Sunday, April 01, 2007

S. Baptists that jump around are really in the minority

Gravelly news by Glenna Goodson

A church treasurer was working on his church's financial statement for the month. He found a statement from a paint store in town. The man that signed for the paint was Mr. Christian. The treasurer knew his church had not purchased any paint, so he called the paint store to complain. In talking to the manager, the church treasurer said,"We don't have any Christians at the 1st. Baptist Church."

I attended the Diabetes program in Danville last Tuesday. The U of A Cooperative Extension Service presented the program. I learned a lot of new things about healthy foods for diabetics. We registered when we entered and a lady came in and told me she had wanted to meet me for a long time.She said"I really enjoy your column in the Record and I can hardly wait for the paper so I can turn to Gravelly news and find your joke."She lives in Ola and made me feel glad.

My sister, Kathy, is fixing a room for her to be great grandson. I remember how fun that was. My little Jake being my first--how Robyn and I shopped for the right bed for him--new carpet--paint for the walls. It is so fun for Kathy and Lacey. When you have your first grandchild you think there can not be anything more wonderful and then along comes that first great-grandchild and that is even more wonderful!! I think of Fred's Granny Goodson. She probably had at least 25 great grandchildren by the time she died but our older son, Ellis, was so special to her.. She'd take him for nature walks and they'd play with bugs. Ellis will never forget his Granny.

A fiiend e-mailed me after reading my column last week andsaid her husband always said"choppin' cotton," not hoeing cotton. Well, I'd hear my Dadsay that sometimes but it was mostly hoeing cotton. I'd much rather hoe cotton then pick it. Fred says that is the reason 3 of the 7 children in his family had to have back surgery when they became adults--picking all that cotton and pulling that cotton sack all day long.

Gee now that Iam eating correctly and taking my 7 shots per day, my blood sugar is always normal. And the Byetta that acts as insulin that I inject twice per day, takes away my appetite and so Iam losing weight--Hurrah!!!

Tom Sullivan sent Loucinda and me tickets for the annual Kiwanis pancake breakfast in Russellville,which was held last Friday. The pancakes and sausage were great. What was reallyfun was visiting with Tom and Maggie Sullivan,Harold and Louise Gillum, Anna Jewel Fryar and Jewel Webb. On the way to Russellville a lady driving a truck was in front of us with her left turn signal on. She never turned left, but she DID turn right with the left signal still flashing. Loucinda says,"I bet that left signal was on when that lady bought that truck."

Loucinda went to visit her friend ,Diane, in Harrison this past weekend. Loucinda will get to hear the S.Baptist preacher she enjoyed the last time she visited Diane. Remember she enjoyed his sermon cause he didn't "jump" around. I keep telling Loucinda that S. Baptists that jump around are really in the minority--I "are" one so I say that with authority.

A beautiful singing voice and smile is gone from our Rover Baptist Church. Patsy Jean is singing around God's throne now--no more pain--just joy. How I will miss that wonderful lady!!

Saturday night at Rover Baptist Church, after the poor man's supper, we had a singin good time.The Rovers for Jesus sang several numbers. Also singing were Brenda Turner, Bethany Light, Chris Light and Cindy Warren. I also read one of my stories entitled "Snakes and Other Things. I toldthe audience that when I get to Heaven I am looking forward to hearing Johnny Cash and William Price sing bass together. William was just sitting there shaking his head but I was not kidding !!

The Rovers for Jesus were singing in a couple of prisons this Sunday so I playedthe piano at Rover Baptist for Janette.I was playing when people were greeting each other and a lady that was visiting our church came and sat down by me and said she wanted to meet me. She says, "Your article is the only reason I buy the Record." Gee, I was flattered.Mrs. Vodrazka lives in Dardanelle. We were so blessed to have Bro. Elvin and Nancy McDill to visit our services and they sang for us. I sure miss hearing them sing--their song was truly a blessing.

I sometimes wonder if we show our appreciation as we should, for our family and friends. My brother-in-law Lacey Minnie, really is a Godsend in the way he is always doing things for me. 3 weeks ago my hot water stoped working. Lacey got the part and fixed the heater. He and Kathy wereon the look out for me a push mower. They found one at Lowes. Lacey took me to Russellville Saturday in his truck and I purchased an electric push mower--no cord--you just keep it charged. So I really appreciate Lacey doing so much for me.

Jonnie Gillum Willis is in the Mena nursing home. I was told that Jonnie felt like going to church last Sunday. I am so glad because Jonnie loves God's house.

I understand that Roy Fickle is now in the Waldron nursing home. Robbie, his wife, has told friends that Roy is dong well and that he has a room mate he enjoys.

Last week I went to Bluffton to see my friend, Betty Lampkin. I had not seen her since Icame back from OKC I. had visited with her several minutes before Betty told me she had had a stoke two weeks previously and had been in the hospital for a week. I was so sad to hear about that. Hoyt is taking goodcare of her and her niece comes to see about her frequently.I talked to her today, Sunday, andshe said she was feeling better. Pray for her.

Think on this:----An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind."


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