Sunday, September 17, 2006

watch the senior citizens dance

Gravelly news by Glenna Goodson

A blonde came to work just sobbing uncontrollably. Her boss asked her what was wrong and she said she had just learned that her grandmother had died.Her boss, being a kind man, told her she could take some time off .She thanked him but said she needed something to do so she'd just go ahead and work. The boss went on but a couple of hours later he decided to check on the blonde . Again, she was at her desk sobbing.The boss asked what had happened. The blonde says," I just talked to my sister, and her grandmother died too."

Richie Brothers of Nola, hada chicken house to burn and also a new tractor.Richie is a man of faith and I know he is accepting what he cannot change and is gong on with his life. I talked to Richie at the Nola store and he was sharing how wonderful people had been to him and his family. Different churches and individuals have given him monetary gifts. He said "you know, you can't outgive God. and God will bless all the people that are giving."

Edith Turner and her sister, Hazel Russell, decided to trim the limbs of one of their trees. These ladies are in their 80's but Hazel was on a ladder, that Edith was holding, trimmng with gusto!!They heard a truck stop in front oftheir house and someone says,"get off that ladder before you fall."It was Debbie Lofland. She was dong some work at her church, The Lighthouse, and looked across the way and saw Hazel on the ladder. Debbie got Hazel off the ladder and trimmed the tree for them.

I was so glad to see the former Frances, Patsy, and Bonnie Blagg last week. They had come to the F.V reunion but Bonnie and Patsy had gotten sick andthey had to leave. I did not see them at the reunion so I tracked them down Tuesday. Margaret James told me they had gone to the Blue Hole and I said,"I'm on my way." They were coming out of the Blue Hole entrance when I got there. We stopped and hugged and Iasked what they thought about the Blue Hole andthey said they did not see any water. I talked them into walking with me and went through all the brush andsaw the Blue Hole. Their brother had died about a month ago and Frances said he had a painting in his home of beautiful water and he'd say the picture made him think ofthe Blue Hole at Gravelly.He would tell them he so wished he could come back to Gravelly andthe Blue Hole, one more time, but he passedaway before he could come back. So Frances saidshe decided she was coming back to visit while she could. It was so good to visit with them. They stayed with Gary and Sheila Garner a couple of daysand nights and really enjoyed their stay there..

One day I was fixing my hummng birds new sugar water. I had no sugar, so I used Splenda.That's just as sweet, right? Those birds would not drink that water!They tried one drink and would not come back. So I went to the Gravelly store--got real sugar and changed the water and the birds all came back to
drinkNow I tell you, those birds are smart.

A couple of weeks ago Diane O'Bryant brought me a couple of books to read written by Mary Spainhour Knight.The author's aunt, uncles, and cousins lived at Gravelly for many years. Imogene Spainhour Hunt, that many of you readers knew, was the author's aunt. Mary was born and raised in a place called Back Rock in Desha County, Ar. Iam really looking forward to reading the books and I thank Diane forthinking of me and knowing I would enjoy reading the books.

I talked with a guy at the Nola store last week. He and his wife recently moved to Nola from Mtn. View. His wife found a job but he is still looking. He says,"You know if you can't debone a chicken around here, you can't find a job." He toldthe people at the chicken plant that the only chicken he knew about was Kentucky Fried.

Loucinda, Frieda Banning and I went to the Danville Senior Citizen's last Friday night to hear

Ithe Rambler's Band play and Kelly Hill sing. It was so fun to watch the senior citizens dance and of course Kelly and the band were great!

I was doubly blessed this week end . At the Adventist Church Saturday,Joe Harrison preached a wonderful sermon.Somethingthat really impressed me was his thoughts on Elijah in the O.T.He reminded us that Elijah hid 100 prophets in caves so Jezebel, the queen, could not kill them.Then he said someting that I have thought of every since. He reminded us that those prophets had to stay in those caves or they would be killed but he said some Christians nowadays act as if they are hiding in caves because we do not witness to others nor shed our light as Christians.He said, "You know, we might as well be hidden in a cave."Then Sunday , my church at Rover had God to bless us really"Good". Bro Shipley baptized 4 people and one more young man came during the invitation so we will have another baptism next Sunday!!

For those that might be wondering about ourF.V. reunion committee--we have our committee members now.We want only 4 committee members because we work together better with only 4.So Charles Daniel, Billy Highfill, Loucinda Buford and myself makes up our Committee..We welcome ideas and suggestions from others but we have our committee.

Lord keep your arm on my shoulder and your hand on my mouth!


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