Monday, February 27, 2006

Midnight Basketball

Gravelly news by Glenna Goodson

A Sunday School teacher asked her class of 5 year olds,"What was Jesus' mother's name?"One child answered "Mary." The teacher then asked, "Who knows what Jesus' father's name was?" A little kid said "Verge". Confused, the teacher asked, "Where did you get that?" The kid said," Well, you know they are always talking about Verge n" Mary."
(2) Three year old Reese was praying: "Our Father, Who does art in Heaven, Harold is His name. Amen."

Last week, Loucinda Buford, asked me to ride with her to Danville and Russellville. I was to be at her house by 11:30. June Castleberry was driving up as I was and as we got out of our respective cars, June says, ":Well, Glenna, I didn't know you were going or I would not have gone."Loucinda said she supposed she could go back home and June said,"No, i would be gong back to Dennus and his cats so I think it would be better to just put up with Glenna!" She was kidding--I think!

Congratulations to the F.V. senior boys for being the runners up at the 2006 4A District tournament. Isaw two ofthe District games and they were fun to watch. Then our senior boys played in the Regional tournament which was held in Scranton. They defeated Oark Tuesday night. I went Thursday night with my sister Kathy. F.V. played against Union Christian Academy from Fayetteville. The Fayetteville team had a 7' 2" kid on their team. You sure do not see that every day in high school! F.V. lost that game 63 to 73 but it was really a good game.Kathy also provided a ride to the game for Brittany Powell and Rusty Brothers. We went to Tech and picked upo Kathy's granddaughter, Ashly, to go with us. We met Lacy and Jacob at Ryan's and we all had fun talking and eating together. Our boys did not begin playing until 8:30, so we did not get home until midnight.

Loiese Person has been gone a month now to her daughter Annette's, who lives in Alabama. I know she has had a good time but we miss her at the Wing Community Church. She is due back this week-end.

I have Vertigo and you that have shared this malady, know you are so dizzy, it's really hard to walk around. A week ago, I could not go to my Rover church and my pastor, Bro. Shipley,called to check on me. It makes you feel good when someone says they are concerned about you--So it brought to my mind, how I needed to call someone I knew had been ill, so I called Diane Hunnicutt. Diane had been in the hospital with a bad case of bronchitis but she is homenow and is feeling better.

Our revival at Rover Baptist Church begins March 5th. I was thinking today about the revivals of the "good ole days." People from the other churches in the community wouldcome join us in worship. Andsometimes the revival would last 2 weeks!! Can you imagine that now-a-days?It's a long time if the meeting is for 7 nights andours will be. Come and be blessed along with us.

What are your favorite memories?Two of mine are my high school days at F.V and being with my Oglesbee grandparents. My brother, Bob Roy, and I would walk up that dusty, dirt, road, a little over 2 miles,to see grandma and grandpa. One day we were sitting on the long, front porch and whle grandma talked to Bob, I went into the kitchen andbegan "prowling" in Grandma's cabinets. I found a small bottle of whiskey and carried to out to Grandma, asking, "What is this?"Grandma said she kept it in case she or grandpa had a cold and then she'd fix them a "hot toddy." I asked her would she fix Bob and me one. She did and boy did we ALL get into trouble from my Mother!!

What was Fowler's restaurant at Danville, will open up again next week, under new management. We will have to check it out.

I hope everyone comncerned with our 2 River's School District, read the Record last week concerning the fact that our schools will stay the same for another year. All 3 schools have to trim their budgets. We all will have price cuts and maybe lose a faculty member or two in the schools, but PLEASE some of these rumors are ridiculous!!It makes me sad to think anyone from F.V. wouldspread rumors and if you would just consider what you hear, much of it does not even make commonsense!! Sometimes it just makes me mad!To me, you should go to the meetings or talk to Dr. O'Reily, but in spreading rumors, you don't really love your school. I got so upset about the rumors, iasked Dr. O"Reily, could I talk to him. He has the truth,ON PAPER, and I sure felt better after I talked to him. I appreciate him giving me some of his time to set my mind at rest.

