Monday, August 27, 2007

The Dish people came out

ravelly News by Glenna Goodson

Joe loved to sing in his church choir. It was a large church and a very large choir. Joe never missed a rehearsal nor did he ever miss a church service. There was just one thing wrong---Joe could NOT sing--and he sang very loud!!. The other choir members were very upset and threatened to quit the choir if the music director did not dismiss Joe. The director suggested to Joe other ministries he could perform in the church instead of the choir but Joe always said "No, I want to sing in the choir." Some ofthe choir members had quit the choir and being desperate. the music director met with the pastor. He told the pastor if he could not get Joe out of the choir, he was going to resign as music director. So the pastor met with Joe and told him he needed
to quit singing in the choir. Joe replies that he loves to sing in the choir and the pastor says,"I have had 50 people tell me you cannot sing." Joe replies, "Fifty people have told me you cannot preach and you're still here."

It has been suggested by at least a couple of people that I quit "beating up:" Hillary in my jokes. Well if Jay Leno and Letterman can beat up on our elected officials, it seems as if I can too. It's just in fun!! If some think I should give Hillary a rest, you are welcome to e-mail me with jokes about someone else. My e-mail address is

I am reminded that we as adults are to be champions for our children. We should not look the other way when children are being neglected or abused. When very young children are being left at home alone you should report this to the authorities. When you see small children left alone in a vehicle, take that tag number and report the incident.When you know children are being abused or neglected, report this to the DHS. I don't know if Yell County is as strict as OK county, but when I taught school in OKC we teachers were told to report any neglect or abuse of any child and we did not have to leave our name. Our little ones cannot take up for themselves so we must care about them!!!

At Bill Workman's store, several of us sit around and wait for Chuck to come with the Record on Wednesdays. We start waiting at 12:00 and last week it was 1:20 when Chuck arrived.Some were saying,"he broke down,": "he was flooded out"(even though it had not rained) but his stops just took longer. I told him he was the most popular guy around!!

My cousins, Dortha Putman and Peggy Brothers worked for their brother, Fred Copeland in Waldron for a few weeks. Fred is director of the Waldron Housing Authority. He was short handed so the sisters helped out for a time.

Mamie Wagner Glover is having some tests conducted in Little Rock this week. She went home with her son, who lives in Benton, last weekend and he will take Mamie for her tests. One blood test revealed she was dangerously low in sodium. The Dr. immediately began getting sodium into her system. I tell you people all the time that our body has to have salt.This makes 4 people from around here that became very ill because of not enough sodium in their system..I don't know who started this craze of not eating salt, but it can be deadly.

My car finally would not start despite all my turning the key and stomping the brake, that had always worked before. One mechankic said that was voodo but ithad always worked--now it doesn't.So I had Tommy Metcalf come and tow my car to his garage in Bluffton.I feel sure Tommy will fix my car. My Dish system on my TV also went out , so no TV and no car! The Dish people came out from Russellville and in just a few minutes they said they had found the problem. They replaced the LNB on the Dish itself(whatever that is) But guess what? After playing for one day, it quit again. So another trip for the Dish people!!

My sister, Kathy Minnie, tells me that as of now, FV has 7 foreign exchange students. Some may come later.

Loucinda, my cousins, Dortha, Peggy and Ted Copeland all went to BobAaron and Mary Caviness" 50th anniversary celebration in Ft. Smith,Saturday. Loucinda said it seemed as if half of FV was there. The celebration was held at The Oaks in Ft. Smith.The food was catered and Loucinda said it was excellent. A good time was had by all.

Since I had no car, I could not go to my Rover church Sunday, where I was to play the piano. We were to have the Lord's Supper and baptism and I really hated to miss. I also missed teaching my Bible class n Wing. It was homecoming at Mulberry FWB church, so I prepared food to take and Ted, Dortha and Peggy picked me up to go to Mulberry. The singing and music was wonderful. Bro. David, the pastor, asked people to share their memories of early Homecomings.Mary Lou Rhoades shared how the women would cook for days to get food prepared. The men would hook up their horses to the wagons--they'd load up their food and come to the church. Mary Lou said she remembered how the men would unhookthe horses and try to find a shade for them. I remember all those good times too. Sunday, I was so glad to see Jimmie Don and Ronnie Lemons/ I had not seen them in several years.Jimmie Don started remembering the good times we teen-agers had at the Blue Hole--up the Blue Ball road. He said he remembered how I almost drowned Wayne (the oldest brother). I said it was because I could not swim and I kept pulling Wayne under when I would grab him.Jimmie Don said sometimes he'd ride his horse in the land up abovethe Blue Hole and the tall rock where most ofthe guys jumped from--He said he would ride his horse very fast onto the rock and the horse with him on its back, would jump into the Blue Hole.Ted played the piano for us. He played several songs for us and it was just great!! I enjoyed all the singng but I really loved hearing Charlotte Rhoades and her daughter, Brooke, sing a couple of specials. Charlotte sang one song that was my favorite--"I wish I had been there."Gee, it was just fabulous!!

Don't worry about tomorrow--God's already been there.


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