Monday, March 13, 2006

the Pastor called the Mayor

Gravelly News by Glenna Goodson

A Pastor went to his office on Monday morning and discovered a dead mule in the church yard. He telephoned the police. Since there did not appear to be any foul play, the police referred the Pastor to the Health Department. They explained,"Since there was no health threat, you'll need to call the Sanitation Dept."Whenthe pastor called the Sanitation Dept., the manager of the Sanitation Dept. said.."I can't pick up that dead mule without authorization from the mayor." The pastor was not alll that eager to call the Mayor, who possessed a very bad temper and was always extremely unpleasant and hard to deal with, but eventually, the Pastor called the Mayor anyway.The mayor did not disappoint the Pastor. The mayor immediately began to rant and rave. After his continued rant at the pastor, the mayor finally said,"Why did you call me anyway? Isn't it your job to bury the dead?" The pastor paused for a brief prayer, and asked the Lord to direct his response.The Lord led the pastor to the words he was speaking,"Well,Yes, Mayor, it IS my job to bury the dead, BUT I always like to notify the next of kin first!!"

In talking to Midge Whitlow at Fowler's in Plainview, I asked her would she ride with me sometime to Russellville and teach me how to get there, cause I did not know how to get to Russellville. She just put her head down on the table and said,"I can't believe this!" Then she proceeded to give me directions. As she was leaving, she said,"I know you will get lost trying to get to Russellville, so call me and I'll come get you!"

Here are some amusing quotes::-------------Madge Whitlow::"The XL size on women's clothes stands for "extra lucious."
Diana O, Bryant-------"I like Starbucks coffee but I don't want to buy an interest in a 3rd world country in order to buy a cup!"
Two waitresses in a restaurant at Danville-------One says to the other, "I've been on a diet for 2 weeks and all I have lost is 14 days!"
Johnny Turner sees me in my dark colored wig and says,"Gee, you look like Goldie Hawn."(Goldie as a blonde!)

I was sorry to learn this week that Charles Ray Payne had died. His Dad was Austin Payne, and I have forgotten the mother's name. His sister, Ethel Faye and I both attended Fourche Valley School.The Austin Payne's were our neighbors from the time I was 7 until I was 14, at Nola.Charles Ray was just a little boy when I last saw him.My sympathy to the remaining family.

If you want to hear a lot of politicing, just come to the Nola store early in the morning. Sometimes you will see Mr. Forbes that is running for county judge and of course Tommy VanOver, that is running for J.P.I'm sure both of these guys would be good in those respective offices. They are honorable, Christian men which means a lot. I told Tommy a year ago that i would be one of his campaign managers, but I live in Yell County and he is runnng in Scott County, so I don't think that would work.

Our revival at Rover Baptist church is really stupendous!!Bro. Paul Milner tells it" like it is" and our hearts have been changed. Bro. Paul lives in London, Ar and I really pray God's blessings upon him!! I said one night that I voted he should stay another week and the young people all yelled, YES!" They really love him.

I received a letter from my cousin, Calton Highfill, frm Texas, this week. Their son, Danny, that has cancer, is now taking chemo.His condition has not improved so we really need to pray for him.

My heart goes out to Vickie Smith of Plainview that lost her 3 month old baby to SIDS.We lost a grandson to SIDS when he was one month old and it really is a terriable time because SIDS strikes so suddenly without any warning. My prayers are with Vickie and her family.

I talked by phone, to Beatrice Garner Yeats, this past week. One thing she told me happened in the 40''s. I said "Beatrice, I never knew that," and in my feeble mind I did not think it could have happened that way.. Well, it was exactly how Beatrice said.. She;s a wonderful resource for me, 'cause since Ila Willis is gone, I don't have anyone to answer my questions sbout the 30's and 40's.

I was so gladto see Becky and Emily Patton at our revival., I did not even recogize Emily, she has really become a beautiful young lady. I was also glad to see Larry Wilson.Sure wish he had brought that guitar and sang And I'm really glad Loiese Person has gone every night with me to the revival.At one time, she and her children attended Rover Baptist Church. Loiese has 7 kids and 6 of them were saved and baptized at Rover Baptist--that is awesome!!

My husband called me from Texoma and one of his dearest friends from Dallas had passed away. Fred was sad and he was sad that he had not talked to Warren in a year or so. They both worked for Westinghouse Elevator and when the company would send Fred to Dallas to either install an elevator or to inspect them, he would stay with Warren.It brought to my mind, again, how precious friends are, we should keep in contact with them and always let them know we care forthem. Remember, Jesus had friends and showed His love to them.

Loucinda told me that a lady at the Danville bank asked her where my article was last week and that she enjoyed my column. She asked Loucinda was I really that funny and Loucinda was nice and says"sometimes."As a special friend, Loucinda has seen me in sad times, in MAD times, in depressing times but in funny times too.

I am so glad that my friend Melba Reed got a good report on a heart test she had done. Melba had open heart surgery 13 years ago and it is always a blessing when she gets good reports.

I asked Johnny Turner did he enjoy my joke last week in my column. He said it took himn so long to read my artricle by the time he came to the end, he had forgotten the joke!!

The Adventist at Plainview have sold their church property.Soon they plan to begin building a new church in Ola.Someone told me that the former church may become a library!!

The Gravelly Eastern Star will have a chile supper at the Masonic Lodge building Saturday,March 18th, from 4 to 6 P.M.. Bring yur family and eat delicious, home made chile with us.

After church SundayLoucinda and I went to what is now the Main Street Cafe at DanvilleWe gotthe last booth so the cafe seems to be doing well. June Castelberry is workingthere part time and they have decorated one wall, using some of June's paintings.They are very good paintings and if you go in and see one that you just cant, do without June might sell it to you. As Lloucinda and I were looking at the paintings, Loucinda saw a couple she knew and began a conversation. The couple was Bobby and Frances Burrows, of Danville. They informed Loucinda they kept up with her activities by reading my column.

Here's somethingto think about this week:: Give me a sense of humor, Lord, Give me the grace to see a joke--to get some humor out of life and pass it on to other folk.


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