Monday, September 10, 2007

"I'll go somewhere and sing my songs again."

Gravelly news by Glenna Goodson

The Associated Press reports that New York junior Senator Hillary Clinton, narrowly escaped injury in the aircraft she was ;piloting when she was forced to make an emergency landing in S. New Jersey because of bad weather. National Transportation Safety Board officials have issued a preliminary determination-- pilot error contributed to the accident. The senator was flying a single engine aircraft. The absence of a post-crash fire was likely due to insufficient fuel on board. No one on the ground was injured.Surveilance cameras validated there was no damage to the Senator's aircraft.Her BROOM was as good as new---not a straw was bent!!

Peggy Dowdy(Wayne Hunnicutt's niece) and her husband went on a bus tour recently with the tour company Comopolitan. Peggy does such fun things that sometimes I'd like to be a little mouse and sneak in her suitcase!!On this trip, Peggy met two women that told her they read and enjoy my column. They are Nancy Gillespice from Belleville and Frankie McBride of Havana. I'm glad you ladies enjoy my column. Do you think I "Pick on" Hillary too much?

I had a dream about my Dad, Doc Oglesbee, last week. Psychologists say we dream every night whether we remember or not. Sometimes a dream remembered is so good we wish it were true and my Dad dream was one of those. In my dream, I was still teaching. The Principal and I were walking down the hall of the school--we went around the corner and there was my Dad in his Game and Fish uniform, talking to the kids that were lined up getting a drink. The Principal says", Your Dad is a favorite with the kids cause he can tell them all about the animals." What a good dream!!

I talked to my granddaughter Robyn and Jake and Allyson a few nights ago.I was talking to Jake and he said",I have to change the phone to my other ear, Nanny, I fell off the monkey bars at school and fell on my ear."I say, "Did it hurt?" and he says, "MAN, yes!" I guess that was a stupid question!!

Several days ago, I met a man named Johnny McConnell at the Workman store at Gravelly.Johnny is the grandson ofthe late Jack McConnell. Jack and his large family of 17 children. lived on the Mulberry Road when I was a kid.Johnny and his wife live in Oravella, Ca. and are here for a short visit. His wife reads my column and Johnny was telling me his favorite joke his wife had read to him.

I was without a car for one week. Tommy Metcalf brought it back last Friday and I told Tommy he was just the person I wanted to see. The car runs great! But I was without a TV for 2 weeks!!The Dish person I talked to at Russellville decided I needed a new receiver. They contacted L.R. but I also had to talk to them. It has really been an experience talking to these people. After pushing buttons on your phone and listening to recordings for 20 minutes, you finally talk to a real person.Besides my name, it seems the most important thing they need is my phone number. After telling the lady in the Russellville office--3 times-- my phone number, she informs me that her computer tells her that is not my phone number. I assure her that it is. The lady in the L..R office talked so fast, I could not write down numbers she was giving me so I say, "Ma'am will you please start over, I did not understand." Well, to her that meant I was almost deaf so she screamed during the rest ofthe conversation.UPS brought my receiver in 5 days and my brother in law, Lacey Minnie, came down and installed it for me. When we thought it was installed, a message came up on the screen--"Is not activated" and to activate it you had to call this certain phone number. A fellow tells Lacey, after getting a lot of nformation, that the receiver will be activated in 20 minutes. Well, 40 minutes later it was not activated so Lacey calls them back. Thge guy checked and said "Oh, I am sorry, we forgot to activate it, it wil lbe another 20 minutes"! The urge to kill!!!But after that 20 minutes, I had a working television.Having no car for one week and no television for 2 weeks, I read three books so that was a good thing.

September is the month for my family birthdays. My younger son's is the 11th and my older son's is the 14th.Becausetheir birthdays are only 3 days apart, I always had just one birthday party for them. Russell waited until he was married and then informed me that he hated it cause he never had his own birthday party!!Gee, it probably did emotional damage, don't you imagine?My cousin, Calton Highfill will be one year older then me, the 10th. From May until September, we are the same age which is OLD/ Then my granddaughter, Lezlie, will celebrate her birthday the 18th. My friend , Betty Lampkin will be a year older, Sept. 30th.

I talked to Larry Wilson this week. I was so sad to find out that Larry is not doing well. His heart is really out of rhythm and that condition plus the medication he takes make hm very weak and tired. Larry is not evcen well enough to play his gjuitar and sing. This man has just brought so much joy to so many people with his music, that I ask you to please pray that Larry's health will improve and he can sing and play again.. s Johnny Cash used to sing, "I'll go somewhere and sing my songs again." I want that for Larry.

Can you relate to this: That Snap Crackle Pop in the morning ain't my freaking Rice Krispies.


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