Monday, September 11, 2006

Everybody say "Boo" really loud!!

Gravelly News by Glenna Goodson

While out visiting one Saturday afternoon, a pastor knocked on the door of a church member but got no response.He was quite annoyed because he could hear footsteps and knew the mother of the family must be there. Leaving his calling card, the minister wrote the following: Revelation 3:20. Behold I stand at the door and knock. If any man hear my voice andopen the door, I will come in to him." On Sunday as the congregation filed out after the services, the woman who had refused to answer the door greeted the pastor She handed him a card with Genesis 3:10 written on it. Later the minister looked it up and read,"I heard thy voice in the garden and was afraid, because I was naked and I hid myself."

Ah, I must tell you about our wonderful, 2006 Fourche Valley reunion. On Friday afternoon, Billy Highfill, Loucinda Buford,the former Clema Sue Melton and her husband, Charles and Rita Danbiel, Mary Lee Highfill Sams, Sue Ann Highfill Cheatam and myself met at the school at noon to decorate for the reunion. We want to especially thank Treccie Price andthe other cafeteria ladies that fixed lunch for us. We fixed pictures on poster boards One board was just pictures of former reunions. Billy broought pictures of the first reunion in the old building and then pictures in our new building, so we made a board of those pictures. Then Loucinda made a board of our 2005 reunion. We put up tables--we want to thank Jeremy, our coach at F.V. for sending some of the high school boys to help us.

Saturday morning Lucy Robinette came and oipened up the building for us so we could finish decorating. Thanks to Lacey Minnie for getting us the nozzle for the machine that we used to blow up our helium balloons. Lloyd Reid George came early and we were glad to put him to work.The others that came Saturday morning were Billy Euel, Charles and Rita, Larry Aikman and Gary Garner.and myself.

Then it is time for the reunion and to see my former classmates and friends come through that door, was wonderful. I went into the gym early and sat down by a couple I did not know. I told them sitting up front as we were doing would be really bad if it was a ball game cause the kids went back and forth and never seemed to watch the ball game. He said he remembered on night in another school when these two brothers were supposed to be at a ball game but they spent most oftheir time outside. Their Dad came after them and the boys did not want to go hme. Their Dadsaid"but the game is over." The boys said"Did we win?"I asked the man's wife their names and she said Jamison. You know I did not realize he was our Supt. Of Schools until he went forward to speak to us. I felt stupid!! In Mr. Jamison's speech, he told us some had asked him to tell us the future of F.V. but that he really could not do that at this time because there are too many gjuidelines to be met and we have to wait and see. We must meet guidelines of the State Legislature, State Board of Education and Federal agencies.Our Two River's District had only 1,019 students last year. This year we have 1,035 as of now.

Maggie Sullivan and Calton Highfill did a good job of introducting the classes. In the early classes beginning with 1929, I believe the earliest class to have anyone was 1935 and Mrs. Beatrice Yeats was there representing that class. he formrer Clema Sue Melton and Deltha Jean Hunicutt Lowe, did a good job of introducing all the speakers and entertained us with funny tid-bits along the way.

Thomas Sullivan presented plaques that honored his grandfather Sullivan and his Dad Mr. Tommy Sullivan, that taught many years at F.V.

The 1947 class of F.V had the largest class ,of 28, to graduate and they had 5 from that class at the reunion.That was Fred's class but he would not leave the Lake and come.Everybody say "Boo" really loud!!

Our class of 1949 had 6 attending the reunion. They were Mary Alice Ferguson, Melba Jean McCormick, Glenna Oglesbee. Maggie Parish, Claude Williams and Calton Highfill

It was so good to see my sister in law, Bonnie Faye Goodson Ashlock and her husband Lanny from Conway. Got to see pictures of grandkids.

I always look forward to seeing Jo Garner Goodson Runnels and her husband Henry. This is the first year that Henry did not win a door prize and he said it was becauee he allowed Jo to buy his tickets.

It was good

to renew asquaintances with Pat Williams, Claude's wife. Pat is a retired nurse from Little Rock

I was glad to see the 3 Aikman brothers, Larry, Jim Bill, Loy Max and their sister Virginia McCartney.

Of course I always know that Meeechie Mabry will be at the reunion enjoying himself Now I want yhou readers to know that Meechie is older than I am, so I don't remember hm much in school but my husband does.It's always good to talk to him.

Our music was so good. Rita aniel, the former Betty Ferguson, Kelly Hill and Ted Copeland at the piano was excellent. When Kelly Hill sings,"God Bless the USA", I get boose bumps!
Our dinner was great. he Foundation did an excellent job preparing the meal and serving us. I sat with Melba Reed and Cherry and Sammy Turner at the dinner. Cherry and I discovered that both of us had Mr. Tommy Sullivan for a teacher. Cherry said Mr. Sullivan was a special teacher for her and I really enjoyed him as a teacher too. Then years later, he and I taught together one year at F.V.That was fun!!

And oh the dance after the dinner was wonderful!!I told Shirly Aikman I colud watch her and Larry and Billy Jack Bogle and whomever he has for a partner at the time, dance all night. Shirley and Larry are super good but Shirley and Billy Jack were great to watch.Billy Jack asked me to dance and siad that in my column I had asked people to teach me to dance but I had to tell hm no one ever taught me. Gee, I wish I could ever learn to dance and dance with Billy Jack!!

Shirley and Larry Aikman had a party Friday night for the 50 year class. Larry and Shirley are members of that class. There were 14 at the party. Bea Garner Yeats and Elois Hunnicutt were honored guests. Shirley said they ate by the light of coal oil lights--wasn't that neat!!

So the reunion was just the best ever.!!See you again next year.

Sunday morning as I enter my Rover Baptist Church, iwas so glad to see Ruby Grace Williams Holmes and her husband Bill, Claude Williams and his wife , POat. It was good to have them worship with us.We had 4 decisions Sunday morning and all 4 plan to be baptized next Sunday. Praise the Lord!!

I have a friend in OKC that has trouble getting me on the phone. She left me a message one day that said"Where is Jesus going to know where to pick you up, when He comes back for you!"


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