I wasinvited to June's and Dennus Castleberry's Sat. night for a fish dinner. I have never tasted foodany better. June had fried fish, fried potatoes, hush puppies, slaw and Loucinda brought beans. June had apple dumplings for dessert and she was so sweet in that she made me a jello dessert, since I cannot have sweets. It was delicious! Those attending were, Frieda Banning, O.L. Briggs,Loucinda Buford and myself.

I wassurporised to find out that Larry Wilson's son, Kris Wilson, cooks at the Fowler's in Plainview. Hec came out ofthe kitchen one day and talked to me. His mother was also one of "the Fowler's" and Phyliss says now, Kris has his Aunts to boss him around!!

Isaw Mr. McCoy, the policeman at Plainview, in the Superette there, last week. I tolds him I would just be flying along but when I got into the city limits of Plainview, I'd think of his reputation of stopping drivers that exceeded the speed limit, and I always slowed down. He smiled and said that showed he was doing something right!!

If you readers clicked on my blog, let me know how you liked it.

Five out of six, of my Highfill cousins now have the Yell County Record, to keep up with our news.They live in Ca., Texas, and Oklahoma. The one that lives in Little Rock is the only one that doesn't subscribe, so I suppose I need to subscribe for her.

In looking at the beautiful Daffodils that are blooming now inspiredme to find the beautiful poem "Daffodils" by William Wordsworth. Look it up and read this lovely poem and you will appreciate the beauty of the flower even more. I have Miss Jessie Buford, my English teacher at F.V. to thank for my love of poetry and Literature.

I received an interesting E-mail from Roy Cost, formerly of Gravelly. One of his new songs,"Lonely Tears" is no.35 on the Soundclick's country chart and no. 10 in their "country pop division." Roy hasbeen in the top 100 on the European Chart for about 6 months now. I think of the little boy, I knew as LeRoy and I'm so proud of him as he is today.

Remember this: Don't cry because something is over--Smile because it happened.

Sunday, February 19, 2006


"Our neighbor killed my dog by feeding him glass in some hamburger meat," Sherry said as tears ran down her face. I wantedto comfort my 5th grade student and tell her everything would be all right but I knew that was not true. Sherry's beautiful dog was her constant companion and I wondered in my heart what Sherry would do without her dog. Because you see, Sherry did not know where her Dad was and her mother worked long hours and came in late at night. Sherryt had to prepare what food she ate and had to wake up in the morning and get herself ready for school while her Mom slept. I struggled with my feelings of wanting that man to suffer that had been so cruel to kill something so important to a child. All I could do for Sherry was to be there for her with attention and love the rest ofthe school term.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

We are Butt Dust

Gravelly news byG lenna Goodson

Lauren,(age 5) was listening to her minister pray,"Dear Lord," the minister began, with arms exxtended towards Heaven and a raputurous look on his upturned face."Without you, we are but dust."He would have continued but at that moment, Lauren leaned over to her mother and asked quite audibly in her shrill little girl voice,"Mom, what is butt dust?"

I attended the funeral of Bernice, Tootie Rhoades, last week. I saw my very first boy friend, Bunny Jennings, a cousin of Tootie's. Oh gee, to see your very first boy friend 60 yeaars later is really strange!Your mind goes back to the "good ole days." I was 13 and 14 and Bunny was 19 and 20 when we dated.Bunny was in the army when we first dated.After he married, I remember getting a birth announcement of their first born child named Harriet Ann. I met Harriet at the funeral! As wwe were hugging each other, Bunny says"You are grown up," and I told him I'm sure he meant"out". I don't exactly weigh 95 pounds any more!! I learned that Jack, Bunny's brother, had 14 children and 26 grandchildren. I met some of the grandchildren at the funeral and they were so"bubbly" and friendly, they made you feel as if you had always known them.I promised Susan"Jennings" Forrester I would
send her my article from the Record and would E-mail her. I hope Bunny, his wife, and Susan,keep in touch.

I am so proud of my sister, Kathy Minnie, counselor at Fourche Valley. Kathy has been voted the top multi-level clounselor(1st through 12th) for the Central Region of Ar. She is now nominated for the state honor.Lois Craig of L.R. has been chosen the Middle School counselor for the region and is now nominated for the State. Lois is the daughter of Jean Swafford of Gravelly. Jean is our secretary of F.V. school.

