Thursday, June 28, 2007

Our bodies need salt

Gravelly News by Glenna Goodson

A blonde was sitting in a bar watching the 6 0'clock news. It showed a man threatening to jump from a tall building.A man came and sat by the blonde and was also watching the news. He told the blonde, "I think the man will jump," and the blonde says "I don't think he will." the man said "I bet you $20 the man will jump and the blonde saays "You're on" and they placed their money on the bar. As the news was about to end, the man jumped. The blonde said "I did not believe he would jump, here's my $20." The man said "I just cannot take your money cause I watched this news at 5 and I knew the man jumped.". The blonde says, "I also watched rhe 5 o'clock news and knew he jumped but I did not think he would jump twice."

Last Sunday Bill and Yvonne Workman had a full house for Sunday lunch--3 tables were filled with hungry people. The menu was fried fish and all the trimmings. Sure was good!!

I will be gong back to OKC to my eye specialist the 1st of July as my appointment is the 2nd. I'm sure Russ can think of better things to do then travel the 300 miles plus to get me but I decided I should go back to the one that did the surgery. I was explaining to the specialist that I could not come back to OKC in a few days after my surgery since I did not want my son to make the trip to bring me back. Dr. Wise says," Can't you drive yourself?" and Isay "No" and he asks "Why not," My daughter speaks up and says "cause she's a crazy, old woman." Maybe that explains it.

Meredith and his son take long walks in the neighborhood. John said that one day they walked 7 miles!!Wow!Their hearts should stay healthy. I go to Bill Workman's most mornings for a sausage biscuit and most of the time John is there for breakfast.

I talked to Maggie and Tom Sullivan this week. Tom's garden is really producing a lot of vegetables.Maggie had been to see her son Nicky the day before. Since Nicky had the 5 stints placed in his heart, Maggie wants to make sure he does not lift or do other things he should not do. She and Tom leave for Texas in a few days where Tom goes to a Kiwanis meeting. They will spend a night with my cousin Calton Highfill and his wife who live in Carrollton, Texas. Maggie and Calton will have fun talking about their teen age years in Gravelly, Ar.

Ty Stokes, of around Aly, wrecked his car a couple of weeks ago and was injured pretty badly. When I was young, I knew his great-grandfather,Marvin Stokes who lived in Aly. Ty is in St. Joes at Hot Springs and is improving from his injuries.

Cindy Clements drove her daughter, Rachel, to Wyoming this week, where she will begin college in a few days. I pray Cindy will get back safely--that is a long way to drive back alone.

O.L. Briggs has a cousin that visited from Cleveland, Ohio, last week. She found out that when you live in Briggsville, Ar., you have to drive several miles for an ice cream cone.

You know I wrote last week that the tool bar on my computer disappeared. I had asked everyone I thought could help me with the problem and nothing worked. I called my former pastor who lives in Bixby,Ok. and he said to right click anywhere on the screen and a box would come upo and the work in the box would be tool bar. It did and I clicked on tool bar and got it back!! I called Terry and told him I always knew he was brilliant!!

Before William PRICE cuts my legs off, I wrote William's last name as Rice last weekSorry about that, William. William is absolutely one of my favorite singers. The Rovers for Jesus have a CD for sale and I am always encouraging William to make a solo CD. You would listen to one song and you would be hooked. I know it would sell. Speaking of CD's, the group Satisfied is making a new one. I will be glad when it is ready for sale.

Loucinda and I wento Danville, Thursday. We ate lunch at Little John's and then Loucinda got her hair cut. We went to Danville hospital to see Beatrice Garner Yeats. Beatrice had been in the hospital for a week but she was packing to go home. Her son, Gary, was coming to get her. Beatrices chief problem was that there was not enough salt in her system so the doctors had to insert salt into her body. So you people that have stopped using salt, should think on this--our bodies need salt. I'm so glad Beatrice is better.

Think on this: Whether a man winds up with a nest egg or a goose egg depends a lot on the kind of chick he marries.

Monday, June 25, 2007

I always admired her pursuit of knowledge

Gravelly News by Glenna Goodson

2 Women meet in Heaven. 1st. Woman: Hi, my name is Wanda
2nd Woman" Hi, My name is Slyvia. How did you die?
1st Woman: I froze to death
2nd Woman How horrible!!!
1st Woman: It wasn't so bad. after I quit shaking from the cold I began to get warm and sleepy,
and finally died a peaceful death. What about you?
2nd Woman I died of a massive heart attack. Isuspected that my husband had a girl friend
so came home early to catch them. but instead I found him all by himself in the den watching
1st Woman So what happened?
2nd woman: I was so sure there was another woman there somewhere that I started running
all over the house looking. I ran up into the attic and searched, and down nto the basement.
Then I went through every closet and checked under all the beds. I kept this up until I had
looked everywhere, and finally I became so exhausted that I just keeled over with a heart
attack and died.
1st Woman: Too bad you didn't look in the freezer---we'd both still be alive.

