Sunday, January 27, 2008

But now their eyes are open

Gravelly News by Glenna Goodson

Bill Clinton was jogging one m orning andsaw a little boy by the side of the road with 3 little pouppies in a box. Bill goes over to look at the puppies and talk to the little boy. The boy said, "Mr. Clinton, these are Democrat puppies." Bill jogs away chuckling at the little boy's statement. Two days later he and Hillary go jogging together.Bill sees the same little boy with the puppies and tells Hillary he wants her to see the puppies and listen to the little boy. They jog over and Bill says,"I see you still have your puppies." The little boy replies, "Yes sir, these are Republican puppies" Bill says, "Wait a minute, you told me two daysago that they were Democrat puppies"--The little boy says, ":Yes,but now their eyes are open

John Meredith at Gravelly has purchased 5 of my books from the inter-net. My friend, Kelly, has purchased one. John has sent some of the books to Ca. to his friends. Kelly has loaned hers to family in Ola,so I am proud that at least some have purchased the book. Remember just type in LuLu Publishing co and type in glenna goodson. It would be fun if more of my readers would purchase the book..

I went to visit Velma and Buel Thompson last Tuesday. I really enjoyed the visit. Velma and I talked about the joy of our teaching careers. Velma was sucha good teacher and really loved the children. I believe Velma taught at FV for 17 years. Buel was in the 5th grade class I taught the year I taught at FV and we had fun remembering the good times

I saw Boots Rhoades at Gravelly last week. That man must have fallen into a fountain of youth. He doesn't look any older then he did 20 years ago.

John Young introduced me to his brother, last week at Plainview Fowler's. I told the brother the last person John had introduced me too that we had quite a political conversation, so I'd better find out what political party he supported. He tells me he's not quite sure which party he favors but he certainly knows what he is NOT/ Another young man joined in and we had quite a discussion, which was very energeticat times. A young lady was sitting at the back and was listening and smiling through it all. She got up to leave and as she went by us, she says "It's been very enlightening."

We have a miracle among us in the person of Sadie Fowler. Two weeks ago when Sadie wasbrought from the heart hospital to the Danville hospital the Doctorsays, "We'll just keepo her comfortable because her time is short." Well Sadie is HOME and is doing well.Trina, her granddaughter, told me they had a little party for Sadie on her 89th birthday, on the 19th. Two daughters are taking turns staying with her.

I found out the 21st that Achel Fulmer was near death. I called Wayne Rhoades Tuesday night to see about Achel andWayne said "he has not had his graduation yet but it is close." The graduation came Wednesday mornng the 23rd. Achel wasa kind, sweet, Godly man, As part of his legacy, he leaves the wonderful historical post cards he did of our valley. You can find them at Emerson's at Rover and at Bill Workman's at Gravelly.

My little friend, Kelly, has asked me to go to a Russellville Tech basketball game with her--sounds fun.

I'm looking forward to going to L.R. soon to a Women of Faith meeting with some of the Rover BaptistChurch ladies. I have gone one time and it was really a blessing--and fun too.

TheseFV ballgames are really exciting.. This past Thursday night FV played against Oden. Our Jr. girlsgot beaten soundly. Our Jr.boys won 47 to 35. Our Sr. girls were also smashed but the Sr. boy's game was fantastic. I was so enthralled, Kathy Lott said I was sweating with excitement. I have not seen our boys play such fast, tough ball all year. Gee, I thought I was transported back in time to 1950-51 and was watching Charles Daniel, Dennus Castleberry, Robert Buford, Billy Highfill and Bob Oglesbee playing ball again.The final score was FV 75 and Oden 68

I talked to Laurie Gagne at the last two ball games at FV. Laurie hasa 4.0 point average this semester at Ar. Tech. Altogether she has a 3.8 grade point average. I am really proud of Laurie. She has two more semesters and then Student Teaching.

My granddaughter, Robyn, will be finished with her college class from Francis Tuttle in OKC, in Feb.--she will be a doctor's assistant.She has applied at some doctor's offices andgot a call from a Dr. in Edmond, Ok. asking her to work for her. The Dr. told her she could work until Robyn enters the Univ. of Central Ok in Edmond, to prepare to be a registered nurse. The Dr. was willing to wait the 4 weeks until Robyn graduates andis able to start working. God is so good !!

