Monday, June 19, 2006

Slightly Cracked

Gravelly News by Glenna Goodson

Four women were driving across the country. Each one was from a different state---Idaho,Nebraska, Florida, and New York. Shortly after the trip began, the woman from Idaho started to pull potatoes from her bag and throw them out the window."I'm sick of those things!" she yelled,"They're all over Idaho!" A short time later, the woman from Nebraska began pulling ears of corn from her bag and tossing them from the car."We got so many of these in Nebraska,I'm glad to get rid of a few.,"explained the woman. Inspired, the woman from Florida opened the car door and pushed the New Yorker out!

I am writing this article on Father's Day, the 18th, so in my mind I am thinking of my Dad, Doc Oglesbee.I miss my Dad evry day even though he died in 1990. He was a wonderful Dad. He was not a Dad that said'do as I say, not as I do."He lived his faith in God every day. My Dad was an example to follow. That man never met a stranger and people loved him. As I got older, I could see that my Dad loved God ,first, then his family, hischurch and the Masonic Lodge. My dad was a deacon in the Free Will Baptist Church at the Mulberry community outside of Gravelly. Before air conditioning and heaters, my Dad was always first to the church to open up the windows and turn on the fans. In the winter time, he would start a fire in the stove so the church would be warm when the people came. My Dad loved to hunt and camp out with my brother, husband and friends. Everyne knew in the deer camp that my Dad would leave the camp on Sunday morning in time for Sunday School and church.. Then be back at thecamp. I learned from my Dad that it is good to love the Lord, that you look for the good things in people, to not gossip, to have a sense if humor .My siblings and I obeyed our Dad--not because he whipped us

to make us afraid------he never used hard discipline with us. We obeyed him because we respected

him. I thank God that He gave me the Dad I had!!

Loucinda Buford just came back from an Alaskan cruise. She left the 26th of May and rrturned the 9th of June. She had a great time. Two of the friends that went with her worked at Social Security in Russellville with her for several years. Another lady friend went along too. She described the ice bergs to me. Now that's something I'd like to see!!. the time on the ship,the Princess, was really enjoyable to her. She described to me the time they spent in Juneau, the capital of Alaska. I'm glad she had a goodtime but I'm doubly glad she's back home.

My son, Russell, visited with me almost 2 weeks. He went back to OKC last Friday and I really miss him. He did so many good things for me----fixed a shower in the bath tub for me, a lot of the tile squares had come offf the wall above the tub. I had saved them and he put them back on. he made and installed for me 3 shelves in the kitchen and one large shelf in the bathroom. He cleaned out my refrigerator and my cabinet under my kitchen sink. Russ bought a week's fishing license and caught an 8 and i/2 pound cat fish one day and then the next day he caught some perch. I kinda made a mess of frying the fish at the lake so Russ says,"I am frying the fish."We borrowed a fry-daddy and the fish were really good. I fried potatoes and made corn bread.

Diana O'bryant loves to go barefoot and I'm alwaysasking,"Where are your shoes." She told me last Friday that since it was not Sunday she could go barefoot and oput her Sunday shoes on for church. She then said,"You know how it is, we poor people just get a pair of shoes in the winter andthey have to last a yhear. What we were doing is remembering the way it was when we were kids. But Diana is so much younger then Iam, I was surprised that she remembered those times.

I purchased a new washer and dryer from Lowe's at Russellville. Their sales pitch is that they deliver (for $64 to Gravelly!) They install the new ones and haul off the old ones--Sounded good to me!. A couple of days later, they were to deliver the appliances. I had to go to Olaso Russ stayed here to wait fo Lowes". When I got back home, Russ said the delivery guys got my washer and dryer int othe laundry room and said to Russ"We don't do wires!" Well, Duh! Russ hooked them up for me and we did some washing.

My sister, Kathy Minnie, was chosen by the Easterb Star to be the Grand Representative in Ar for Australia. During her 2 year tenure, she will hopefully travel one time to Australia to their Eastern Star and their representative to Ar, will come here.

I correspond by email with Suz Mann, one of the daughters of Jack Jennings.I met her at Tootie Jennings Rhoades" funeral. We instantly "clicked" as it happens some times and it is good to have another friend. She e-mailed methis week and said to ask my readers what yu thnk are common courtesies, from older generations and the young. I got to thinking abou this and asked myself how many times do I hear the words "please, thank you, yes maam, no maam, excuse me". Do you men still open the door for a lady?I'm afraid these are not common courtesies in our society, nowadays.

At the Adventist Church at Ola the 10th, Dr. Ruff preached. His daughter, Aaron played the piano andchose to play"Great is Thy Faithfulness." She plays so beauifully. Dr. Sandberg taught the Bible lesson so well. Then yesterday, the 17th, Dr. Sandberg andtheir 6 year old daughter, Sheleah. were in charge ofthe opening service. Sheleah read the Scripture(remember she is nly 6 years old) and she prayed the opening prayer. Dr. Sandberg, then, played the guitar and he and Sheleah sang, "We Need to Get Back to the Basics of Life." Joe Harrison preached and his topic was Lovingthe Outcast. It was in inspirational message. At my Rover Baptist Church this Father's Day, Bro. Shipley had his daughter ,Emily, pass out ink pens to all the fathers in the congregation. You know Bro. Shipley has his own plumbing business and Johnny Turner says,"I bet it will say "Shipley Plumbing" on the pens. But I grabbed his pen to see if that was true and it was not.

Russ and I went to the Nola store for breakfast last Wednesday. There were the winning candidates--. Jim Forbes and Tommy VanOver. Tommy is now the J.P. in Scott County. Forbes won in Tuesdays's election but will face his Independent candidate n November for the office of Judge.

Remember--A friend is someone who thinks you are a good egg, even though you're slightly cracked--or sometimes slightly scrambled.!


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