The first thing I want to do as I am back from OKC is to thank Mary Cole for her letter to the Editor commending my column.That was kind of yu ,Mary, and it just made my day. I went to the computer and e-mailed my son in Ca. to let him know.!! In my writing for the Record I try to make it entertaining. Loucinda Buford has a great xource for jokes and she sends them on to me and I try to decidxe what the readers would enjoy..A couple of others send me jokes and I find a few in books I am reading. o thank you Mary--Keep reading!!!

My eye surgery itself, went well in OKC. I am disturbed because I cannot see any better and the eye is hurting, so I am gong to a specialist here in Ar. to find what the problem is. While in OKC, my daughter took me for the surgery and then to her home where I stayed with her for a couple of days. Before the surgery I spent time with a teacher friend and at our home in OKC. On the 17th,I was thrilled to go to my greatgrand son's 6th birthday party. My granddaughter, Robyn, found this great place in Edmond called "Pump it Up" for birthday parties.I don't think Jake will forget that birthday party. Russell brought me back to Ar. the 18th. He went back to Lake Texoma the next day to be with Fred. Since Fred's vision is so limited because of the stroke, Russ does not want to leave him alone very long at a time.

Isn't it strange how we are creatures of habit? When I was a little girl, the Cook bus traveled to Waldron 3 times per week and two days per week the bus traveled to Danville for customers to go "to town".
My mother always went to Waldron. Not one time do I ever remember gong to Danville.I was thinking of that when I realized I have not traveled any where in Scott County since two days after decoration day, the second Saturday in May.. Imagine onnly a couple of miles from me and yet I have not been to Nola, nor anywhere in Scott county. since the second weekend in May. So if you thought you were waving at me and it was Scott County--wasn't me--Kinda wierd!!

My computer is very important to me. I get back from OKC andI ran to my computer the first thing. I had about 30 messages. I read them and then my computer crashed. One thing that drives me nuts is that the tool bar has disappeared. Loucinda came up and worked for over an hour on the computer. She fixed some of the things that were wrong but could never find the tool bar. But I'm grateful I have a limited use of my computer, thanks to Loucinda.

Edith Turner had heart surgery while I was gone and the doctor placed a stint in the heart.Edie is doing well and her sister Hazel Russell is really looking out for her.

Loucinda's grandson, Michael, sent me a corsage via Loucinda, that he had fixed for me in his mother's flower shop in Russellville.That was so sweet of Michael and made me feel special.

Last Wednesday Iattended the funeral of Thomas Carroll at the Bluffton Baptist Church. Mary Alice, his wife, and I graduated high school together. I have never heard a better sermon at a funeral then what their pastor from LR presented. We learned what a strong Christian Thomas was and how he loved his Lordand his family. Betty Oliver, Mary's sister,played the piano and sang "Sheltered in the Arms of Love," so beautifully. I was glad to visit with my friend Melba Reed and Joy Don
Moody after the service.
Mary Alice has my sympathy, love and prayers.

A fellow came into Bill Workman's store at Gravelly. He said he and his wife lived 50 miles E. of Dallas. He is a musician and comedian and he had performed at Mtn. Home the night before. on his trailer is a sign that says, "Bob Tail Billy" and a picture of a guitar and 2 roosters.Quite a comical guy!

I learned last Wednesday that Beatrice Garner Yeats is not dong very well. Her daughter, Gerry, told me that her mother had been in the hospital for a week with bronchitis. She was at home as of the 21st, but she was gong back to the Dr. I must check on Beatrice--she's another lady Ihave known since I was a child and always loved her so. I always admired her pursuit of knowledge and her love of books and her writing skills.

Last Sabbath I was so glad to see my Adventist friends at the Ola church. Dr. Sandberg and Shaleah led the singing and then sang a special. Shaleah getrs better all the time in her musical ability. Dr. Sandberg preached an inspirational message. Kelly Virbel taught the Bible lesson and did a great job. I left my car at Ola and Loucinda picked me up and we traveled to Russellville where we spent all afternoon.We did some shopping for our FV reunion that will be in Oct. We purchased paper, envelopes, tape, etc. At a store that will remail nameless, Loucinda asked the clerk how much it would cost to print 900 ;letters. The price qjuoted was about twice the price we had paid 2 years ago. Tight-wad Loucinda had a fit.As we left the strore Loucinda said"Never trust a woman that has a "French tip manicure."

