Friday, December 08, 2006

Pray that something can be done.

Gravelly news by Glenna Goodson

To understand this joke,you must know that the 10th commandment is "Thou Shalt Not Covet."To enlarge on the commandment, God told Moses,"Thou Shalt Not COVET Thy Neighbot's Wife." A Sunday School class of first graders had been studying the 10 commandments. The Sunday School teacher asked the class did anyone know the 10th commandment. Little Amy raised her hand,stood up andsaid,"Thou Shalt Not COVER up thy neighbor's wife."

Kathy came and got me after their Mulberry FWBC services Sunday.They were having a dinner at the church andKathy invited me to eat with them.The dinner was very good and I enjoyed visiting with Gary and Sheila Garner, Beatrice Garner Yeats, Bambi Jones, Mary and Boots Rhoades, Ray and Charlotte Rhoades andthe pastor and his wife. They always make me feel at home.

I saw Roy Austin in the Nola strore this week.Roy can always tell good strories and he told me one that I must share with you. Many years ago, Alec and John Ingle in Little Texas found a bear cub andsince it had no mother and was so cute and little, John took it home with them. Of course the cub grew and pretty soon it was a big bear. John would put it outside every morning as he and Alec went to work.They really hoped it would run away but it never did.One day ,theycame home andthe bear had torn the front door off its hinges and got into the house.The former cute cub had torn into the flour and into the syrup and flour and syrup was everywhere and the whole house was a wreck!! John had a game warden come and get the bear!!

I talked to my cousin Billy Highfill this week. He had gone by to see Brehman Herrin of Tulsa.Seems just like yesterday Brehman's Dad, Vess Herrin, had one ofthe mercantile stores at Gravelly--where Rosetta Hunnicutt's flea market is now. Brehman and my cousin ,Dalton Highfill, were always looking for themselves a girl friend at the Gravelly movie.But when Brehman met Marie Parish, he lost his heart. Marie and her twin, Maggie, both got married when we were seniors.
Marie and Brehman married at semester, and Maggie and John Henry Cathey got married our graduation night.Billy says Brehman keeps up with our valley by reading the Yell CountyRecord. Billy said Brehman said he especially enjoyed my jokes.

Fred received bad news concerning his MRI . The test showed his lack of vision is caused by the results of a stroke.The neurologist does not have much hope that his sight will get better but Fred has an appointment with a stroke" doctor, next Monday.Pray that something can be done.

I talked to Ezell Jones while at the Gravelly post office last week.Ezell says"Today is myt birthday"and ofcourse we want to know how old he is and Iwas surprised that he was 82 that day.Ezell gets around really well, carries on a goodconversation, andhasa goodsense of humor. When I was a teenager, I would go to the Jones" to see Callie Mae, Ezell's sister. There I had only one brother and Callie Mae had a house full!!Ezell was always a lot of fun!!

When the new gym at FV was built, the pavement that had the names of our seniors, were dug up. A lot of us were really sad about this but decided they were gone forever.Well, Wayne Rhoades and Dr. O'Reilly found them in a dumpster container at the school. The reunion committee and others, are going to try to come up withsome plan to preserve our names and have them placed where they can be seen by everyone.

A young man ,that will remain nameless, pointed out to me that there were a lot of mistakes in the Yell County Record--especially in grammar and spelling. I pointed out that all newspapers have mistakes--if you go looking for them.I know I have spelled names incorrectly and even that should not have been because Ishould have checked the spelling.You know, just because I live in the country and I guess you could call me a country writer, doesn't mean I should be ignorant when it comes to writing correctly. We should know our weakness and work on that area. Miss Jessie Buford had a hard time at FV teaching me the difference in the way you use the words GOOD and WELL, but I got it!!Something tastes GOOD but a person is dong WELL after surgery. "He is doing WELL." See, I got it!!But when you hear the President of the United States in a speech to the nation, say,"I have talked to the DEAD families," makes me realize we all make mistakes. But that was a big mistake by the leader of our nation. He needed Miss Jessie for an English teacher!!

I heard Paul Harvey 's radio broadcast one day this week. He told of a man that has a car with one million miles on it. It's still running WELL. Gee, I have hope for my Camry because Iam getting close to 200,000 miles.


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