Monday, February 27, 2006

Midnight Basketball

Gravelly news by Glenna Goodson

A Sunday School teacher asked her class of 5 year olds,"What was Jesus' mother's name?"One child answered "Mary." The teacher then asked, "Who knows what Jesus' father's name was?" A little kid said "Verge". Confused, the teacher asked, "Where did you get that?" The kid said," Well, you know they are always talking about Verge n" Mary."
(2) Three year old Reese was praying: "Our Father, Who does art in Heaven, Harold is His name. Amen."

Last week, Loucinda Buford, asked me to ride with her to Danville and Russellville. I was to be at her house by 11:30. June Castleberry was driving up as I was and as we got out of our respective cars, June says, ":Well, Glenna, I didn't know you were going or I would not have gone."Loucinda said she supposed she could go back home and June said,"No, i would be gong back to Dennus and his cats so I think it would be better to just put up with Glenna!" She was kidding--I think!

Congratulations to the F.V. senior boys for being the runners up at the 2006 4A District tournament. Isaw two ofthe District games and they were fun to watch. Then our senior boys played in the Regional tournament which was held in Scranton. They defeated Oark Tuesday night. I went Thursday night with my sister Kathy. F.V. played against Union Christian Academy from Fayetteville. The Fayetteville team had a 7' 2" kid on their team. You sure do not see that every day in high school! F.V. lost that game 63 to 73 but it was really a good game.Kathy also provided a ride to the game for Brittany Powell and Rusty Brothers. We went to Tech and picked upo Kathy's granddaughter, Ashly, to go with us. We met Lacy and Jacob at Ryan's and we all had fun talking and eating together. Our boys did not begin playing until 8:30, so we did not get home until midnight.

Loiese Person has been gone a month now to her daughter Annette's, who lives in Alabama. I know she has had a good time but we miss her at the Wing Community Church. She is due back this week-end.

I have Vertigo and you that have shared this malady, know you are so dizzy, it's really hard to walk around. A week ago, I could not go to my Rover church and my pastor, Bro. Shipley,called to check on me. It makes you feel good when someone says they are concerned about you--So it brought to my mind, how I needed to call someone I knew had been ill, so I called Diane Hunnicutt. Diane had been in the hospital with a bad case of bronchitis but she is homenow and is feeling better.

Our revival at Rover Baptist Church begins March 5th. I was thinking today about the revivals of the "good ole days." People from the other churches in the community wouldcome join us in worship. Andsometimes the revival would last 2 weeks!! Can you imagine that now-a-days?It's a long time if the meeting is for 7 nights andours will be. Come and be blessed along with us.

What are your favorite memories?Two of mine are my high school days at F.V and being with my Oglesbee grandparents. My brother, Bob Roy, and I would walk up that dusty, dirt, road, a little over 2 miles,to see grandma and grandpa. One day we were sitting on the long, front porch and whle grandma talked to Bob, I went into the kitchen andbegan "prowling" in Grandma's cabinets. I found a small bottle of whiskey and carried to out to Grandma, asking, "What is this?"Grandma said she kept it in case she or grandpa had a cold and then she'd fix them a "hot toddy." I asked her would she fix Bob and me one. She did and boy did we ALL get into trouble from my Mother!!

What was Fowler's restaurant at Danville, will open up again next week, under new management. We will have to check it out.

I hope everyone comncerned with our 2 River's School District, read the Record last week concerning the fact that our schools will stay the same for another year. All 3 schools have to trim their budgets. We all will have price cuts and maybe lose a faculty member or two in the schools, but PLEASE some of these rumors are ridiculous!!It makes me sad to think anyone from F.V. wouldspread rumors and if you would just consider what you hear, much of it does not even make commonsense!! Sometimes it just makes me mad!To me, you should go to the meetings or talk to Dr. O'Reily, but in spreading rumors, you don't really love your school. I got so upset about the rumors, iasked Dr. O"Reily, could I talk to him. He has the truth,ON PAPER, and I sure felt better after I talked to him. I appreciate him giving me some of his time to set my mind at rest.

I wasinvited to June's and Dennus Castleberry's Sat. night for a fish dinner. I have never tasted foodany better. June had fried fish, fried potatoes, hush puppies, slaw and Loucinda brought beans. June had apple dumplings for dessert and she was so sweet in that she made me a jello dessert, since I cannot have sweets. It was delicious! Those attending were, Frieda Banning, O.L. Briggs,Loucinda Buford and myself.

I wassurporised to find out that Larry Wilson's son, Kris Wilson, cooks at the Fowler's in Plainview. Hec came out ofthe kitchen one day and talked to me. His mother was also one of "the Fowler's" and Phyliss says now, Kris has his Aunts to boss him around!!

Isaw Mr. McCoy, the policeman at Plainview, in the Superette there, last week. I tolds him I would just be flying along but when I got into the city limits of Plainview, I'd think of his reputation of stopping drivers that exceeded the speed limit, and I always slowed down. He smiled and said that showed he was doing something right!!

If you readers clicked on my blog, let me know how you liked it.

Five out of six, of my Highfill cousins now have the Yell County Record, to keep up with our news.They live in Ca., Texas, and Oklahoma. The one that lives in Little Rock is the only one that doesn't subscribe, so I suppose I need to subscribe for her.

In looking at the beautiful Daffodils that are blooming now inspiredme to find the beautiful poem "Daffodils" by William Wordsworth. Look it up and read this lovely poem and you will appreciate the beauty of the flower even more. I have Miss Jessie Buford, my English teacher at F.V. to thank for my love of poetry and Literature.

I received an interesting E-mail from Roy Cost, formerly of Gravelly. One of his new songs,"Lonely Tears" is no.35 on the Soundclick's country chart and no. 10 in their "country pop division." Roy hasbeen in the top 100 on the European Chart for about 6 months now. I think of the little boy, I knew as LeRoy and I'm so proud of him as he is today.

Remember this: Don't cry because something is over--Smile because it happened.


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