Monday, August 14, 2006

Give them all a cow

Gravelly news by Glenna Goodson

Is it just me, or does anyone else find it amazing that our government can track a cow born in Canada almost three years ago,right to the stall where she sleeps in the stable of Washington and they tracked her calves to their stalls? But they are unable to locate 11 million illegal aliens wandering around our country.Maybe we should give them all a cow!!

I'm so excited that Plainview will soon have a library.I knew when the Adventist sold their property in Plainview, the ones that bought the property were planning to use the building for a library.I saw the article in the Record by Mr. Blalock concerning the library so I called him. I want to donate several books cause my books are consuming my house!!Mr. Blalock told mehis wife was President ofthe Library Club and she and the ones that are helping her have a lot of the books catalogued and ready to put on their shelves.I'm excited and I congratulate the Blalock's for doing such a good thing.

Loucinda and I go to Russellville Saturday the 5th to take care of more business for our F.V. school reunion.Late in the afternoon, Loucinda says,"Do you want to go to Center Ridge to the Bluegrass show?" Having never been to Center Ridge nor a Blue Grass show, I said, "sure." so we take off to Center Ridge. Almost 3 hours later we are there!!The show is in the Roger Wooten Memorial Park at Center Ridge. We arrive before 5p.m andthe next show does not start until 7. But Loucinda has talked to her cousin, Robert Miles Buford, before we get there and he guides her to his travel trailer.He told us the trailer is unlocked and to go in and turn on the a/c and make ourselves comfortable and he will soon be there.We are nice and cool in the trailer, while outside it is 103 degrees!!Robert Miles soon arrives and we have a good visit until it is time for the show. Robert takes us lawn chairs and we sit and enjoy the Bluegrass music.A lady comes over and introduces herself named Linda Lovett. She knows my sister, Kathy and her husband, Lacey Minnie.We had a very good time and plan to go to other Bluegrass shows.

I come in from Ola last week and a message is on my answering machine. This guy says"this is your old boy friend of over 50 years ago, just wanted to talk a feew minutes, but will see you later."He does not say who he is buy the caller I-D says Claude Williams, who now lives in L.R. I graduated high school with hm but he was teasing about the boy friend part!! He also called Lloucinda and what he was wanting to know was about our high school reunion and he will be up on Friday to help us set up forthe reunion on Saturday. We appreciate him doing that because he is a good helper. Robert Gwen Buford always told me,":don't forget, Glenna, you and I are just helpers!"

Loucinda and I have purchased some wonderful door prizes for our F.V. school reunion.The
husband of the former Jo Garner Goodson, Henry Runnels, has won a door prize every year we have had the reunion.So Henry come and buy tickets this year and maybe you will win again.

I saw Lou Ann Aikman Lewis and her husband, Bill, at L.R. Friday. That night their grandson, Ryan Lewis, was graduating with a Master;'s Degree from Univ. of Central Ar. of Conway.
My congratulations to this young man!!

A guy came into the Gravelly post office to talk to Gale Damon about buying some peaches. I told him I wanted peaches too so I go out to his truck. He was sacking up my peaches and said"I know you but you don't know me," I ask him who he is and at first he will not tell me but finally says,"Roy Cockburn," and I say"Roy Lynn Cockburn." Of course seeing him again took my memories back to my teen-age years. Roy Lynn and his brother Leonard were part of that happy time. He sure sold me some good peaches.

My cousin, Billy Euel Highfill and I spoke by phone last week. He says he and his wife, Joyce, were drinking coffee Sunday morning, the 6th, and watching T.V. Joyce tells him theyt have advertised that they are going to have a segment about dogs on the channel she is watching.When the segment begins, there is Gary Garner. The T.V. show is Sunday Mornng, C.B.S. Billy, said he told Joyce, I was just in his place of business Friday." This makes the second time in less then a year that Gary has been on nation wide T.V. about his business. I am so glad Gary and Sheila chose to locate in Gravelly when they came from Alaska several years ago. Of course, Gary had grown up in the Valley.

A dear friend of mine and Loucinda's was having surgery in a L.R. hospital last Saturday. We want to be there when the surgery begins so we get a motel room for Friday night, in the Comfort Inn. Loucinda calls her friend,Eleanor Connelly, that was part of the group that recently went on an Alaskan cruise. We picked her up and went to Fantastic Chine restaurant to eat, in Pulaski Heights.After our meal, we went back to Eleanor's to visit with her. We enjoyed seeing pictures she had of Turkey and Alaska when she had travelled there

I tell you, I'm going to have to take up a donation in my community to buy sugar so I can keepo feeding my hummoing birds!! Those birds must truly have a sugar high!!

Edie Buford and her sister, Hazel, talked to Louise Person in Alabama, after she had had her lung surgery. We were so glad to hear that the doctors say they removed all the cancer and that there seems to be no more cancer!! God truly answers prayer!!

When we come to the edge ofthe light we know, and are about to step off into the darkness of the unknown, of this we can be sure, either God will provide something solid to stand on or--we will be taught to fly!!


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