Monday, June 05, 2006

Wrapped in Plastic

Gravelly news by Glenna Goodson

A blonde wating to earn some extra money, decided to hire herself out as a "handy woman" and started canvassing a nearby well to do neighborhood. She went to the front door of thefirst house and asked the owner if he had any odd jobs for her to do."Well, I guess I could use somebody to paint my porch--how much will you charge?""How about $50?" and the man agreed.He told her the paint and everythingshe needed was in the garage. The man's wife , hearing the conversation said to her husband,"does she realize our porch goes all the way around the house.?"He replied"that's a bit cyncial isn't it?". The wife replied"you're right,--I guess I am starting to believe all those dumb blonde jokes."A short time later the blonde came to the door to collect her money."You've finished already?" the husbandasked."Yes, the blonde replied,"and I had paint left over so I gave it 2 coats."Impressed, the man reached into his pocket for the $50 and handed it to her."And by the way," the blonde said"it's not a Porch--it's a Lexus."

It is a 5 hour drive from Lake Texoma to Gravelly,Ar. I know because I took that drive Saturday. Of course I did not drive--I would have still been driving, looking for Gravelly, Ar. My son, Russell and I went to our cabin at the Lake last Tuesday andstayed until Saturday when Russdrove us back to Ar. We were planning tostop at Nola and when we came in sight ofthe nolastore, Russell says,"What is going on?" There were probably almost 100 cars there and all kinds of materials almost to the road. It was the community auction to benefit our Gravelly, Masonic Lodge. At our pie auction last month, enough money was raised to pay for the material and labor to repair and put siding on our building. I understand there was enough mney received at the community auction to replace our roof. We thank all of you that participated.

I was so happy to be back in the Rover Baptist Church today. I really missed my church. I go into church today and say "hi" to Johnny Turner. He says"I see that you didn't do anything with your hair while you were gone." Isay"Gee thanks Johnny", and then he says,You have a cowlick too, and your hair stands straight up."Someone says,"things are back to normal, Glenna is back and she and Johnny are off and running."Bro. Shipley preached, I believe, the best sermon I ever heard, this morning, on Philip andthe Ethopian Eunuch. I also missed my Bible class I teach at Wing while I was gone. I got a lot of hugs andthe words,"welcome back," today from those sweet ladies. One of the guys hugged me at Rover andsaid"I think the Record shut down while you were gone." Of course they didn't but it wassweet of him to say that. Ialso got a call today from Mrs. Bill Wilson of Ola. She thought I might know the health of Harold Montgomery of the Ola nursing home. I wassorry not to be able to answer her question and then she told me that her husband, Bill, was in the Ola nursing home, also.Shesaid he really enjoyed my column in the Record.. She told me they'd take him the paper and he'd say"Find the joke, find the joke."

I sent 2 weeks in OKC at our home there, with Russ our son. Russ and I got there the 17th early in the evening. Fred was driving up in the driveway at the same time we were. On Friday, my daughter, Annette took me shopping for my birthdayand Mother's Day. She bought me two tops and FOUR pairs of shoes!! Fred asked me,"Well did you need shoes?" and I told him "yes" but I have plenty of shoes now..

Thursday night, the 18th, was our granddaughter's high school graduation. Lezlie is 18 years old and has enough of the Indian blood of our adopted daughter to be absolutely"fall down" beautiful. Her graduation was in the beautiful, huge, Cox Center in OKC.Her high school wasWestmoore, just outside OKC. There were 651 graduates and Lezlie ranked no. 41,scholastically. In the graduation program they wrote that she was in the top 10% of her class and was listed in the National Honor Society.. She will begin college in Sept. and plans to be a pharmacist. Weare really proud of her. And she also has made straight A's from 1st grade through 12th grade. Because of this her parents are buying her a new car.

On the 19th, our grandson's wife, Heather, from Mulvane, Kansas, traveled to Guthrie, OK to the Eagle Ridge Institute where Robyn and her children are. She picked up Jake and Allyson for a week end visit with her and Ryan.Heather came to OKC and picked up uss and me to take us with them to Kansas for the weekend. It was a wonderful week-end with our grandson and his wife and our beautiful great-grandchildren. Ryan brought the kids back to Robyn on Sunday and we got to spend 2 hours with Robyn. Then Ryan brought Russ and me back to OKC.

While in OKC, Fred told Russ to take me to a good tire place where I couldget 4 new tires. We went to Hibdon's. They were very busy so we had to wait over 2 hours for them to install and adjust them. We noticed a Mexican employee was putting on my tires. Before he was finished, his employer called him into his office. A Mexican had come to purchase some items andcould not speak any English, so the Mexican putting on my tires, had to come in and translate!!It took several minutes before he could get back to my car!!Now, people there's something wrong with this picture!!If I went to Mexico to live, I betcha I would learn Spanish.

I really enjoyed the 5 days I spent at the Lake. Fred had several bags of frozen fish that he hadcaught in the past 3 weeks. So I cooked fish one night.Russell killed a squirrel one day and Icooked it for their breakfast the next day.Fred's oven would not work, so I put biscuitsin the micro-wave.Don't do that!They were so tough yu could hardly bite them.But Fred really enjoyed the squirrel. Unfortunately, Russ was helping Fred cut a tree and haul the limbs away and he was wearing a tank top and shorts. He got a terriable case of poison ivy.
My sister, Kathy, came to my house after we got back to Gravelly and said she'd bring Russ some lye soap that would help the itching. She told him to really lather up with it.He told me it didn't seem to lather at all and then he saw a corner of plastic wrap on the soap and discovered that Kathy had wrapped the soap in plastic wrap. When he got the plastic wrap off, the soap did its job. Russ

said he felt stupid trying to wash with soap wrapped in plastic wrap.

Remember this: God meets a man that is searching for Him with all his heart.


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