Tuesday, February 26, 2008

slowly rotting and falling apart

Gravelly News by Glenna Goodson

A woman went to the emergency room and was seen by a young, new Doctor. After about 3 minutes in the examination room the Dr. told her she was pregnant. She burst out of the room and ran down the corridor screaming. An older Dr. stopped her and asked what the problem was. After listening to her story, he got her calmed down and sat her in another room. Then the Dr. marched down the hall to the first Doctor's room --":What in the world is wrong with you," he demanded--that woman is 63 years old and has several grandchildren and you told her she was pregnant ? !! The new Dr. continued to write on the clip board and without looking up said "Does she still have the hiccups ?"

Bruce Lee is doing better in the playing of music at the FV basketball games. He actually played John Denver singing Country Boy. Now that lis my kind of music !!

I enjoyed visiting with 2 high school ladies from Fayetteville Christian Wednesday night. I was so impressed with their kindness, their interest in our gym, and their good manners. Also the adults that had come from Fayetteville to watch their kids play ball, were good spectators--no yelling mean things--just words of encouragement for the kids. I was impressed !!

I have an idea. About 4 of us adults from FV could get together and give a prize to the students of FV that visit the concession stand the most. And perhaps the prize could be a cooler filled with food and cold drinks that they could use and SIT STILL!! Gee, I go to see a ball-game, not kids travelling back
and forth in front of me !!

Diana O'Bryant visited me Friday and brought me a FV tee shirt. She heard me say I had lost mine so she said she had an extra one and she brought it to me. i wore the shirt to the ball game Friday night. Diana and sat and takked about grand kids which I can do non-stop.

Lacey told me that Scott Howell came through his backsurgery well. He may come home Saturday.

When Charlotte King gave up her beauty shop in Ola ,a lady in Fowlers told me about Janet's shop in Plainview--just across from the First Baptist Church. She is great !! I love the way she scrubs my head and I've had lots of compliments on my hair style. Last Friday, a lady was waiting and told me howshe enjoyed my column. I always like to hear that !!

Bill Workman and his son Michael are giving the old Gravelly Store a face lift. The wood used many years ago when it was built was slowly rotting and falling apart. They have the old wood off one side of the building and are ready to put on new material.

I found out Saturday that Junior Rhoades was in the Danville hospital. I hope Junior is well enough to be home soon.

My grandson Ryan looks absolutely just like Tom Cruise. He's the same size, walks and smiles like him. It is amazing !! I received a biography of Tom Cruise from my book club. I cut out some of the pictures and sent them to Ryan and Heather. I suggested to Ryan that he go to Hollywood and be a stand-in for Tom Cruise

I thought that tonight, Saturday night, I would be going back to FV to see our Senior boys win the Regional Championship. But ,Alas, it was not to be, Fayetteville Christian won against FV Friday night by a score of 57 to 71. But our boys andJeremy, their coach, can be proud because our boys are the District champions. I was sad, especially for the Seniors, but they have played wonderfully well this season.

I saw Sharon Lambert's little grandson Friday night. He's such a handsome little one. Probably about 9 months old now. I love his hair--makes him look like a little man. And I must mention my sister's little great-grand-son. Little Wyatt is walking now and at the ball game just wants to walk along and look at everybody--when he sees his great-grand=pa, Lacey, he smiles and runs for a kiss.

Sunday we had a great sermon preached by Bro,. Shipley at Rover Baptist Church. We had14 in the choir.Bro. Shipley said the choir was "pretty." One of our members, Carol Willis, is near death in a L.R. hospital. Bro. Shipley went to L.R. Sunday afternoon to be at the hospital with the family. Johnny Turner preached for us Sunday night. I enjnoyed Johnny's message.

Well it is time to report. Ilost another 2 pounds this week. So in three weeks I have lost 9 pounds The encouragement and prayers of the Christian friends in the class with me, really helps me to stay reaching for my goal.

Remember--a lost day is a day you have not laughed


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