Monday, February 05, 2007

I am getting goats

Gravelly news by Glenna Goodson

A woman walks into a curio shop in San Francisco. Looking around, she notices a very life like bronze statue of a rat. It has no price tag, but it is so striking she decides she must have it. She takes it to the owner. "How much for the rat?" "Twelve dollars for the rat,one hundred dollars for the story."The woman gives the shop owner twelve dollars. "I'll just take the rat,you can keep the story.": As she walks down the street carryhing her rat, she notices a few real rats have crawled out of sewers and alleys, and have begun to follow her down the street. This is a bit disconcerting so she walks a little faster. Witning a couple of blocks the group of rats behind her has grown to a hundred andthey begin squealing . She starts to trot toward the bay. She takes a nervous look behind her and sees the rats are now in the thousands--maybe millions and they are all squealing and running toward her. Terrified,she runs to the edge of the bay, and throws the bronze rat in the water as far as she can.Amazingly, the millions of rats jump into the water after the statue and they all drown. The woman walks back to the curio shop. " Ah ha, says the owner. :"I'll bet you have come back to hear the story!""no," says the woman,"I came back to see if you had a bronze DEMOCRAT."

My friend, Melba Reed, came home from the hospital, Friday. She is doing well and I am so thankful. I want to compliment Eva and Linda Beggs for their Aly news last week. They did a good job.i know Melba appreciates them writing the news for her.

My grandson's wife, Heather, that is an interpreter for the deaf in Mulvane, Kansas was required by the school's dept. of educ. to go to Kansas City and take a test for interpreters. The perfect score was 5 and Heather scored 4.7. Becauee of her high score, she gets a bonus and a raise from her school. Yea.Heather!!

I was talking to Mamie Glover this past week by phone. I asked her about Robbie and Roy Fickle and she said Roy was not doing well. I also asked about Robbie';s daughter, Katie. Katie's son is in Iraq and it is such a place of death and it is hard to see anything good in this conflict. Mamie said Katie's son had to witness 3 of his good friends killed that were riding just behind him.How I pray those boys can come home soon.

I called Diane Hunnicutt last week cause I had not talked to Diane in a long time. She says Jay is still pastor of the Union Hill church.I was talkiing aboutr my CPAP machine and she saays Jay has one also but he finds he cannot fall asleep and use it so instead he uses his oxygen machine. She says Paul Wiggins told Jay he'd fight for his CPAP machine and I said I would too and I was thinking of volunteering to be their "poster girl."

Dr. and Mrs. Ruff's daughter, Aaron is a student at Ohio State UniversityShe will graduate soon with her nursing degree and also her Master's degree. She is in an accelerated program at the University.. I know Aaron will be a wonderful R.N.,or whatever career in the medical field she chooses, but I pray she will use her wonderful musical talent to bless people as she always blesses me when I hear her play the piano.I think of musical dramas she could participate in,maybe music as a second career,playing in churches, for nursing homes, there are so many ways she can be a blessing.

What a beautiful snow we had in Gravelly last Thursday. The big, white flakes were just extraordinary!!I went to get my mail and then stopoped at Bill Workman's and his daughter served me some delicious chili. John Meredith came in and visited.He, his wife, and son, David, have been to Ca. and back to take care of business. David is here to stay in Gravelly now. I hope he meets people his age, soon, and he will not be lonely.

Rex Castleberry, Dennus' son, has bought the restaurant in Danville that was formerly Audrey's.Amy June will add her expertise and help him in the restaurant. I hope for him the best and I know he will hire very good cooks and the meals will be great. Another Fowler's-maybe? Rex hopes to open the restaurant by the end of February.

Cindy Clements donated her six beautiful horses to the Sheriff's Youth Ranches,Inc, in Batesville, Ar.These youth ranches have cottages where young people live that have been abused, neglected and other reasons. These children will ride Cindy's horses and care for them. This is a wonderful, Christian thing that Cindy has done--to think of the children instead of how much money she would have received if she had sold them.I said to her,"now, I can have a garden and Cinbdy saays, "No, I am getting goats, now!"She's just teasing--I hope!!

Louise Person has been in the hospital again in Alabama where she is staying with her daughter Annette.She had a breathing problem and an infection. Louise has had several chemo and radiation treatments after her cancer surgery. She is still due to have 10 more radiation treatments. I sure miss Louise's presence at the church in Wing and I know she misses us too.

I appreciated so much Sarah Light calling Wednesday to tell me we would not have church that night because of the weather. Also I appreciated Vivian Noon calling me to check on me because I was not in Rover church last Sunday. I had vertigo and could not drive. I feel sad for anyone that does not have a church home and therefore cannot experience the love and closeness a church family brings to you. Vivian just made my day letting me know I was missed.

Ted Buford of Briggsville fell and broke his hip the week of the 1st.He's in the Danville hospital as of now, and will be transferred to Russellville later this week for hip surgery.

Bill Workman's of Gravelly now has the coke machine outside his store. Also he has a new cooler inside with milk, orange juice,water, V-8. Since Bill also has milk and eggs and bread, we sure won't starve. I just have a few steps to go for my necessities now!!

This coming Tuesday, the 6th, I will go back to OKC to stay with Fred and Russell for awhile. I plan on taking information with me for my column in the Record and rely on friends here to send me information. I do not want to miss writing my column.

Remember--Don't let anyone walk through your mind with dirty feet!!


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