Monday, August 13, 2007

Hand in Hand With Jesus

Gravelly news by Glenna Goodson

Three Arkansas surgeons were playing golf together and discussing surgeries they had performed.One said,"I'm the best surgeon in Ar. In my favorite case a concert pianist lost seven fingers in an accident. I reattached them, and 8 months later he performed a private concert for the Queen of England. The second surgeon said,"That's nothing.A young man lost an arm and both legs in an accident. I reattached them and 2 years later he won a gold medal in track and field events in the Olympics. he third surgeon siad, "You guys are amateurs." Several years ago a woman was high on cocaine and she rode her horse head-on into a train traveling 80 miles an hour. All I had left to work with was the woman's head of blonde hair and the horse's rear end.I was able to put them together and now she is running for President.

Now a Postmaster/postmistress must scan all paper money with the exception of one dollar bills,to see if they are counterfeit bills. Can you believe that? I told Gale Damon, our postmistress at Gravelly, imagine thinking there woujld be any counterfeit bills in Gravelly, Ar. She said "Well, i got one." Of course the guy that had the bill did not know where he got it. One postmaster skanned one and the fellow siad he got it at his bank!!! Can't you just imagine how long this process will take in large cities?

Scott Theatre has opened up again in Waldron. It has been closed for many years and Iam glad it is open again.I understand that the first night they were open, they had to turn people away because they ran out of room.The night before Fred and I married we went to the Scott Theatre and saw the movie Godzilla!!That was 54 years ago!!!

John Meredith loaned me a copy of a history of Scott County written by Wanda Gray. It is so interesting to read about the early days of Scott County. One lady mentioned was named Rebecca Ann Highfill. Rebecca was married to Alvin Self. I called my Highfill cousins and they were gong to e-mail their cousin Will Highfill that has done an extensive genelogy on the Highfills. Before he retired, Will was a librarian at Auburn University..Rebecca Ann and her husband lived in Blue Ball(Dutch Creek)and Uncle Loy Highfill and others in his famly lived there at one time.Will does not think the Roy Highfill of Plainview is their family of Highfills. None of Uncle Loy's family of Highfill's came from Missouri and I think some ofRoy's family did.

In talking about their family's brief time in Dutch Creek, Bill Highfill said ofthe 6 children in his Mom's and Dad's family, all of them were born in Gravelly except Mary Lee,who was born in Dutch Creek. They had moved back to Gravelly and one day Uncle Loy told Billy to go to Austin Payne's and play with Charles Ray all day.When Billy got back home, there was a new baby girl, named Sue Ann. Billy tells his Dad that he's never gong to go play with Charles Ray again cause they had enough kids.!!

My cousin Leah Highfill of N. Little Rock is doing better now. They have home health that assists them. Bob, Leah's husband, wants to express his gratitude to Dr. Joe Lee Buford who is Leah's M..D. Bob is thankful for Joe Lee's care of Leah and for being a friend to them.

Last Thursday, Charles and Rita Daniel of Hot Springs Village, Loucinda Buford and myself first met at Bill Workman's at Gravelly for a hamburger.Then we wentto the Pet Registry where Gary and Sheila Garner and some fo the employees ofthe registry assisted us in the completion of envelopes and letters, informing former students of FV.. ofthe upocoming reunion October 13th. Sherry Crossmo used a disc Loucinda had prepared to address all the envelopes. his was a long process forthis young lady and we really appreciate her. ary used a machine to type and run off our letters--this also took a lot of time and we can never thank Gary enough.Sheila was right there to help when needed and she told Rita, Loucinda and me of hers and Gary's trip to China last month. Holly Jones took the letters and used a machine to fold them. We want to thank Holly also. All of these mentioned saved our F.V. committee hours of time. We brought the folded letters andthe envelopes back to my house andstuffedthe envelopes and stamped them. Now they are ready to mail.

I stopped at FV Friday to see my sister, Kathy, and got to see Sharon Lambert's baby grandson, Cheyenne's baby.His name is Karston Elias Lott.I told Sharon when he begins school he will not have to worry about a lor of boys having his name. I really like that name.

Friday I was gladto see John Young at Fowlers.I always enjoy talking with John because we share a lot of the same ideas about education. Since his retirement, he is enjoying his work in real estate. I know John is a good realtor. He was on his way to Gravelly to show some property to people from Florida.

Sunday at the Wing Community Church we were so honored to have Joe and Janet Harrison visit us. Janice James was so glad to have somene help her sing, that we sang several songs andthey sounded so good!!Janice sang a special, "Hand in Hand With Jesus".She said this was the favorite song of Charley Jones of Gravelly.Janice is like me in that both of us loved to hear Charley sing. I thought i would never hear another bass voice like Charley's and then I was blessed to be in the Rover Baptist Church with William Price. William blesses my heart with his outstanding bass voice, just as Charley did when I was young.

My dear friend, Melba McCormick Reed, will celebrate her birthday the 18th, at the home of her daughter, Karen of Waldron.Now Melba will be as old as I am. Happy birthday, Melba!!!

Another Burma Shave sign:::______Don't lose your head----to gain a minute----you need your head---your brains are in it.


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