Sunday, November 26, 2006

Tubs full of blackberries to sell

Gravelly News by Glenna Goodson

"Give me a sentence about a public servant," said a teacher. The small boy wrote."The fireman came down the ladder pregnant." The teacher took the lad aside to correct him. "Don't you know what pregnant means?" she asked." Sure, said the young boy confidently."It means carrying a child."

I talked to my cousin Calton Highfill last week. He said he definitely remembered he and Maggie Sulivan picking green beans for the Morrow's at Nola, when he and Maggie were teen-agers.He said they received $2 per day.Calton also was remembering when Austin Payne and my Uncle Loy planted 4 acres, each, of potatoes. Then they would help each other harvest the potatoes, along with people they hired to help pick up those potatoes. Calton said he agreed with Maggie, that picking up those potatoes was the dirtiest, most awful job they did on the farm.Calton also remembers Uncle Loy and the kids would take wash tubs and go to the mountains and pick those tubs full of blackberries to sell. Today's teen agers don't know what they missed!!

Mamie Glover is home from the hospital and is doing better. Loucinda and I stopped to see her last Wednesday and Mamie was baking and preparing for her son's family that were coming for Thanksgiving.

Sadie Fowler,of Chalybeate Springs, is not dong well. Phyliss, her daughter, that works at Fowler's in Plainview, quit her job to go care for her mother. Sadie is 87 years of age.

I saw Jim McCoy at Plainview Drug Store last week. He had on a pair of overalls and the pharmicist asked him why he was wearing those overalls. Jim tells her the overalls were his uniform now instead of a ;police uniform. Looked good to me! He told me he really enjoyed my Wal-mart joke in my column the week before. He said he told his wife that now he knew some things to do when she dragged himn to wal-mart!!

I am so happy that Bill Workman across from the closed Gravelly Store is selling, milk,eggs, bacon, snacks,ice. And also Chuck, that brings the Yell County Record up the Valley, will bringthe paper to Workman's store to sell to our neighborhood. Bless Bill and his wife for being here to help our community.

Isn't it great that Kevin Milligan of Rover, killed 2 deer and a BEAR one day of the deer and bear season two weeks ago.I wonder how many people it took to drag that bear in. When my Dad, Doc Oglesbee, was a game warden in Yell County, he was one ofthe Ar. Game and Fish guys that went to Minnesota for several years, and trapped thebear andbrought them back to Ar. Poor bear!Daddy used to say that the bear were just trying to get back to Minnesota!!

Speaking of deer season. Alan Ray Austin took his 6th grade daughter, Courtney, hunting during youth deer season. Courtney sees a deer, her Dad gives her a couple of shells for her gun. Courtney shoots those and does not hit the bear. Her Dad gives her a total of 6 shells but Courtney misses the deer. When the deer runs out of sight, Courtney turns to Alan Ray andsays,"Dad that sure was a stupid deer!"

On the 18th, I really enjoyed the Adventist Church services at Ola.Joe Harrison brought the message andI really enjoyed Joe's message. Joe had as the theme of his message "Time"Joe pointed out that when you spend time with someone, you give them part of yur life, so our love for God is demonstrated by the amount of time we spend with Him. Bo Hutchison played the guitar and he and his two year old daughter, Jaymie,sang a special for us.

I went with Loucinda to Waldron last Saturday, We went to my cousin Dortha's apartment and saw her and Peggy. Peggy took me to see Aunt Syble in the nursing home. Sometimes you have a special moment you will never forget and I had such a moment with Aunt Syble that day.Sometimes she does not know youand she is not sure of her surroundings. I kissed her and told her who I was. She would look at me and I could tell she did not know me. All of a sudden, she said real clearly,"Glenna, what did you do with your hair?" Peggy says,"Mother isn't Glenna's hair pretty?"Aunt Syble says,"I'm not saying a word." I was so happy she knew me and her statement was so funny!

Today, the 25th, I attended the Ola Adventist Church. Dr. Sandberg brought a great message. When I hearthe Word of God preached, I always want to learn, and I always learn from Dr. Sandberg's messages. Peggy Jeys invited me to have lunch with them. The Sandberg's were there,Peggy's granddaughter, Kelly, Peggy's son, George, and 5 more guests. It was a wonderful meal and great fellowship. I came away feeling so relaxed, and my whole being felt good. I feel so fortunate that God sent these people into my life.

I plan to go to OKC this week to be with Fred. He is having a medical problem and has an appointment with a neurologist next Wednesday. I do not know for sure when I will beback to Gravelly. I plan to keep writing my column while I am gone.

Today, Sunday was a good day--church at Wing--church at Rover Baptist. Bro. Shipley's Dad is very ill andthe Doctors say he doesn't have long to live, but Bro. Shipley stays focused on God's Word and brings us the truth of God's word each Lord's Day.How thankful I am for him and his Godly family.

My sleep study confirmed that I have sleep apnea. Julie,of Lincare will bring me a CPAPP machine the 27th for me to use at night. I sure hope it helps me to stop going to sleep during the day.

Remember The glory of each morning is that it offers us a chance to begin again.


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