It is so true that the seemingly small acts of courtesy a person performs, blesses others and lifts their spirits.I was trying to pump gasoline at the Rover Emerson store. The wind was blowing so hard, I was having trouble.Peggy Emerson comes from the store and says"Let me do that for you, Glenna."How very kind. Then a few days ago I bought power steering fluid from the auto parts store in PlainviewI told the young lady clerk that usually the nice man in the store put it in for me. She said he was not there but she bet she could do it. I was really amused cause she lifted the hood of my car and says"By the process of elimination I will know where to put it, and here is for the oil, here is for the water, and here's for the power steering." So these young ladies just made my day!!

The proposals to save money from the 2 River's School District could get a person all riled up, especially if Fourche Valley is your school. Here is a school that brings in more then $1,000 per child because wwe are truly an isolated school--we are over 25 miles to the nearest school--not just 5 miles as )Plainview is to Rover. F.V's high school students scored the highest in the district on their Benchmark and Iowa testing scores in Math. They also scored the highest in the state in End of Course Math. Our Elementary always scores among the highest. Since the State Dept goes so highly on the Spring testing scores, this should be considered.F.V. parents need to unite and fight for our school.Have your statistics and proof in your possession as you fight for our school.Write to your representative.

Last Wednesday, I met a lady named Loiese Tinz.She and her husband bought the Sandy Hannigan place in Bluffton. She says she reads my articles in the Record and enjoys my jokes. The Ting's formerly lived in San Diego but really enjoy Ar. She enjoys especially the change of seasons that you do not have in San Diego. Loiese has 3 Llamas and told me some neat stories about these interesting animals.

I talked by phone with Betty Lampkin this week and then went by to see her.Since the Yell County Library at Danville isclosed for 3 months, Betty will be lost but I'm going to loan her my books I get from my book club. Betty reads so fast, she reads 6 or 7 books per week. She's the only lady I have met that loves to read as much as I do. Keep praying for Betty. Her wrist is better but she has a long way to go. She thanks you for your prayers.

I received another comment from my Blog stories. A friend said she could not find my blog so I'll tell you the newer address. It is http//

I received a Valentine card from my granddaughter and her children, Jake and Allyson. Jake is 4 years old and he had printed his name, Jacob, at the top of the card--all of it printed backward. I will always treasure it!!

Loucinda Buford and her grandson Michael were taking a walk in the woods. Michael heard a noise and says"What's that?" Loucinda says it is probably just a coon or an Armidilla--OR A BEAR! Michael decides he wants to go back to the house. Loucinda says, "Well, Michael if it IS a bear, I can outrun you so the first one the bear comes too--he will eat, so I don't have to worry about him getting me!" Michael REALLY decides to go home then!!Mean Grandma!! But Michael will never forget those walks in the woods with his grandmother.

I attended the Eastern Star at Mt. Ida last Tuesday night. There were 101 people that attended. We were served a delicious meal and were entertaijned by L.J. Posey and the Blue Mtn. Gospel Bluegrass The 4 guys played guitars,a banjo and a mandolin. A lady sang with them. My favorite song was "No Wagon Tracks Around the Church Anymore." Gee, when we had to travel in a wagon, we had more people at church!!

I was so proud of my 5th grade friend, Jesse Young, of F.V. school. Jesse competed in the Yell County Spelling B. He was number 2 in the county. Good for Jesse!! I subbed Jesse a lot when he was in 3rd grade and he is really a goodstudent. Congratulations to Jesse!!

Remember Life is like a coin, you can spend it any way you wish, but you can spend it only once!!

Thursday, February 16, 2006

First grade

Our principal was 6'5" tall and held himself very straight and towered over everyone else n our elementary school. At lunch time he always stood in the lunchroom where the children lined up to eat. The little first graders were coming in and as one little girl was in line and passed by Mr. Condren, she looked "way" up at him and said in a hushed voice"Mr. Condren is just like God, he's everywhere.!"

