Monday, July 31, 2006

Get Your Own Dirt

Gravelly News by Glenna Goodson

God is sitting in Heaven when a scisntist says to Him",Lord, we don't need you anymore. Science has finally figured out a way to create life out of nothing.In other words, we can now do what yu did in the "beginning." Oh, is that so? Tell me....".replies God."Well, says the scientist, "we can take dirt and form it into the likeness of you and breathe life into it, thus creating man." "Well that's interesting. Show me." So the scientist bends down to the earth and starts to mold the soil. "Oh no, no, no..." interrupts God, "Get your own dirt."

Diane O'Bryant, of Gravelly, her daughter in law and two grandchildren recently spent a few days in Pensacola, Fla. on vacation.Diane says she was really on her way to Gulf Shores but got lost and wound up in Pensacola!!Some ofthe things they really enjoyed was going to the beach, to the zoo, eating at the crabshack on beach. The boys and adults all had a great time.

It was good to be back teaching in the Wing Community Church last Wednesday ,after coming back from OKC.Louise Person was not there because one of her daughters had taken her to Ft. Smith to have sometests done. She will go back next week for the results. We still have our stinky" skunk under the church. Edie Turner saysshe is feeding him chocolate trying to make him sick so he will leave.After church. Loucinda invited me to her house to sample her stuffed peppers she had prepared that evening. They were really delicious!!

Anyone who knew Tommy Glen King, who died rece ntly, would you please go to the website to sign the online guest book at, in the June 25th edition. Add any comments and see what everybody else has said about him. Sarah, his sister, would really appreciate it.

My great niece, Emily, of Little Rock, has visited in Gravelly for several days. Her cousin, Jacob Swaim,Kathleen's and Steve's youngest,went home with Emily last week. He will stay a few days and come hime, then Cameron, his older brother, plans to go stay a few days.Ashly, the oldest Swaim child, will begin her 2nd year of college at Ar. Tech University, in a few days.

I called my cousin, Dortha in Waldron, last week to see how my Aunt Syble was dong. Dortha saidshe had had some very bad days but just that day she asked to please get up out of bed. The doctor did not think it would be a good thing so Dortha told her she could not get up. Aunt Syble just insisted and Dorthasaid"remember your bad knee, you might fall."So Aunt Syble says."Well just double up a quilt and put it by my bed and just roll me off onto the floor."Bless her "real" good.

Did you ever see a more fascinating thing to watch then a hummng bird? At my bird feeder there are over a dozen drinking and flying at one time.I sit in my lawn chair and watch them for ages.I have to fill up my feeder 3 times per day. O.L. Briggs told me he was going broke by buying so much sugar for his hummng bird water!!When my son, Russell, was here I was mixing up some more water for the hummingbirds and Russ said"Mom ,don't mix the sugar with your awful ,iron, water. Use this water I bought at the store this morning".So I poured mine out and fixed the mixture with the"good" water.The birds came one time and did not come back. After about an hour with no birds, I took the feeder down, and fixed their mixture with my "bad"water and they just came swarming to drink it. Now can you explain that?.Maybe those birds know more then I do about the water. Maybe that awful water that turns my clothes yellow. that smells bad and makes your tea taste awful, is better for me then I thought!!

My sister, kathy Minnie, took Lacey, her husband, for his first therapy on his shoulder Friday the 28th.After his surgery, now begins the weeks of therapy at Russellville.Russell, my son, rode with them to Russellville to catch the bus for OKC.That night I kept trying to get hm on the phone and became very anxious when I could not find him at home.He left Russellville at 12 noon and was sjupposed to be in OKC at 6:45.I finally got him on the phone at 10:30 that night!!He had gotten to Ft. Smith and there was a 4 hour delay!!When he finally got to OKC hecouldn't find anyone to come get him so he started walking home, luggage and all. Our house is
about 6 miles from the bus station. After walking for over an hour, he called a cab!!I bet you won't get Russ on another OKC bound bus!!!

Amy June Castleberry told me the coons were eating their watermelons.She says "You can see their little foot prints on the watermelons. They jump up and down on the melons to findthe ones that are ripe and when they find a ripe one, they eat it."Now I don't know how scientific that theory is, but June says it's true.!

I went with Loucinda, Friday to Russellville.She decided to drive a few miles out ofthe way and lookat some of her land in Ranger.The man that rents her land has a large herd of cattle on the land, and we saw several of the herd and Loucinda said"Look at our old cow,:" and there was a greyish,white cow that certainly stood out in the herd because of her color.When Loucinda and Robert had cows and sold them ,they kept this one cow. I had been at their farm house before they sold it and Robert could call that cow and have a bucket of food for her and she would come running and eat from Robert's hand.When they rented their land to the man with the cows they asked him to promise to always keep their old cow, which he did. The cow is 25 years old!

My firend Peggy Dowdy, and I email each other about the books we are reading and what authors we enjoy.I told her I had a new book by Fannie Flagg called :"Can't \Wait to Get to Heaven" and how Iwas enjoying it. She emailed back that she thought I wrote someting like Fannie Flagg!!Gee, Peggy will be my friend forever!!! I think I will write a book!!

Saturday night, Loucinda asked O.L. Briggs and myself to go with her to hear the Ramblers Band at Russellville train depot.O.L. was already at Loucindas when Iarrived, ready to go on to Russellville. I asked him how he was and he said "Not very good." Iasked what was wrong and he said he thought it was just all the miles he had and maybe he needed an oil change.!We stopped at Dardanelle at the Dairy Delight to eat sjupper.It was a very good meal. We went on to Russellville to hear the Ramblers. Scott, Loucinda'sson, met us there andhad brought lawn chairs for us. O.L. says, :"you mean Ihave to sit outside" but it was fine cause it was in the shade.Bartley Bell ofthe Ramblers, came and talked to us a few minutes. O.L, and Loucinda know hm but I had to introduce myself.Hesaid"You're that crazy woman that wites that column in the Record."Orlan Ray Thomas told him he'd better be nice or I would write something bad about him.But nothing could be saidthat wasbad about that band. I really love to hear Bartley and Kelli Hill sing together.Toward the end ofthe program, Kelli did a yodeling number.We all loved to hear her yodel.The very closing number was Kelli singing "Amazing Grace."You just forgetr where yu are as you listen to that inspirational song!!

Saturday, I went to the Adventist church in Ola. I hadbeen gone and had not seen my firends for 3 weeks. It was so good to see Janice and husband,Peggy, Kelli,Jody and Dr. Sandberg and all the others.The hugs were really appreciated and all the lovethat was sensed!!

Sunday, I was so glad to be back in my .Baptist church of Rover. I had really missed Bro. Shipley's sermons.And then we had our 5th Sundaysinging that night.Larry Wilson hadcome to our church that morning with hisson and family and to say I was gladto see Larry was an understatement.Hebrought his guitar that night and played andsang two numbers for us.They were songs I had never heard before and they were just beautiful! Larry has been sick for several months, and hadalso hurt his handand could not play the guitar but now he is much better and I thank the Lord for that..He looks good and healthy and I pray to God that He will keep Larry well and keep him in the center of His will.!

Remember that a lot of money is tainted---"Taint yours, and "Taint mine."


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