This Lord's Day it was great being back in my Rover Baptist Church. William rice and Bill
illigan sang abeautiful special and thesermon by Bro. Shipley really mader me search my heart. You kmnow we need more sermons that make yu THINK and PONDER. Sunday night Billy Milligan always takes reguests for the songs we sing. I requested "When All Of God's Singer's Get Home," Johnny Turner says, "You notice it does not say anything about piano players"and then he told Janette ,at the ;piano, he wasn't talikng about her, just the woman from Gravelly>"Then I knew I was back home--to have Johnny tease me!!

As close, remember we can be young only once but we can be immature always.

Monday, June 04, 2007

They did a lot of their cooking outside on a fire.

Gravelly news by Glenna Goodson for JUNE 20th

One Sunday morning, the pastor noticed little Alex standing in the foyer of the church staring up at a large plaque. It was covered with names with small American flags mounted on either side of it. The seven year old had been staring at the plaque for some time, so the pastor walked up, stood beside the little boy and said quietly, "Good morning Alex." "Good morning, Pastor,"he replied, still focused on the plaque. "Pastor what is this," he asked the pastor. The pastor said, "Well, son, it's a memorial plaque to all the young men and women who died in the Service."Soberly, they just stood together, staring at the large plaque.Finally, little Alex's voice,barely audible and trembling with fear, asked, "Which service, the 8:30 or the 10:45?"

My prayers are with Edith Turner as she has several tests the month of June.The tests began the 6th and it was a nuculur test--the 11th was an Echo test--the 15th on her legs and then the 27th, she will meet with the Doctor at Russellville to find out the results of the tests.

The Gilliland's seem to have a lot of business since they have bought the former Turner store at Wing.When that Turner sign came down, I almost cried--the sign had been there--Turner Store--for about 75 years, so another landmark gone. But I hopethe Gilliland's do a booming business.

The big white house next door to me belongs to Cindy Clement's sister, Dee Dee--I know that, but in my mind as I look at that house I think "Oh, this is Preacher Kitchen's house.They lived there several years and were good neighbors to my parents.Rita Daniel told me of coming to visit Eddie Grace Swaim Honey when Eddie rented Twain Willis' house while Twain and Jonnie were living and teaching in Mena.Eddie Grace asked Rita did she want to walk across the road to the Kitchen's and meet Floyd Cramer. Rita says"Oh sure, Eddie," thinking this can't be true. They walk across the road and there was Floyd Cramer and his family visiting the Kitchen's--since Floyd's wife was the Kithchen's granddaughter. So Floyd played the Kitchen's old fashioned pump organ for Rita. Then I gaze at the former Lucy and Bill Caviness home, just up the road from me. I can just see Lucy and Bill Caviness there and the beautiful red and white bushes that grew on their fence.They were so very beautiful. Then years later, Jess Kitchens bought the place and Mary Ethel Kitchens Cramer still owns the property.It doesn't take much for my mind to go back to when I was a happy, care-free teen-ager and these houses do that for me.

Do you ever wish that Alesander Graham Bell would have looked at his invention of the telephone and just cast it aside as a bad idea? Sometimes I hate the phone.Just someting to take your time away from your family to talkabout useless things--and gossip.And the mothers that had rather talk on the phone then spend quality time with her children!!And Cell phones--Ugh!!! These women in the grocery store with a cell phone in their ear while their children go crazy!!!A husband takes his wife to a nice place for dinner and she sits there with a cell hone in her ear. A friend in OKC told me of cell phones ringing during a wedding and ringing during church!!People that do not turn off their cell phones as they go to church, to me, have an ego problem. I was listening to a young person telling about a missionary trip he and others in his school had taken. The area where they were was very uncivilized--no running water--living in shacks--They did a lot of their cooking outside on a fire. But guess what? They had CELL PHONES. Go figure!!

My cousin, Billy Euel Highfill had his 73rd birthday May 29th. Mybrother Bob Roy's birthday would have been April 6th and he would have also been 73. My cousin, Fred Copeland of Waldron , will be 73 this month of June..My mother, and Aunt Dora Highfill and Aunt Syble Copeland had their 3 boys about the same time. and they grew up together and were always very close. Before these boys were born, my Aunt Dora gave birth to my cousin, Calton--10 months later I was born and then 2 months after I was born, Aunt Syble had my sousin Dortha Deane..We also grew up together and always have been very close. Cousins are really wonderful--especially if you all lived in Gravelly Arkansas!!!

God so loved the world that He did not send a committee!!!