Monday, May 08, 2006

Lezlie made straight A's

Gravelly news by Glenna Goodson

A tour bus driver is driving with a bus load of seniors down a highway when he is tapped on his shoulder by a little old lady. She offers him a handful of peanuts, which he gratefully munches up. After about 15 minutes, she taps him on his shoulder and hands him another handful of peanuts. She repeats this gesture about 5 times.When she is about to hand him another batch, he asks the old lady, "why don't you ladies eat the peanuts yourself ?" "We can't chew them because we have no teeth,"she replied. The puzzled driver says,"Why do you buy them then?"he old lady replied,"We just love the chocolate around them."

Last Thursday, Loucinda drove and Louise Gillum,
Mamie Glover, and I went with her to Danville Senior Center to have nurses from Danville Hospital, pamper our feet. Beth was the nurse that soaked my feet, filed my toe nails, used a brush on my toes and heels. She then rubbed on soothing, good smelling lotion. It was wonderful!Julie was there from the Yell County Record, taking pictures. I was glad to meet her and to put a cheerful voice on the phone to a happy face. I have been missing my friends at the Center and it was so good to see Alma Torrance, Ruby, Barbara Dennis and others. I did not know Cebelle James had goneback to work there as a cook again and it was goodto talk to her. Aftr lunch, we 4 ladies stopped at the Dollar Store, and a couple more stores before heading home. We had a good afternoon. While in the car gong home, Louise asks us, "Do you know how God speaks to poor people?" "Welcome ,Wal Mart, shoppers!"

Last Monday night, we only had 8 ladies for our Butterflies meeting at Rover Baptist Church. Maybe it was because they knew I had the devotional!!No, just kidding! We ate, shared needs, had prayer time and were blessed!

Isaw Kris Wilson at Fowler's cafe last week. Kris has applied for Jim Mccoy's job as deputy at Plainview, since Jim is retiring. I wish Kris well.

The Light House Promise Land Family Center, is really gong up fast now. That will be a good place for teens to gather, have a good time with no fear of drugs, or other things that confront teens now-a-days.

I attended the Adventist Church the 8th when they met for the first time in the Ola Methodist Church. I had not attended in 3 weeks and I had missed my Christian friends.I can always just feel their love and I know they pray for my family and me. Kelly Virbel was in charge of the opoening worship service and she did a good job. I look at this young lady--almost ready to graduate from college andso strong in the Lord that she does not have all the fears many young people have. And Tom and Peggy Jeys--I think how wonderful that they have come to their Golden Years and have walked with the Lord all these years andstill have a joy that only the Lord gives. and Joe and Janet Harrison--how dear they are to me.Joe did a good job of teaching the lesson. Janet lends a lot to the class by her good comments. Janet is so kind and loving and I always look forward to talking to her. And threre's Dr. Sandberg and Jodie--what a wonderful witness they are!!I'm so glad Dr. Sandberg is my Doctor and he knows me well enough to know when I need a lecture and when he just needs to be understanding and kind.

At my Rover Baptist Church, Sunday, I told Johnny Turner that I had written down in my funeral plans that he was to be one of my pall-bearers.He said "Well, do you know WHEN, because I have to put it on my schedule!"I told him I did not think God was going to reveal the timeto me.

I had a wonderful time at our pie auction at the William J.Parks Lodge at Gravelly. Friday night. We had the Dry Branch Bluegrass Band from Belleville to perform.They consist of, Jerry Payne, Kent Dennis, Gary McCord, Wayne Sloan and David Laster.Boy, they were good!! It was the firsttime I had seen J.B.Wagner in action as an auctioneer and that was fun to hear.How in the world he talks that fast is beyond me. Tommy VanOver had worked really hard on getting this organized and he was there, MOUTH and all!! Tommy hadus laughing half the night. Ray Rhoades was making an announcement and in the middle ofthe announcement, Tommy fell out of hischair to the floor, moaning. It seems that Dale and Elaine Lambert's grandson wasswatting flies. andone landed on Tommy. The child really whacked that fly andof course Tommy reacts in the way Tommy does. We hadseveral ofthe ones running for office in Scott and Yell County to speak to us briefly. During this time, Twain Willis was presented his 50 year pin by the Masonic Lodge at Gravelly.Ray Rhoades presented Twain with his pin.We so appreciate the ones that came out and supported our Lodge. Enough money was raised to almost pay for the siding for our building.

Sunday was a great day for me. At my Rover Baptist Church I saw Ruby Grace Williams Holmes and her husband, BNily Gene.It wasso good seeing them again. They live in Pa. and are here for some of the decorations at different cemeteries.Then aftr church, I went to Rover Park where some of the families gather before the decoration there. Loucinda had told me she had cooked enough for me so come and eat. I talkedto Chuck McCool about his realty business.The business iscalled,"Chuck McCool and Associates Realty," andthey are in Hot Springs Village. They have 3 agents now and will have 4 by the end ofthe month. Chuck says they have the number one web site in real estate. It wasso good to see the Gillum family, there. Of course, arold and i go to church together at Rover, but I saw Pat, his brother from Arkadelphia, John, Harold and Louise's son, and Juanita their cousin. In talking to Pat, Idiscovered he had coached basketball at a school in Fayetteville for 7 years, several years ago. Then he taught Biology in Arkadelphia schools for 17 years. So out of the 6 Gillum children, 3 of them were teachers. Johnnie Sue Willis, Pat, and then Barbara that lives in Mississippi.. I called Johnnie this morning to tell her I am impressed with her Gillum family. After I left the park, I was headed to see Betty andHoyt Lampkin and there was the Bluffton decoration along that road. Isaw Rita and Charles Daniel andstopped for a minute. I talked to Rita for a minute but of course Charles seemed to have lock jaw and would not talk. Charlesand his son, Robin, have recently built a fence around Charles' land on the Scroughout road..I was traveling that road last week and there were two young boys on a 4-wheeler just opening the newly built gate, and going in. Better watch that, kids. That fence and gate mean,"don't go in!"So I wenton to see Betty and took her some books to read.

Fred and I will be in OKC the 18th to see one of our grand-daughters graduate from high school. Lezlie made straight A;s, 1st grade through 12th grade and we are realy proud of her.

Isaw these words in my cousin Freddy's office, at Waldron. "Sometimes I sits and thinks, and sometimes I just sits!"


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