Monday, October 30, 2006

So good to see a host of friends

Gravelly News by Glenna Goodson

Two Aggie friends happened to meet each other on the street one day. One guy had a sack of chickens. His friend asks,"If I guess how many chickens in that sack will you give me one?" The Aggie friend said,"if you guess how many chickens I have, I'll give you BOTH of them!"

I want to apologize, big time, for called Miss Jessie BUFORD, Jessie Lofland. Maybe I was thinking of
Miss Gussie Lofland, who was also one of my favorite teachers. But Miss Jessie was a Buford.Seems as if I would rememvber the name of my very favorite teacher, doesn;'t it. Loucinda says"What were you thinking?" That's O.K.--someday she will be 74 and get mixed up and forget names!!I can hardly wait for that day!

On Oct. 18th, Fred, Russell and I drove from OKC to Guthrie to see Robyn graduate from the Eagle Ridge Institute. Robyn had been in thge treatment center for 15 months. All the women that are housed there because of a drug dependancy, have their children with them, as Robyn did. wo ladies from Robyn's church were at the graduation. The church gave Robyn $100 and one of the ladies gave Robyn a mini-van! It has a lot of miles on it but we all were so grateful!Robyn already had an apartment waiting for her to move in, there in Guthrie. Fred and Russ took her a truck load of furniture and other things she needed, the day of her graduation andthen the next day, Russell took her another truck load ofthings she needed. Many people have been so kind and have given her things, two people gave her beds,one gave her a small television, and others gave her dishes and silverware. God is so good!!! Robyn and the kids came to OKC to see us Sunday afternoon. Robyn is gong to college at the Francis-Tuttle Vo-Tec school in OKC. A shuttle comes by her apartment and picks her up and brings her to the school every day.

Last Sunday I attended my former church in OKC. It was so good to see a host of friends. Monday afternoon I went to my friend's, Debbie and Mel Mayo's. I spentthe night--The next day I went with Debbie to Yukon and watched her bowl on her bowling league. After theteam bowled, we all went to eat lunch. Then Deb and I did some shopping. I called asnother friend, when I left deb's, and she met me at a restaurant and we visited a couple of hours. Diane was in my Sunday School class at Mayridge and it is always so wonderful to see her. I taught a Sunday School lass at Mayridge for 30 years and still love those women with a special love.

A couple of special friends from Ola gave me a DVD player. Russell was hooking it up for me and discovered it could not be hooked up to my television. He went to a big Wal-mart in OKC and got an adapter and hooked it up when we got back to Gravelly.I guess my TV is really out of date!

My sleep stufy at St. Mary's in Russellville was certainly interesting. The lady that did my "hooking upo" and was in charge of me filling out, it seemed a thousand papers, was really a wonderful person. I was "hooked up" and put to bed at 8:30 p.m. but at 12:30 I was not asleep. The sweet lady came in and turned up the heat and when I got warm, I went to sleep. Of coursethe technician is not allowed to tell me the results ofthe study so I am anxious for Dr. Sandberg to share with me the results.

When my son and I got back to Gravelly, the 26th, I suppose I hoped for a miracle and Gravelly Store would not really be closed, but it is.I just really hope that when Gale and Bill get it fixed up and put it up for sale, that it sells quickly. Let me tell you some ofthe things my cousin Billy, remembers about the store in the early '50's, when Mr. Jabo Clements was the owner. Billy writes: "Bob and I had a Saturday morning job. We loaded Uncle's truck for the Monday run--we would go to the store, get the truck back in the loading dock and check Uncle's want list andthe list from ther previous week that people had requested--so we loaded it with all kinds of groceries and feed sacks stacked to the back door. then we would deliver to Mr. Jabo's parking shed."

Billy also made me remember that he and Bob Roy swept and cleaned the floors of Daddy's barber shop, cleaned the sink and tools used, filled the hot water tank, lit it up so it would be hot for my Dad to go to work, shaving and cutting hair all day on Saturdays. Then Billy said he swept out the show house, all the chicken-roost seats, and when it was winter time, got the coal in to build a fire about one hour before show time--Billy says,"All this for a ticket to the show--cheap kid labor, huh?"

At the Wing Community Church Sunday, 3 of Hazel Russell's daughters that are visiting from out of state, were at church and my son, Russell, so we had 9 attending. Hazel has had cataract surgery on both eyes but she is dojng well.Then it was so good to be back in my Rover Baptist Church where I was pleased to play the piano because Janette and Bill Milligan were singn with the Rover's that day, and I subbed for Janette at the piano.Three people came for membership,having already made professions of faith, and will be baptized next Sunday. The Lord is blessing us "real Good" as Billy Graham says.Sunday night was our 5th Sunday singing. Our outh presented a very good skit. We really appreciate Kathy Shipley working with our youth. We had several good specials and the Rovers for Jesus closed our program by singing some of our favorites. I told William Price that it gives me goose bumps when I hear him sing. He has one ofthe most beautiful bass voices I have ever heard.

Remember a TRUE friend sticks closer then a brother.


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