Monday, July 10, 2006

I'd better dig my wig out to wear

Gravelly News by Glenna Goodson

Two BLONDE GUYS were working forthe city works department.One would dig a hole and trhe other would follow behind him and fill the hole. They worked up one side of the street, then down the other, then moved on to the next street, working furiously all day without rest, one guy digging a hole ,the other guy filling it up again. An onlooker was amazed at their hard work, but could not understand what they were doing. So he asked the hole digger,"I'm impressed by the effort you two are poutting into your work, but I don't get it. Why do you dig a hole, only to have your partner follow behind and fill it again?" The hole digger wiped his brow and sighed, "Well, I suppose it probably looks odd because normally we're a three-man team. But today the guy who plants the trees, called in sick."

When Fowler's restaurant was at Danville, it was always filled with people. Now that they are in Plainview, it is the same. At any given time at Fowler's country cafe at Plainview, the parking lot will be filled with cars andthe cafe filled with people. Why is this? Because of the NAME. When people see the name"Fowlers" they say"their food is always good and the service is great." I wrote that to write this" You are known by your name!! A teen-ager once said to me when I was teaching,"Mrs. Goodson when you heard my name you probably automatically thought I was bad."How very sad!!My Dad used to say"Shug, don't dishonor our name."If you young people feel as if your name holds you back, be strong and make a NEW name for yourself.

Roy Fickle, of Nola, has had surgery on one of his feet because of his diabetes. J.B. Wagner told me Roy was doing well.

Kathy and I visited our Aunt Syble in the Waldron Nursing Home last week. Aunt Syble is not doing well. She does not know us now. Bless her real good.

Butterflies, our women's organization of Rover Baptist Church, had 11 people at our meeting the 3rd.Melanie Sawyer had charge ofthe program and she chose a patriotic theme because of the 4th of July coming up ,the birthday of our country.. Our country was founded by men that had great faith in God.We were always to be"One Nation under God."Then the following Sunday, Bro. Shipley, our pastor,reminded us that our country is great because we are good.When we are no longer good, we no longer will be great. We have certainly strayed--Remember The Judge from Alabama, Judge Roy Moore, that was stripped of his judgeship by refusing to remove the 10 commandments from his courtroom wall?This man was willing to lose his job to stand up for what he believed. Shelly Tippin e-mailed me a wonderful poem by Judge Moore and Shelly writes,"If more ofthe leaders of our country were like Judge Moore, I would not be fearful of the future for my two children."

Mulberry FWB church hada 4th of July get -together for the youth of the community. Kathy tells me there were at least 30 young people there. The adults fixed them hot dogs, hamburgers and all the fixins.The young people played basketball, volley ball and shot fire works.

The Eagle Ridge Institute at Guthrie, Ok, , where my granddaughter Robyn and her children are, is having a family day July 22.. Fred, Russell andi plan to go. I plan to go to OKC for my eye appointment the 18th, and then we all will go to Guthrie the 22nd. I talkedby phone with Robyn and Jake last weekend.Jake was trying to cry and when I asked what was wrong, he says"My mom won't read mea bedtime story."I asked hm why and of course hesays he does not know. I tell hm to tell his mom if she doesn't read him a story, I will Zap her, so he turns to his mother and I can hear him tell her the exact words I said. He comes back to the phone and tells me"Well, she's gong to read me a little baby story, just 2 or 3 pages!" Aren't children fun?

My grandson and his wife that kept Jake and Allyson for one year, have two more foster children now.--a brother andsister, 7 and 8 years of age.I surely hope that when they have a child it will be a girl cause Ryan is really partial to girls.

Last Sunday night at church, Johnny Turner tells me my clothes don't match. Gee, I always thought orange, pink and green matched!!Then he tells me maybe I'dbetter dig my wig out to wear. Then this Sunday night he asks if Phyliss Diller is my sister!!I guess I'm just gong to have to have alll my hair whacked off.Our church had a bridal shower for Tommy Turner and his to be bride, Brittany.I saw right away that Tommy was like his Dad, Johnny. I thought of sending Brittany a sympathy card but instead I wish for them God's blessings.!

I saw Gee Spencer at Fowler's last week. Ms. Spencer is a retired teacher of Painview.She has the very unusual hobby of findng old cemeteries and sometimes graves in out of way places. Ms. pencer tries to find the date and name on the headstone.She shares with people on the inter-net who reveals the names on the gravestones,so maybe there will be a family member out there say"This person was my relative."Ms. Spencer is so interesting to

talk too. She told me she cuts out my jokes from my column and saves them.

Two of my cousins celebrated birthdays last week. Leah Highfill Hogan of L.R. was 81 years of age the 5th of July. Last year I was thrilled to be part of the celebration of Leah's 80th birthday party, asurprise party planned by her family.Dorthy Copeland Putman of Waldron, had a birthday on the 8th.Since Dortha and I have a birthday the same year, I will not tell you her birthday.

Mr/ Damon, of Gravelly, hadback surgery a few weeks ago. Since he can't go back to driving a truck for qite some time. he has been working at their store ot Gravelly.A guy came into the store a couple of weeks ago that had not been in the store but a couple of times. The fellow asks Mr. Damon, "Why are you using Wal Mart bags?".Mr. Damon says"We are affiliated with Wal Mart."The fellow just says"oh."I bet that guy wonders how our little store is affiliated with Wal Mart, but it sounds good!!

On the 4th of July, Loucindaand I decide we must do something, so we go to Russellville where they are having a lot of sales at the departmentstores. We shopt at mostly Penney's and Goody's and then go to Hastings..Loucinda tells me to stay away from the books, and she's right, I sure do not need any more books. She rentsa couple of movies. We see Debby Lofland, her son Jacob and Trever Jones in the store. I ask the boys how is it for them since school is out and Trevor allows that it is boring. Louci nda and I go to her son's home and we visit with Scott and Michael. Tammy had gone to visit a friend so we just visit with the guys.The family has a new dog--a beautiful orange bull dog, named Punkin Michael shoots 3 of his fire works for me and shows me what he has to shoot off that night.Speaking of
Michael, when Loucindacame back from her Alaskan cruise, she was of course, anxious, to see Michael. Scott and Michael came over and Loucinda says"Michael you need to pay more attention to me."
Michael says,"How much will it cost, you said to Pay.:" I hope Loucinda is keeping a book entitled "sayings of Michael."

I stopped by the home of Dennus and June Castleberry one evening last week.One son, Rex,is there putting in new tile for them hat was made necessary when their hot water heater burst. Rex has done a wonderful job!!One bathroom has grey and brown tile. June has beautiful grey in the kitchen. I was impressed!!

As you see our flag pass by does a knot come up in your throat because of your love for this flag of our country? .This flag is a symbol of freedom. Imagine that our flag could talk--perhaps these might be some of its words: " Wherrever free men gather, wherrever there is justice, equality, faith, hope, charity, truth or brotherly love, there too am I. I shall remain until like tho old soldier, I'll just fade away and be retired by time alone and may history never write my obituary, For I am the Stars and Stripes forever" Amen and Amen!! .


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