Sunday, November 05, 2006

I hope every bullet fired at that beautiful deer,.....

Gravelly news by Glenna Goodson

A guy took his blonde girlfriend to her first football game. They had great seats right behind their team's bench. After the game, he asked her how she liked the experience. "Oh, I really liked it, she replied,"especially all the big muscles, but I just could not understand why they were killing each other over 25 cents." Dumbfounded, her date asked "What do you mean?" "Well, they flipped a coin, one team got it andthen forthe rest of the game,all they kept screaming was "get the quarterback! Getthe QUARTERback!" I'm like----Helloooooo? It's only 25 cents!!!!!!

Monday, Russ and I wentto the supercenter at Dardanelle. I had my film developed in one hour, of my pictures of Robyn's graduation. We sat at one ofthe tables by the drink machines. There was also pastry and you pay by the honor system. We drank our coffee and ate our cinnamon roll. I had Russ find the garden center for me and I bought beautiful pansies to plant in my planter on my front porch. I had a good day with my son.

Russ took a walk behind my house here at Gravelly. As he was walking near a creek, he saw a 14 point buck!!He said it was the biggest, most beautiful deer he'd ever seen. He went back the next day hoping to get a picture. He saw the deer but it was too far away for a picture. Lacy says his grandson, Jacob Swaim, has been stalking that deer. Jacob hoped to get him during the youth deer season but he got a 7 point buck this Sunday morning, early.Kathy says he will have it mounted and he took the meat to the processing plant to be prepared.I',m like Loucinda, I hope every bullet fired at that beautiful deer, misses its mark.

I saw John Young and a friend of his at Fowler's restaurant one morning this week. They were going squirrel hunting. I saw them one day as they finished their hunt and John said the squirrels they saw were still safe!!I hope they hadbetter luck this week. I remember my Dad and brother squirrel hunting. They'd kill several squirrels, bringthem home, skin them and give them to my mother for her to prepare for the frying pan. And where they were fried made the best gravy, ever. Guess what my mother's favorite part of the squirrel was? The head!! I can just see my mother, in my mind, eating the meat from the head of that squirrel.

Thursday night I invited Loucinda for supper. I also invited Dennus and June Castleberry but they had an appointment in Fort Smith. Russ and I were glad Loucinda came to eat with us.

Friday, I helped Kelly and Kenneth Hill conduct a bake sale at the Danville bank. We were raising money for the Fourche Valley Foundation. The Foundation spends alll the money raised on student needs. I was so proud of Kelly. She had baked for 3 days to provide baked goods for the sale. Others donated baked goods, also, which was much appreciated. I had to leave after two hours for an appointment. But Kenneth told me later they did really well on the sale. Then Friday evening, i went to F.V. to attend their fall festival. They served a wonderful chicken dinner for only $4.00. Kelly broughtthge baked goods they did not sell at the bank, to FV to possibly finish selling.them.I always enjoy gong to FV, talking to the dedicated teachers and visiting with the students.

Gale Damon will sometimes go from the post office when her day has ended andto the Gravelly store and open it, in case we need milk, eggs or bread thar she brings with her as she comes to work, so at least we can buy those essentials. As Iwas there, Thursday, a man and his wife, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Smith, came in to look at the "country store." Joe said they had never been to Gravelly before. They were on their way to Branson and decided to take the "scenic route."They were from Texas. They enjoyed the country strore so I asked him would he like to buy it but the answer was "no."

Saturday, I went to the Adventist Church at Ola. Dr. Sandberg brought the message.He told us, spiritually, how to abound in this day in which we live. Some of these points made me really think--You think about them-- "We have taller buildings but shorter tempers, we buy more and enjoy it less, we have more knowledge but less judgment, we have more weapons and less peace." So our only answer is to seek wisdom from God.

Sunday at Rover Baptist, Bro. Shipley baptized a family of 3. Janice James sang a beautiful song and Bro. Shipley preached really a good message.

Live each mnute as if it was your last--it may well be!!


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