Jones. Every time her son, Trent, got the ball, she'd run her hands through her hair, over and over. The F.V. boys were so sad at their loss but they played just great. I know it has been a very long time since 1948 and 1949 when our basketball teams at F.V. first had a gym and won so many trophies under the coaching skills of Loyd Reed George, but that is where I began to love basketball and it is still my favorite sport. I'm glad in the "good ole days" the coaches did not yell at the kids. I asked Loyd Reed how did he talk to the players and he said if there was a problem he'd call the polayers into his office the next day and talk to them. Nowadays, all thecoaches yell mean things at the kids, even the women coaches, and it drives me nuts!!Just my observations.!

Our cheer-leaders from F.V. also did a good job. They have a lot of good routines and I enjoy watching them. I thought, as a mother,Mary Powell can smile and be glad when she looks at those cheerleaders and sees her 3 daughters, Brittany, Jordan and Rebecca out there cheerleading.

Speaking of Brittany Powell--she and Rusty Brothers plan to be married May 6th. Both are seniors at F.V.We might all say,"Please wait a couple of years," but it is not our life. I just wish the best for these wonderful young people.

I don't know what I would do without my brother in law, Lacey Minnie. My car was low on oil, and while I was gone with someone else, Lacey came by and put 2 quarts of oil in my car.

Diane Hunnicutt is going to people's homes now and fixing their hair. If you have trouble getting out of your home, perhaps you could call Dianeandsee if shecould add you to her list.

I had a very interesting conversaation with Betty Johnson of Plainview last week. We were both eating at Fowlers. She told me a cute story about a little boy, around 4 years old, she saw at Sav A Sum grocery at Danville. She saidthe little boy asked his mother for some candy and she told him"No."The little boy said "But I NEED it!"The mother again said "no" and the little boy said "Mommy, my stomach tells me I need that candy."! Aren't children grand?

I went to see my Aunt Syble in the Waldron nursing home, last week. She asked me what had I been doing and Dortha says, ":she just runs around all the time," Aunt Syble tells me to run around as long as Ican because the time would come whden I could not do that--she said,"All I can do is lie in this bed or sit in a chair." But my Aunt Syble's mind is still good, Praise the Lord, even at 98 years of age. I also went to see Syble Hunt, up the hall. Syble was a Simpson and the family was our neighbors when I was in high school.

I started my blog on my computer. I had a comment from Gary James in which he told me he enjoyed my story. This blogging is complicated for me. Ellis put part of one of my stories on his blog along with pictures ofGravelly. I had a goodcomment there,too.

Last Sunday, I was getting ready to turn into Rover Baptist Church's parking lot. Well, the entrance was blocked by Johnny Turner and a guy talking--Also, the guy's wife had blockedthe entrance with her truck. I had to throw on my brakes and everything went into the floorboard. I got out of my car griping at Johnny and he informs me I am going too fast!! I go inside and tell my pastor. He says"you should have nudged Johnny a little bit with your car so he'd have to come through the door, limping." He was kidding, but I wish I had tought of it, so Johnny had better watch out!!

Our Butterflies women's group met last Monday night at Rover Baptist Church. Becky Patton had a wonderful Valentine's day program. At the last we always get into groups and have a prayer time, which I really enjoy. Becky shared with us that she feels God wants her to step down as our leader. Since she and Tim are at Danville Baptist Church now, Becky feels as if her entire time should be spent in ministry there. I understand where Becky is coming from and i knowshe must do what God calls her to do, but it really leaves a hole in my heart. Becky began Butterflies for us and did a wonderful job. But now we just wish her well and will find another leader.

Thursday, Iattended the funeral of Orene Bell at Ola First Baptist Church.Mrs. Bell was the mother of Tommy Bell of Ola. Tommy and Judy, his wife, are faithful members of Ola First Baptist Church and ofthe Eastern Star. Tommy and Judy come to our Eastern Star at Gravelly and help us out when we need them. My sympathy goes out to Tommy and the family.

I was told Saturday that the lady I knew when we were teens, as Tootie Jennings, had died Friday. She was married to Fay Rhoades and the name listed in the paper was Bernice Summit Rhoades.I remember so well Tootie at the Gravelly movies on Saturday nights. She was absolutely,"fall down" beautiful when she was a teen-ager. May God bless the remaining family.

Caleb Damon, son of our postmistress at Gravelly, has, for a month, been in intensive care in a Little Rock Hospital from an accidental gun shot wound. Gale says her son is improving. We need to keep Caleb n our prayers.

Play games with a child this week--It will make you feel young!!


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