Monday, October 27, 2008

Now what am i going to do with this cat?

Gravelly News by Glennna Goodson

Eleven people were hanging on a rope under a helicopter., 10 men and one woman. The rope was not strong enough to carry them all so they decided that one had to leave, otherwise they were all gong to fall. They weren't able to choose that person and the woman gave a very touching speech..She said she would voluntarily let go of the rope because as a woman she was used to giving up every thing for her husband and kids or for men in general, and was always used to making sacrifices. As soon as she finished her speech, all the men started clapping. !!

You know I wrote in one of my columns that I wanted to give away my cat, Sister, because I am going to OKC in a few days.A woman called me from Havana last Tuesday and said she wanted my cat and would come get her, Friday. I was so excited that my cat would have a home and the lady did not show up and never called, I was so disappointed. Now what am i going to do with this cat?

I hear that Katie Fickle is working in the lunch room at FV school. Katie, at one time was a chef and i know that she doesa good job.

I have been so sad that this time after the crotozone shot, my leg has not been any better--the other 3 times in about an hour my leg was better A friend called me from oKC that had done a lot of research about he syetic nerve and she said it was as Dr. Sandberg says, just stay off my leg, use heat and eventurally it will heal.But it sure hasbeen a long time.of painand hardly being able to walk. i really wish I had not come home from the hospital.

Michael and Yvonne Workman have been so good to bring me food from their store. I was still in the bed Saturday and Bill was knocking on my door and had brought me breakfast. I was trying to get to the door by using my walker and the walker slid and of course I fell. Bill heard me fall and I yelled and told him where the house key was. He and his granddaughter came in and got me up into a chair. I am so thankful Idid not break any bones and j ust skinned up a knee. But that showed me that Imust get to oKCwith my son and husband so my granddaughter is coming after me in a few days.

My friend Melba Reed of Story called me last week. Her husband, Harrison, killed a deer muzzle
loading season. I got really amused when she told me about her and Harrison hunting a few days ago. Melba said Harrison would sight in the deer and then she would pull the trigger!!Now I call that togetherness. Fred would always get so angry if a woman came into their deer camp. He said that was no place for a woman--that they talked too much and bustled around too much and scared off thedeer. Now I know a lot of women that hunt

A Mrs. Dugger from Plainview sent me a funny story which I will use in my column later.I thank her for remembering me.

My sister has been an angel since I have been almost unable to walk. She came down Satrurday, cleaned my house and kitchen. She fixed me soup and did my laundry. Lacey brought me supper Sunday night. God bless them really good.

Don't tell God how big your storm is, tell the storm how big God is

Monday, October 20, 2008

wonderful walker called Rollators

Gravelly News by Glenna Goodson

A blonde decided she'd like to take up ice fishing. She read a lot of material as to the equipment she owuld need and with excitement purchased all she would need . She took a lawn chair and plenty of coffee and set herself up on some ice. She started making a hole in the ice and a voice from above says, "there are no fish under the ice." The blonde moved farther on the ice, sat down in her chair, poured herself some coffee and proceeded to cut a hole in the ice. Again a voice says, "there are no fish under the ice." The blonde was very frustrated and moved a long ways down the ice. Again she set out to cut a hole in the ice and a voice from above says, "there arer no fish under the ice." the blonde looks up and says "is that you, Lord?" and the voice says, "No, I am the manager of this hockey rink."

I really enjoyed the Steve News last week written by Vickie Crawford. I can tell that Vickie enjoys story telling as I do and i look forward to reading her column every week. I so miss Country Girl that had a column for a long time She was a fovrite of many because she was a master story teller.

Jewelene Putman Benefield came to see me at the hospital Thursday morning. We had a long, happy visit. I have known Jewelene since Junior high at FV. She was my Aunt Alvis Copeland's special friend and they always had so much fun together.

Maggie Sullivan calls the hospital to check on me frequently. She and Thomas lead such busy, productivre, lives. Threy are very active in the methodist Church at Russellville and minister to people in need. Maggie cans and freezes the produce from the three gardens Thomas grows every spring. It has been a long friendship with Maggie and her twin, Marie. They moved to Gravelly when we were in 6th grade, so 7 years of school together and all these years we have kept up with each other and have always been close. You know the Bible says, " a friend loveth at all times" and this is a wonderful promise.

Wednesday a lady named Frankie McBride of havana came into my hospital room to see me. She said she wanted to tell me how much she enjoyed my column. She said a relative in another city subscribes to the Record and cuts out my jokes and take them to the Senior Center.

Before Novalene and Ilene SOUTHARD jump me because their name was spelled wrong last week in the Record,their name is SOUTHARD not Southern. So I hope I'm forgiven.

Well, Cortozone shot number 3 was given to me Thursday morning. We will wait and see if the pain lessens in my right leg. As of Sunday afternoon, I am much better.

I have written about the joy of random acts of kindness, Sarah Light brought me sugar free candy. I love the Werther's Original and sometimes I would be so hungry and eat one of those and feel better--so thanks again Sarah.

Happy belated 6th birthday to Taylor Tippin. Taylor, I know you had a happy birthday. Your Mom, Dr. Shelly tells me about the math game you can work even though it is for 8 year olds. Since you are such a smart little girl, i know you don't like to make mistakes but Taylor it is okay to sometimes make a mistake. The mind set you have, though, of being upset when you make a mistake, will serve you well as you get older. Alex, I hope you had fun at your sister's party.

Ella McCool of Rover was in the Chamber's Hospital last week, for 3 days. She was bitten by fire ants and had an allergic reaction to the bites. Her tongue swelled until she cold not close her mouth and she had trouble breathing. Beda Sue Hogue saw a den of them at my house and sprinkled a lot of self rising meal on them and it seemed to kill them.

Last Friday, Diane Hunnicutt of Nola was admitted to the hospital at Danville. She had fainted several times at her home and thankfully Jay was there and got her to the hospital She is dehydrated and they are giving her fluids. Diane walked to my room to see me and is feeling better.

Friday at noon Jody Sandberg and Bo Hutchison surprised me by bringing 7 of the girls from the Ola Christian Academy to sing for me , Jody. Bo and and the girls sang several songs for me. Such a wonderful group of kids and accoridng to their scholastic scores, they are really learning and they also have the Christain teaching that is so lacking in our publicschools because of Supreme Court Laws. The Sandberg' daughter, Shaleah, is so special to me. Her name' Shaleah, means "messenger from God" and she is truly an angel from God.

I was so glad to have Frieda Banning come to see me Friday and then Saturday nmorning. She told me about this wonderful walker called Rollators that have 4 wheels, a seat and a basket and brakes. Then Dr. Shelly asked Dr. Sandbergcould he get one for me and he gave me a prescription for one. and I am hoping to get one in a couple of days at the medical supply at Danville.

Saturday afternoon my visitors were Peggy and Tom Jeys from Ola. We always have a good visit. Then later Shaleah and Dr. Karl came with a Bible Board Game. It was a very interesting game. Here I have taught Sunday School for over 50 years and I thought I knew a lot of the Word of God and 8 year old Shaleah did not miss any of her questions and I missed 3--I was embarrassed! Just as we finished the game, Aaron and Jennifer Rhoades and and their little girl Gracie came to see me.I appreciated their thoughtfulness.

Brenda Turner came to the hospital Sunday afternoon and brought me home. I told her God would bless her really good. So after 12 days in the hospital, I am home.

Remember life is 10% what you make it and 90% how you take it.