Sunday, March 26, 2006

Happy Birthday and a Wedding Shower

Gravelly news
by Glenna Goodson

After examining Jon's wife, the doctor took Jon aside and said,"I don't like the looks of your wife at all." "Me neither, Doc," said Jon,"but she's a great cook and really good with the kids."

2. Men are like a fine wine. They start out as grapes, and it's up to women to stomp the stuffing out of them until they turn into something accectable.

I enjoyed the services at the Adventist Church in Plainview, Saturday.Joe Harrison preached and Kelly Virbel taught the Bible lesson.Dr. Sandberg told me their musical group, Satisfied, was performing that evening at Ola Free Will Baptist Church. He thoughtthe time was 4 till 7 so I got to Ola at 4 and started looking for the church. I had stopped across from the drug store andwas walking toward a group of cars to try to find out where the church was. A car opulled up beside me and Dr. Sandberg says,"follow me to our house because we are not singing until 5:30."So I follow him to their lovely home andhad such a goodvisit with his wife, Jody, and little girl, Sheleah, andVivian that lives with them and works with the Spanish speaking people there in Ola.Jody showed me a short video of their son ,Jere, working in a hospital in Georgia.He does Christian work ministering to the patients in the hospital andalso helping teach Bible studies to people that come to a cafeteria in the hospital to be taught and learn about God.Then I followed Dr. Sandberg back to the church to hear the music. I love to hear Dr. Sandberg play the flute andthe harmonica. The two ladies in the group can really sing and the other musicians are good too. The combinedsound is great.

Last week I met Mr. John Young ,while eating in the Plainview, Fowler's.We talked almost 2 hours concerning our Two River School District. Interesting fellow!!

Gary Garner is in the hostpital at Little Rock with pneumonia.Gary has been in the hospital for several days The latest word I received Sunday, was that if he is still imporoving, he may come home Monday or Tuesday.

My special friend, Johnny Turner, has had pneumonia andspent a short time in the hospital at Danville. He's home but still not doing well and will go back to the Dr. this week.I miss Johnny so much in my Rover church.I pray he issoon well.

We were blessed in our Rover church this week to witness two baptisms--a product of our revival. Johnny andBrenda Turner's daughter also asked for baptism. She also made a profession of faith in our revival.

The Adventist will meet only 5 more Saturdays in the church at Plainview. Since this property has been sold, they will meet in the First Methodist Church in Ola on Saturdays until their new church is built in Ola. The Methodist Church will be blessed by God for allowing this group to meet in their facility.

Loiese Person of Wing, has gone on another trip to Alabama to see her daughter Annette. Annette, her husband, and Loiese will board a plane for Hawaii on Tuesday. Loiese shared with me that she was so blessed to have a son-in-law that includes her in fun trips.

Loucinda Buford had a birthday party for her brother, Sam TurnerSaturdat night. There were 10 present to wish Sam a happy birthday. I know how old Sam is but since I have already written that the 5th grade class I taught at F.V. were just 10- years younger then I was, Idon't want you to know my age, so I won't tell you Sam's.

We at Rover Baptist Church are having a bridalshower for Rebecca Price and her fiance.. Theshower will be April 2nd.Rebecca andher fiance were thetwo baptized today.God's blessings on them!!

Roy Fickle had been in the hospital at Ft. Smith for several days but came home a couple of days ago.It's so sad, but Roy had to be taken back to the hospital Friday night. Roy is having such a hard time and it is so sad for Robbie, his wife, and Katie, his daughter.We really need to pray forthe family.

I saw Leslie Harvey and June his wife, again in Plainview's Fowler's last week. My 5th grade class at F.V. called me Miss Glenna and Leslie still does that and it takes my mind back to happy times.Leslie says, "miss Glenna you know what I said when i got out of your 5th grade class."When Ianswered "No" he said he told everybody he was going to grow up and marry his 5th grade teacher."How sweet!

The Fowler Country Cafe at Plainview is open now on Sunday's. Hurrah!!After church, you have agood place to go and eat. I wenttoday, their first day to be open and there wasstanding room only. Of course the food andservice was great.

Remember there comes a time when you should stop expecting people to make a big deal about your birthday. That time is age 11.


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