Sunday, August 20, 2006

Join the "old"crowd, Melba!!

Gravelly news by Glenna Goodson

A little 5 year old boy was looking at his mother's family Bible. He came upon a leaf that his mother had pressed and placed in the Bible. The little boy exclaimed,"Oh, mother look!" She asked"What is it, Son?" and he said "I think I found Adam's underwear!"

About 3 weeks aago, O.L. Briggs was working with hay up in his hay loft and fell.e broke his heel bone and that part of his foot was crushed.He had surgery at Little Rock.and his foot is in a cast. Of course O.L. is immobolized and he's sure not happy about that!!Last week, his daughter in law and his sister, Frankie Jean, stayed with him. This week he is staying in Little Rock with his sister, Frankie Jean.I wish for O.L. a speedy recovery!!

Gary and Sheila Garner were in Washington last week. They basically were there for Sheila's 50 th high school reunion. They also visited relatives. I hope they got some needed rest and were able to relax.

I'm sure several of you noticed that I called Edith TURNER at Wing, Edith BUFORD. Edie told me she must have gotten married and had forgotten!! So she is really Edith TURNER The Turner and Buford names are so intertwined with me, I mix them up.

I visited Hoyt and Betty Lampkin last week at Bluffton.I took Betty a new book by James Patterson andshe said"Good, I will have something to read tonight" and then she pulled in a sack filled with books and I said"I thought you did not have anything to read" and she said she had read all of those and had to get them back to the Danville Library!!I bet there were at least 10 books in that sack and she had read them in less then 2 weeks!!

When I took some of my books to the upcoming Plainview library, I was glad to meet Dean Blay lock. She told me she taught school at Fourche Valley at one time. She remembered my sister in law, Bonnie Faye Goodson and how well she played basketball. The library shelves were ready and a lot ofbooks were ready to be shelved. Boxes and boxes of books were there that they will get ready for the shelves.They really have a lot of work ahead ofthem, plus the work they have already done.I really admire them for doing this.

John Meredith of Gravelly bought one of those little manufactured houses. It was placed down by his pond. John took me for a tour of his pond and I saw the little house. It is really neat and Mrs. Meredith will keep her fishing supplies in the house.

I"d like to share with you a few of my favorite bumper stickers---------1. Guns don't kill people-Drivers with cell phones do!-------2. Keep honking--I am reloading.------3.Some people are only alive because it is illegal to shoot them-----and my favorite--Welcome to America--now speak English!!

Peggy Dowdy, recently went with a group to N.Y. City. One oftheir guides was Robert Westfield. Robert has recently had a book oublished titled Suspension. I am looking forward to reading his book.

I saw Larry Wilson, his brother, Rick, and son Kris at the Plainview cafe this week. Rick has experienced a miracle in the past couple of months. Because of an early injury, he had only one eye. That eye developed a disease and Rick could not see. The doctors told him, with eye surgery, he would regain his sight. He had the surgery but after the surgery--he was blind!!The doctors found the problem and with another surgery, Rick can see better then ever!!Praise the Lord!!

Margaret James called me last week. She shared with me that Frances Blagg and her two youngest sisters, are coming to the F.V school reunion, cause she wants to see a lot of us who knew her when we were in elementary school.Mrs. Jewell Blagg was Frances' mother, who I am sure, many of you, remember. I am looking forward to seeing Frances.

Imagine my surprise to see in the Gazette daily newspaper, that 2 River's School District was one of the school districts in Ar. that was placed on probation by the Department of Education in Ar. I knew that the kids hadgood scores last school year on their Spring tests. There was nothing wrong with the kids' scores nor the teachers' accredidation, so what iswrong? An end of year report that was due by October 1st last school year was not sent in on time!!Imagine being on probation because a report was not sent in on time!!And when yhour school is on probation,you have one year to correct it or you are in trouble!!How in the world do you correct a report not getting to the State Department on time. It makes me sad because the kids worked so hard to bring up their scores andthe teachers worked so hard and now their school is on probation because of a late report!!Boggles my mind!!!

The Adventist service, Saturday, was just great. The music was out of this world!!A lady sang a medley of religious songs that really touched our heart.Then Bo Huthison and Rosemary Blankenship sang "We are a Santuary." Joe Harrison delivered a very meaningful message.After the service was dismissed, a group of us gathered around the piano the hear Aaron Ruff play for us. It was so very beautiful!!When Aaron finished, i was walking away and heard someone else playing. It was Dr. Sandberg's Dad. The elder Sandberg's have just purchased a home in Ola, next door to their son. Mr. Sandberg told me he was formerly a high school banddirector in Ca.

My friend Melba Reed, celebrated her birthday the 18th.Now she is as old as me!!Join the "old"crowd, Melba!!

Saturday night I went to Dr. Sandberg's and Jody's home in Ola to attend a Bible study. Jody had air popped , pop corn and water melon for us. That pop corn was delicious--she named 5 seasonings she had used in the pop corn. We then had a good Bible study.We dismisses at 9:30. I say to Janet Harrison,"Now I go down this lane, turn right andthen turn left when I get to the highway that goes to Plainview" and she says, "yes."Well, i do not know where I swent wrong when I got to the hoghway but I travelled several miles and finally I saw a sign that said Perry County, so I turned around. There was a truck behind me so Istopped and blinked my lights andthis young man stoipped.I asked him did he know how Icould get to Plainview and on Highway 28.He said he had no idea and traveled on. I traveled for a few minutes and stopped and blinked my lights for the truck behind me to stop. I ask him thesame question I askedthe young man and he does not know how to get to plainview either. I traveled on andth nice man and hiswife followed me. Finally I stopped again andthey also stopped. The lady told me they looked Plainview up on their map and I was going the right direction.Hetold me I would soon come to an intersection and i would

turn left for Plainview. He went ahead of me and when I got to the intersection,the guy was there with his arm pointing to the left!!What wonderful people they were!!I finally got home at 11 o'clock.I have decided that no more night trips for me if I have to drive.

I met a guy in the Plainview restaurant last week named Doug Vess. Doug lives in Danville andisan auctioneer. He says he does 60 to 70 auctions per year. Iasked him did he go to school to bean auctioneer and he said yes at Fort Smith Auction school. If you need an auctioneer you can contact Doug at 1-479-702194.

Our Rover church services were really a blessing Sunday. Bro. Shipley preached such a good message and then we participated in the taking of the Lord';s Supper.Jesus said of the supper--"As oft as you do this, do in remembrance of me"and it is wonderful to do that very thing.

Lord help me not to gripe about the tough rows I have hoed.I'm drinking from my saucer, cause my cup has overflowed..


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