Monday, April 24, 2006

Come For The Bull

Gravelly news by Glenna Goodson

Two sisters, one blonde and one brunette. inherit the family ranch. Unfortunately, after just a few years, they are in financial trouble. In order to keep the bank from re-possessing the ranch, they need to purchase a bull from the stockyard in a far town so that they can breed their own stock. They only have $600 left. Upon leaving the brunette tells her sister,"When I get there, if I decide to buy the bull, I'll contact you to drive out after me and haul it home.The brunette arrives at the stockyard, inspects the bull, and decides she wants to buy it. The man tells her that he will sell it for $599, no less.After paying him, she drives to the nearest town to send her sister a telegram to tell her the news. She walks into the telegraph office and says,"I want to send a telegram to my sister telling her that I've bought a bull for our ranch. I need her to hitch the trailer to our pickup truck and drive out here so we can haul him home."The telegraph operator explains that he'll be glad to help her, and then adds,"It's just 99 cents a word." After a few minyutes of thinking, she nods and says,"I want you to send her the word "comfortable." The operator shakes his head. :"How is she ever going to know that you want her to hitch the trailer to your pickup truck and drive out here to haul that bull back to your ranch if you send her just the word "comfortable?" The brunette explains," My sister is a blonde. The word's big. She'll read it very slowly-------com-for-da-bull .

The people that met in Waldron to plan for the F.V. reunion were Billy Euel Highfill, Charles and Rita Daniel, Loucinda Buford, Larry Aikman and Gary Garner. Rita, Dortha, Peggy and I made ourselves scarce by gong to Dortha's and Peggy's apartments that were next door to the building where the committee met. I heard Loucinda, Charles and Biully say that Larry and Gary really added a lot to their planning. These two guys have very good ideas and will help a lot in making this reunion a great time for all. The reunion will be September 9th.

I purchased a small table lamp from Wayne and Rosetta's flea market at Gravelly. The lamp has a very unusual shade and is very pretty. It's worth driving a few miles to come see what Rosetta has.

Loucinda urged Dennue Castleberry to go to Waldron with us Monday. Dennus said"No, he could not go." I decided he had to stay and take care of his kittens. One day Dennus goes in to check on the kittens and picked one up and took him into the kitchen. The kitty screamed and the mother cat came running and jerked her kitty out of Dennus' hands. Dennus said if she wanted the kitty that bad, she could have it!! Ofcourse then, the mother cat moved the kittens. She carried all 5 upstairs to Dennus and June's bedroom!!

It seems I have Cellulitis in my left leg, a bacterial infection of the skin. Now I am taking antibiotics and my leg is better. But my left knee is really in bad shape. Dr. Sandberg told me that when my leg is well and I get my blood sugar down, he will send me to Russellville to an orthopedic surgeon to fix my knee. I am ready for something to fix that knee. Dr. Sandberg said I had to curtail my running around. Shoot a monkey, I don't like that one bit!! I told Fred he has to come be with me when I have the surgery and he says if gasoline has gone down to 25cents per gallon, he will be here!!

Speaking of Fred,a couple of days ago he caught a 47 pound flathead cat fish. A few days before he had caught a 23 and one -half pounder, plus 10 crappie. He said 11 people at Lake Texoma feasted on the 23 and one-half pounder and the crappie. Everyone got their fill of fish.

I talked to my great-grand son, Jacob last week. I ask him how he likes pre-school and he says,"that teacher makes me write J-A-C-O-B over and over and I know how to write Jacob. Sounds as if the teacher should move on to something else. Jake then asked had I sent hm another "box" I told him:"yes," that I sent hm a John Deere cap and described it. This very bright 4 year old says"What is a cap?"

Jewlelene, formerly Putman, came by to see me one day last week. She had a friend with her, LaVan Robinson's mother. I told her that her son was one of my favorite preachers. She and Jelelent visited about an hour. They were just driving around and were gong to the Mulberry church and to see Mrs. Beatrice Garner, Yeats. Gee, Jewelene always looks as she did in high school--she must have a magic potion.

I was glad to see Gerry and Charley Miller eating at the Nola store last week-end. Also Vivkie and Jim Roberson, and Bob and Sue Hunt were there. We were talking about school and Gerry said one of her boys came home from his first day of kdgn. and when she asked him how was his first day of school, he said he wasn't gong back to school. Gerry asked why he did not want to go back and he says,"That teacher did not teach me to read today, so why go back?" I told Vickie that maybe we teachers should see that the first day of school for a child is one of learning something new.

I talked by phone last week to my cousin in Broken Arrow, OK. Sue Ann Highfill Cheatam, formerly of Gravelly. Sue Ann was a grandmother and a great-grandmother the same week last month. They were both boys. Sue, her husband, David, and Mary Lee, her sister, are all monitors on different busses for handicapped children in the Broken Arrow school system.

When my brother-in-law, Lacey, put me a new commode in my bathroom, he placed the old one under my tree in the front yard and said"Plant flowers in it."My mother did that one time but I decided it would be ugly and asked Lacey to please take it away when he had time. That afternoon, Cindy Clements, my landlady that lives next door to me called me and said," Glenna, I was looking at our pretty mewly mowed lawns and then what did I see under your tree in your front yard--don't tell me you are gong to put flowers in that!" I said "Sure." just to tease her and she said,:"please get rid of that ugly thing!"

Because of my bad leg, I did not get to see the donkey ball game at F.V. last week as I had intended Also I wanted to go and hear the "Saved by Grace, duet at Plainview Saturday night. I love to hear Larry and Jean sing so I was really sad I could not go.

There will be a Pie Auction at Gravelly Masonic Lodge Hall, Friday night, May 5th.Come and meet Yell and Scott Co. candidates. There will be good music and everyone is welcome. Come and support the Lodge. The time is 6:30 p.m.

Remember it's the SMALL acts of kindness you do for people that they will remember.


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