Monday, February 18, 2008

Boston Celtics of years past

Gravelly News by Glenna Goodson

A Sunday School teacher was telling her 5 year old boys and girls the story of Lot and his family as they fled from Sodom. She explained how God told them to leave and then she said, "Lot's wife looked back and turned into a pillar of salt." Little Aaron says, "Last week when my Mom was driving our car, she looked back and turned into a telephone pole!"

I had a great day Saturday. Dr. Sandberg brought such a good message at the Adventist Church. Then Kelly Virbel and I went to her apartment there in Ola and spent some time with her mother, Dianna. I got to see the beautiful little black poodle that Dianna takes to the Ola Nursing Home for the people there to enjoy. Ebby loves those older people and loves on them and gives them joy.Then Kelly and I went to Russellville. We ate at Ruby Tuesday's andhad a delightful lunch. We then went to Hastings--my very favorite place. Kelly and Iboth love their books. We spent over 2 hours looking at the books and sitting down in their little cafe part, and looking and sharing the books we chose. We then attended the Ar. Tech basketball game. Since I love basketball, I really enjoyed watvhing them play. Ar. Tech won the game by 8 points. By then, it was raining cats and dogs,so Kelly brought me back to Ola where my car was, and I came home.

It seemd I saw half of FV at the Ar Tech basketball game. They had come to see Henri play, the exchange student that lives with the Beggs' andis now attending Tech.If I had known she polayed, Kelly and I would have come earlier. I saw Evba Lynn Beggs, and her children. Then someone said"hello" and it was Einella Lewis, Eva Lynn's sister that teaches 5th grade at FV,. The other two sisters were there also with their husbands. I met Melody for the first time--she's the sister that gave Einella a kidney l.ast year. And there was sweet Susan Jones and her boys, also Chuck McCool and several young people from FV

Scott Howell ,of FV will have back surgery in a L.R. hospital this coming Thursday. He is in a lot of pain and has trouble walking. Ipray this will takecaare of his problem.

Last week was the week of funerals. On Wednesday was the funeral for Laural Caviness at the Danville funeral honme with the burial at Parks cemetery. Laural and her husband, Jim Caviness, lived in Gravelly for many years. Jim died, I believe it was '82. Laurel had been living with her daughter for a couple of years at Jonesboro. Then Thursday, was the day for the funeral of Sadie Fowler--a dear Saint of God. It was held in First Baptist of Danville. I had forgotten that Sadie was Perry James' daughter. Gene James, is Sadie's brother and is the last ofthe 7 children still living. My husband Fred told me that his Aunt Irene Goodson Wagner and Sadie were great friends when they were young people. It was really an inspirational service A nephew sang and it was beautiful. Trena Fowler, a granddaughter, did a wonderful job sharing an eulogy for her grandmother.

Isaw Larry Wilson and his wife Kay, at Sadie's funeral. Larrry is on a different medication and he is doing much better. Larry and I are prayer partners. We promised each other some time ago, that we would, daily, pray for one another.

I have loved the basketball games at FV this past week. --the District Games. Our Senior girls lost to Plainview and then Sacred Heart.Our Senior boys won against Oden and then against Sacred Heart. We won Tuesday night against Oden by a score of 69 to 60. Friday night we won against Sacred Heart with a score of 67 to 65. Since this decided the Doistrict Champions, I was so thrilled that our Sr. Boys won the District championship.In the awards handed out Friday night forall District, our Sr. boys that were honored as all District were Clay Beggs, Sean Howell, Trent Jones, and Colton Treadwell. And thecoach ofthe year for Senior Bpys was our coach, Jeremy Rainey. That game Friday night was so exciting. Gee I thought I was watching the Boston Celtics of years past and Clay Beggs was Larry Bird and Trent Jones was Kevin McChael. Trent was chosen to play in the All Star Game. Misty Lambert was chosen from FV Senior girls as All District.

Brittany Powell will come in from Iraq on a 4 day leave March 8th.I am so glad Brittany will get to see her little daughter, Gracie, for even those few days.

I wonder how Shirley Lawrence of Gravelly, enjoyed the new name of Walker I gave her last week in my column. Sorry Shirley--how I could mix up Lawrence and Walker is beyond me.

Chuck McCool's Mom and I threatened to put a hex on Bruce Lee's music machines that he uses to play the loud, loud, music at the basketball games! Iasked Bruce to out on something "soothing" and he asked if I wanted the players to go to sleep. Guess we will just have to bring ear plugs. " I learned that Bruce is battling with a kidney stone--his 37th one--Wow, how awful !! Lacey took him to the emergency room one night last week. I pray that this kidney stone is no more, by now.

Hope to see you this week, starting Wednesday night, at FV for the Regional games.

Okay, time for my report on my One Step Weight Loss program. Thisweek I lost two pounds so 7pounds in 2 weeks.

Remember, once you get over the hill, you'll begin to pick up speed.


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