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Gravelly news byG lenna Goodson

JULIE____I am sending you articles for May 24th and May 31st, since I will be gone to OKC for a couple of weeks. I have divided them. Thanks

A young couple got married and went on their honeymoon. When they got back, the bride immediately called her mother."Well," said the mother,"so how was the honeymoon?" "Oh, Mama" she replied,"the honeymoon was wonderful!So romantic----- Suddenly she burst out crying."But Mama, as soon as we returned, Sam started using the most horrible language--things I'd never heard before!!I meanall these awful 4 letter words!You've got to take me home--Please Mama!""Sarah, Sarah,"her mother said,"calm down! You need to stay with your husband and work this out. Now tell me, what could be so awful?WHAT four letter words?"Please don't make me tell you,mama,"wept the daughter,"I'm so embarrassed, they are just too awful!COME GET ME PLEASE!!! "Darling, baby, you must tell me what has youso upset. Tell your mother these horrible 4-letter words!" Sobbing the bride said"Oh, Mama--he used words like dust, wash, iron, cook--"I'll pick you up in 20 minutes," said the mother.

CBS Sunday Morning, t.v. news, interviewed Gary and Sheila Garner at Gary's Pet Registry last weekI am so sorry I did not know about it before the program will be broadcast. It will broadcast Sunday, May 21st, and I hope some of you saw it. CBS was especially inbterested in Gary's registering of designer dogs also called hybrids. Fox network has also interviewed Gary by phone.

Last week I dropped by the Auto and Farm Suppy at Plainview to purchase oil for my car. Kim and john Yates of Rover operate the store. Kim had been nice and put in power steering fluid for me before so she out the oil in for me. Bless her!!Kim told me that their 15 year old son, J..W rode in the Russellville regional rodeo and he won the saddle bronc riding.

Last week I decided to go to the laundry mat at Wing instead of bothering my relatives washing my clothes. It had been years since I had been to a laundry-mat andI realized I had not missed the experience!! So,Lowe's here I come for a new washer!! Iwent to Loucinda's to wait for my clothes to dry and O.L. Briggs was visiting. It was lots of fun to visit with O.L. Loucinda tells O.L, that her generation is a dying breed when it comes to decorating graves at decoration time. She says,:"You know my kid nor my brother, will carry on the tradition."That's one thing about Kathy being so much younger than me- she can continue the tradition.

Last week Loucinda and I went to Waldron. We went to see my cousins, Dortha and Peggy. We all piled into Loucinda's car and went to 3 garage sales. I found 6 dresses for my little great-granddaughter and several books. One lady obviously enjoys the same authors I do cause she had books by Hoag,Johnansen, Patterson, Grisham andSidney Sheldon.I bought several, hoping Betty Lampkin can share them with me. We then went to James' food store and Loucinda and Dortha got already prepared chicken livers, bught corn on the cob, which I shucked and boiled. They prepared a great salad and Dortha bought canned beans. We had a delicious early supper.

While I was visiting Lucinda one day, Dennus Castleberry calls and tells her she just really needs to get one of his kittens for Michael to play with when he comes to see her. But that line did not work!Loucinda tells him no more cats for her. I told her she needs to =help Dennus out, that 2 more outside cats for her would be okay, but she still said "No.!"

Dortha gave me flowers to plant.I bought 4 tomato plants and a couple of flowers, so when I got home, I worked until after dark planting my flowers and tomatoes. Dortha and Peggy havebeautiful flowers in front of their apartments.

We have had acouple of calls as a result of my article with the list of former graduates for whom we need addresses. Ifany one else has any information about these peope, please would yu call us.
I was sorry to hear of the death of Willis Southard of Young Gravelly. I understand that he was on oxygen and when the electricity went off for 8 hours last week, it resulted in his death. If that is true, his death is doubly sad.

In talking to the former Jewelene Putman a couple of weeks ago, I asked her if she had ever smoked. Her answer was a classis--she said"I never needed to smoke for a high. My natural high was my love for music andto go to those singing conventions and play the piano was my high." That's one ofthe reasons Jewelene still looks young--she took care of her body.

According to the radio news, thetwo most popular names for children this year, and ever since 1999, are Emily and Jacob. Since I have a niece named Emily, and a great grandson named Jacob, I agree with their choices. Being a teachr for 30 years, Ican tell you that children get along better with a common, easy to spell, easy to say, name. Imagine going through life with the name of Apple that one of the movie stars named her child. Ican just hear 4th grade boys teasing her unmercifully!!

The community auction that was to be held at the Nola store, the last wekend in May has been postponed unti lthe first wekend in June.

Think on this----"You can't have everyting--where would you put it?"

Gravelly news for May 31st, by Glenna Goodson


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