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Just my observations

Sunday, February 12, 2006 3:08 PM
Gravelly News by Glenna Goodson

For weeks a 6 year old girl kept telling her first grade teacher about the baby brother or sister that was expected at her house. One day the mother allowed the little girl to feel the movements of the unborn child. The six-year old was obvioiusly impressed but did not say anything.Furthermore, she stopped telling her teacher about the impeding event. Finally, the teacher sat down with the girl and said,"Carolyn, whatever has become of that baby brother or sister you were expecting?"Carolyn burst into tears and confessed,"I think Mommy ate it!!"

I went to a district basketball game Wednesday night at Plainview's gym. My niece, Kathleen Swaim, was nice enough to allow me to go with her. I was really anxious to see Kathleen's son, Jacob, play ball. Jacob is the smallest on his team but he is fast and a scrapper!!When we arrived, Sacred Heart and Plainview girls were playing. Plainview won the game with a score of 25 to 21. Then it was time for our Jr. boys to play. It was really a well played game andI really thought F.V. boys would win. In the last few seconds it was a tied score but Plainvieew had the ball and scored. So the score was 34 to 32 in favor of Plainview. I was so amused at Susan Jones. Every time her son, Trent, got the ball, she'd run her hands through her hair, over and over. The F.V. boys were so sad at their loss but they played just great. I know it has been a very long time since 1948 and 1949 when our basketball teams at F.V. first had a gym and won so many trophies under the coaching skills of Loyd Reed George, but that is where I began to love basketball and it is still my favorite sport. I'm glad in the "good ole days" the coaches did not yell at the kids. I asked Loyd Reed how did he talk to the players and he said if there was a problem he'd call the polayers into his office the next day and talk to them. Nowadays, all thecoaches yell mean things at the kids, even the women coaches, and it drives me nuts!!Just my observations.!

Our cheer-leaders from F.V. also did a good job. They have a lot of good routines and I enjoy watching them. I thought, as a mother,Mary Powell can smile and be glad when she looks at those cheerleaders and sees her 3 daughters, Brittany, Jordan and Rebecca out there cheerleading.

Speaking of Brittany Powell--she and Rusty Brothers plan to be married May 6th. Both are seniors at F.V.We might all say,"Please wait a couple of years," but it is not our life. I just wish the best for these wonderful young people.

I don't know what I would do without my brother in law, Lacey Minnie. My car was low on oil, and while I was gone with someone else, Lacey came by and put 2 quarts of oil in my car.

Diane Hunnicutt is going to people's homes now and fixing their hair. If you have trouble getting out of your home, perhaps you could call Dianeandsee if shecould add you to her list.

I had a very interesting conversaation with Betty Johnson of Plainview last week. We were both eating at Fowlers. She told me a cute story about a little boy, around 4 years old, she saw at Sav A Sum grocery at Danville. She saidthe little boy asked his mother for some candy and she told him"No."The little boy said "But I NEED it!"The mother again said "no" and the little boy said "Mommy, my stomach tells me I need that candy."! Aren't children grand?

I went to see my Aunt Syble in the Waldron nursing home, last week. She asked me what had I been doing and Dortha says, ":she just runs around all the time," Aunt Syble tells me to run around as long as Ican because the time would come whden I could not do that--she said,"All I can do is lie in this bed or sit in a chair." But my Aunt Syble's mind is still good, Praise the Lord, even at 98 years of age. I also went to see Syble Hunt, up the hall. Syble was a Simpson and the family was our neighbors when I was in high school.

I started my blog on my computer. I had a comment from Gary James in which he told me he enjoyed my story. This blogging is complicated for me. Ellis put part of one of my stories on his blog along with pictures ofGravelly. I had a goodcomment there,too.

Last Sunday, I was getting ready to turn into Rover Baptist Church's parking lot. Well, the entrance was blocked by Johnny Turner and a guy talking--Also, the guy's wife had blockedthe entrance with her truck. I had to throw on my brakes and everything went into the floorboard. I got out of my car griping at Johnny and he informs me I am going too fast!! I go inside and tell my pastor. He says"you should have nudged Johnny a little bit with your car so he'd have to come through the door, limping." He was kidding, but I wish I had tought of it, so Johnny had better watch out!!