Monday night, the 21st, Iattended the Women of Faith meeting at Wing (NOT the ones that travel all over the U.S and will be at LR) Thisgroup meets at the Promise Land at Wing every third Monday night of the monthBecky Patton wasour speaker and she shared with us the 1 step weight loss program that is Biblically based. Iamvery excited about this program and want to take part in their meetings that they conduct in Danville 1st Baptist Church once weekly. Becky has lost over 60 pounds by following the program and she said the Bible study has blessed her life. Then it was time for the fun part of our meeting We had a fashion show. We had3 ladies that really were beautifully dressed--but oh my, you should have seen the last two--the models with teeth missing and "strange" dresses., shoes and hats, were a riot !! Susan Jones was so sweet and drove me home and Bambi Jones followed us and took Susan home from my house. That was so kind of Susan because she was concerned about me driving at night. To be a Christian is to be Christ like and it is wonderful to have Christians like Susan in my life.

Remember if God takes you TO it, He will take yu THROUGH it.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

A lady was holding the refrigerator door open

Gravelly news by Glenna Goodson

A cowboy from Texas getrs pulled over by an AZDPS Trooper for speeding. The trooper started to lecture the cowboy about his speeding and in general began to throw his weight around to try to make the cowboy feel uncomfortable. Finally the trooper got around to writing out the ticket. As he was doing that he kept swatting at some flies that were buzzing around his head. The cowboy says, "Y'all having some trouble with them circle flies?" The trooper stopped writing the ticket andsaid," Well,yeah, if that's what they're called. I never heard of circle flies." "Well, sir, the cowboy replies, "circle flies hang around ranches. They're called circle flies because they're almost always found circling around the back end of a horse." The trooper said, "oh" and goes on writing the ticket. But a moment later he stops and asks,"Are you calling me a horse's rear end?" "No sir, I have too much respect for law enforcement to call y'all a horse's rear end." "That's a good thing," the trooper says and goes back writing the ticket. After a long pause, the cowboy in his best Texas drawl says, "Hard to fool them flies though !!"

I was in the FV library last week looking at some of the early FVannuals. Bruce Lee, Agri teacher, came in and asked "Ms. Glenna are you looking for a picture of the horse that you rode to FV when you were in high school?" Well Bruce Lee, I don't remember that any of us rode horses to FV when I attended FV but when I attended Nola and Gravelly elementary schools, some of the Dads brought their kids to school on a horse.At least we did not ride a bull, as Bruce Leee does. !But yu would not have caught me riding a horse anyway--I was always afraid of horses. Ray Parks was our landlord the 7 years we lived in Scott County. Ray gave my brother a horse to ride. I remember to this day how pretty that horse was. Of course every thing that Bob did I wanted to do,so I wanted to ride that horse. Daddy saddled him for me. I got in that saddle and that horse started trotting pretty fast. I tried to get him to slow down so he politely bucked me off !! I never asked to ride him any more. And one time, after we moved into the bungalow in Yell County, several of us kids were going swimming in the Blue Hole. Gene James told me to get behind his saddle on his horse andhang on. Well, I fell off and the horse stepped on my foot !!See why I don't like horses !!

Speaking of Bruce Lee--at the ball game last Tuesday night, hesaid "The cheerleaders say you are supposed to come out on the court at half-time and lead a cheer!"Now THAT would have been a sight to behold !Bruce said he was gong to write a letter to the Record about the sins and dancing we have in Gravelly. I told him he could write about our sins, but we don't have any dancing !

One ofthe highlights of my OKC visit was a visit from my former pastor and wife--Terry and Lorie Webster, who now live in Bixby. Whilewe were visiting in a restaurant, Terry says, "You know why I know tooth paste was invented in Ar ?" Cause if it had been invented in any other state, it would havebeen TEETH paste." I forgive hm hisAr. jokescause he is a great guy.

I went with a group last week for training on the voting machines 'cause Iam going to work at the polls here at Gravelly. I was glad to see Amy Pierce and visit with her. At break time we were told we could go get a coke and cookies. I was wanting a coke and when I saw Amy had one, I asked her did you need to pay for them. She said "Yes" to have a dollar ready and to put it on top of the refrigerator I just had some change and really had to dig in my purse to come up with a dollar. I went to the kitchen and saw a lady was holding the refrigerator door open for us to get a coke. I asked her where to put my money andshe looked at me strangely andsaid"You don't pay." I went to findAmy and she was really laughing cause she had fooled me. I told her I was going to cut her legs off. !! Ialso saw Meechie Mabry and wife--Meechie is looking well now.

Margaret Lowe Bogle has co-authored a wonderful cook book. It is not only just recipes but Margaret sought to help the busy mother with nourishing meals that can be prepared in a short length of time. Dallas News had an article about the cook book. I am proud for Margaret.

I am so proud of my little friend Kelly Virbel. She has been accepted for an interview at the prestigous Loma Linda University medical school in Ca. Your pre-med test scores have to be really high before you are accepted for an interview. Kelly will go the 2nd week in Feb. for her interview. This week she went for an interview at the U ofA medical school. It won't be long uintil Kelly will enter medical school . Kelly's Dad and Dr. Sandberg and Dr. Ruff all were graduates of Loma Linda.

