Sunday, February 19, 2006


"Our neighbor killed my dog by feeding him glass in some hamburger meat," Sherry said as tears ran down her face. I wantedto comfort my 5th grade student and tell her everything would be all right but I knew that was not true. Sherry's beautiful dog was her constant companion and I wondered in my heart what Sherry would do without her dog. Because you see, Sherry did not know where her Dad was and her mother worked long hours and came in late at night. Sherryt had to prepare what food she ate and had to wake up in the morning and get herself ready for school while her Mom slept. I struggled with my feelings of wanting that man to suffer that had been so cruel to kill something so important to a child. All I could do for Sherry was to be there for her with attention and love the rest ofthe school term.


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