Our Butterflies women's group met last Monday night at Rover Baptist Church. Becky Patton had a wonderful Valentine's day program. At the last we always get into groups and have a prayer time, which I really enjoy. Becky shared with us that she feels God wants her to step down as our leader. Since she and Tim are at Danville Baptist Church now, Becky feels as if her entire time should be spent in ministry there. I understand where Becky is coming from and i knowshe must do what God calls her to do, but it really leaves a hole in my heart. Becky began Butterflies for us and did a wonderful job. But now we just wish her well and will find another leader.

Thursday, Iattended the funeral of Orene Bell at Ola First Baptist Church.Mrs. Bell was the mother of Tommy Bell of Ola. Tommy and Judy, his wife, are faithful members of Ola First Baptist Church and ofthe Eastern Star. Tommy and Judy come to our Eastern Star at Gravelly and help us out when we need them. My sympathy goes out to Tommy and the family.

I was told Saturday that the lady I knew when we were teens, as Tootie Jennings, had died Friday. She was married to Fay Rhoades and the name listed in the paper was Bernice Summit Rhoades.I remember so well Tootie at the Gravelly movies on Saturday nights. She was absolutely,"fall down" beautiful when she was a teen-ager. May God bless the remaining family.

Caleb Damon, son of our postmistress at Gravelly, has, for a month, been in intensive care in a Little Rock Hospital from an accidental gun shot wound. Gale says her son is improving. We need to keep Caleb n our prayers.

Play games with a child this week--It will make you feel young!!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Flying Saucers Over Gravelly

Did anyone else see those flying saucers last week? I was on my way to Church and almost ran into the ditch they gave me such a start.

I had such agood time last night. It was Homecoming games at FV. 4 basketballl games. I had called the first coach we had at Fourche when they built the other gymthat burned, to be sure and come. He has been a Senator and in the
Legislature here in Ar and lives outside of Ola. He came and sat between Loucinda and me so we both could bend his ear. He's funny.

Did I tell you that Chuck, the guy that brings the Record up the valley and puts them in the stores talked to me at Plainview this past week? He said "The next time you go out of town , you send extra articles to the paper cause we had calls asking why your article was not in the paper!" Isn't that neat?He said our business went down too cause your article was not in there.
Loucinda and I went to the elementary children's Christmas program at FV last Wednesday night. It was outstanding!!There are talented teachers and assistants there!! The pre-school kids were so great. When you think of 3 and 4 year olds performing, it is amazing you can hold their attention. In the elementary program, Jacob Lofland sang a solo and he did a great job.

Einella Lewis, 5th grade teacher, led the children in a play about the birth of Jesus andthe politicial agenda ofthose times. She "drove" a yellow Volkswagen with 3 children and told the story as the children preformed her story on the stage.

Well, be kind to others and keep watching the skies.

The Teacher Learns from her Students

Story---I was teaching 4th graders in the
school system in the '70.s and as always had students with different
learning abilities. A young man named Patrick was just a brilliant
don't think I ever had another student as smart as Patrick.But then I
another boy named Ray, that was very slow andcould hardly read. Patrick
no patience with Ray and "put him down" a lot. One day as the class was
going to recess, I asked Patrick to stay and talk to me. I was trying
to get
him to see he should be kinder and more understinding of Ray. In my
conversation, i said"Patrick, what if you were in Ray's shoes?"Without
pausing, Patrick says,"Then I would get a new pair of shoes!" What's a
teacher to do.!!

Monday, February 06, 2006

February 6th , 2006

Gravelly News by Glenna Goodson

Some guy bought a new fridge for his house. To get rid of his old fridge, he put it in his front yard and hung a sign on it that said: "Free--you want it, you take it."Forthree days the fridge sat there without even one person looking twice at it.He eventually decided that people were too un-trusting of this deal. It looked too good to be true, so he changed the sign to read:"Fridge for sale,$50." The next day someone stole it!!