The basketball games Tuesday night against Scranton were both sad andhappy. Our Jr. boys and Sr. girls were beaten soundly but our kids playedhard. Oursenior boys won and it was an exciting game. The F.V cheerleaders are just great. Some of theset ups they do are really neat. Our coach's' wife brought their little girl up close so she could watch the cheerleaders.. That child was just enthralled as she watched them. I loved watching her face cause she sure gave them her full attention. I just thought, "beautiful girl, I bet you are a cheerleader some day."

Realize that every day is a gift. Use it wisely.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Cloverfield Monster Concept

This may well be the approved concept art for the Cloverfield monster

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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Riding a bus

Gravelly news by Glenna Goodson

A mother looked out a window and saw her son Norman, playing church with their 3 kittens. He had them lined up and was preaching to them. The mother smiled and went back to work. A while later she heard meowing and scratching on the door. She went to the window and saw Norman baptizing the kittens. She opened the window andsaid ":Norman, stop that !You'll drown those kittens." Norman looked at her and said with much conviction in his voice ! They should have thought of that before they joined my church."!

The last Sunday night I spent in OKC acouple of weeks ago, the doorbell rang anda handsome guy asked me could he go into my back yard to see if his friend's dog was there. When I said,"Of course," he asked "Did you teach at Coolidge"? When I answered "Yes" he said, "You were my 4th grade teacher." he was excited to see me and said "You were my very favorite teacher." He asked could he have a hug. He sure made my day. You know a teacher affects a life forever and I am so thankful I had those wonderful 30 years in the class room. Thanks to Miss Jessie Buford at F.V. that inspired me to teach.

Marie Parish Herrin of Tulsa called me in OKC. She told me Maggie and Thomas Sullivan were coming to see them and I could come to Tulsa and ride back to Gravelly with Maggie and Thomas. I decided it would be too much trouble for everyone so I just rode the bus from OKC, I appreciated Maggie and Thomas offering me a ride.

I thought I'd seen it all but sitting in the OKC bus station, I saw a young man come into the station and his face was solid tattoes ! I wondered "did that hurt?"--he was carrying a skate board that said "freak." --that says it all.!

Riding a bus for 6 hours can be very interesting. A man sitting across from me was talking non-stop. I thought he was talking on his cell phone but he was just talking to himself. He obviously was mad at the world. He was griping about the bus driver and the crowd on the bus and doing a lot of cussing to emphasize his point. One time we stopped and the busdriver said we had ten minutes if we wanted to get off the bus. A lot of people were getting off and as they went by the talking guy he would say "Wash your hands, we don't want to get sick." I was so glad when the guy got off the bus at Fort Smith.

Kathy and Laacey were at Russellville to meet me at the bus station the 31st. It was good to be back in my little house in Gravelly.--and guess what ? My favorite tv show, "Law and Order " was having a marathon and I watched two or three hours of the show before I thought about unpacking !

I was reallyglad to see Bill and Yvonne Workman at their Gravelly store the 1st and John Meredith was there. He says "Bill Icouldn't findany canned soup in your groceries."Bill came and looked and handed John 2 cans of soup. Johnsays, "Bill will you open the soup and cook it for me to take home?" I almost fainted and I said, "John that is the height of laziness that you can't take those cans of soup home and cook the soup." But John saidhis wife was sick and he'd surprise her with some hot soup .Maybe that was an excuse but it sounds good anyway.

When I got back to Gravelly I had a Christmas Card and a letter from thne former Doris Jones, daughter of Phineas and Emma Jones. Doris had a hard time in 2007. She had more then one heart surgery. I pray that this will be a better year for her.

I attended the 90th birthday party for O.L. Briggs at F.V. last Sunday. It was fun. His grandson said he believed there were about 90 that attended. I was glad to see Margaret and Billy Jack Bogle. Billy Jack had just recently purchased a new computer, so we shared e-mail addresses.

Joe Cal Cooper and Billy Jack Bogle went last week to Glenwood to visit Tom Bogle , Billy Jack'scousin. Billy Jack said they had a good time talking about their FV days. '

The 11th I was at Fowler's at Plainview. The Fowler girls told me Sadie Fowler hadbeen in the heart hospital at L.R, but that day an ambulance was bringing Sadie to Chambers Hospital at Danville. They were going to keep her comfortable because the Doctors say Sadie does not have much time left on this earth. I met Barbara, one of the youngest girls. All 7 of the girls are there to be with their mother. Sadie was born January 19,1919, so she will soon be 89 years of age.

Remember : Do not worry about tomorrow cause God has already been there.