2. While looking at a house, the man asked the real estate agent which way was north, because, he explained, he did not want the sun waking him up every morning.She asked,":does the sun rise in the North?"When the guy explained that the sun rises in the East(and has for some time) she shook her head and said,:"Oh, I don't keep up with that stuff!"

I was very surprised--and happy too, to learn that
Misti Hines has had another baby. She and her family moved to Odessa, Texas, a few months ago from the Gravelly area. Misti worked for Gary Garner and her husband had chicken houses. Now KaRisa has a baby brother. I tutored KaRisa for several months and really learned to love her and her family, so congratulations on the arrival of a baby boy.

Frances, formerly Fowler, told me at the Fowler's restaurant at Plainview, about the healing power of vinegar. She told me to go to a health store and get Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar and take a teaspoon a day to help my arthritic knees. She told me at would take about a month to tell any difference, so I am waiting for the vinegar miracle to work!!

Last Tuesday, I worked in the food pantry at our Rover Baptist Church. Vivian Noon and I worked together and she told me that the week before they gave food to 10 families. But Tuesday, we had only 2 families that came for food. One lady had 5 in her family so we at least helped 6 people. Vivian brought her 16 month old great-grandson with her. His name is Reed Crawford and I have never seen a better behaved child. He just played with his toys and walked around the room with a smile on his face. He never cried or got fussy. Since I have known Sonny Lofland, Reed's grandpa, all Sonny's life, I asked Vivian what Sonny thought of his grandson. She said Sonny takes Reed tractor riding on his farm and that Reed really has fun with his "Pa". Frances, Reed's grandmother, keeps Reed while his mother works. Frances is truly blessed to have such a wonderful grandchild.

Dennus, June Castleberry, Loucindaand I went on an excursion last Thursday afternoon. Dennus drove June'scar and it gave Loucinda a chance to "sight-see" instead of drive, as she usually does.We journeyed to Russellville, ate at La Huerta, and then went to Penney's.We drove through Oppula,Atkins Morrilton. We stopped in Morrilton at Fred's. On the way back home, Dennus drove over the Petit Jean mountain. That wassuch a beautiful and interesting drive. June was putting her glasses on and said"I only wear my glasses when Dennus is driving", but Dennus was a gooddriver and we appreciated him driving us around. Not many guys would do that and still be in a good mood when they get home.

Speaking of Dennus--he has a cat that is just like part of the family. Whether he is riding the 4-wheeler with Dennus or sleeping in Dennus' lap in the recliner, that is one spoiled cat. Well, Dennus' cat comes up with a girlfriend and this female cat comes to Dennus' garage. Dennus said if she had not been pretty he would have run her off, but she's pretty so she can stay.Dennus gotthe female cat a special bowl and feeds her when he feeds his cat. June tells Loucinda,"I'm just going to have to grow fur and learn to meow, to get Dennus' attention."

I was in Fowler's restaurant at Plainview and a lady asked me if Iwrote the Gravelly news. When I said "Yes" she saidshe always cuts out my jokes and send them to her 95 year old grandmother who lives in Cooldale. That is neat!!!

I enjoyed the Fireman's supper at Gravelly last Saturday night. I had not seen Beatrice Garner Yates in quite awhile, so it was goodto visit with her and Gerri Ferguson, her daughter. There were 21 that attneded. Jim Roberson called a board meeting to elect officers. The ones already on the board were re-elected and Ray Ledbetter was elected to fill a vacancy that was created at the death of Bruce Hunnicutt.

Last Friday night I went to Little Rock to a Premier Jewelry party. My niece, Machel, hosted the party in her home. My pastor's wife in OKC sold Premier so I knew I really liked the jewelry.It was so good to see MaChel and her family. Emily, at 13, is a beautiful young lady. Christopher was 5 years old on Thursday and Andrew is 2. It was a fun party.

A couple of weeks ago, I needed copies made of a map I had and I needed a copy of a map of Israel. I went to Fourche Valley School, and their Media-specialist, Lise Millard Davis, made copies of my map for me and found the other map I needed. I really appreciated Lisa's help.

Remember to SMILE because God loves you!!