Monday, August 25, 2008

they're not biting, let's go

Gravelly News by Glenna Goodson

Two Rednecks were looking at a Sears catalogue; Their eyes got really big when they saw the women modeling the clothes. Number 1 redneck said "boy, look at these pretty women and they do not cost very much. I think I will order me one." Number 2 redneck pats his friend on the shoulder and says "go ahead and order one and if you get yours I will order one because they are pretty cheap. " Number 2 redneck sees his friend in a couple of weeks and says "did you get the woman you ordered"? Number 1 says "not yet, but she ought to be here in a few days--I got her clothes yesterday. "

Loucinda picked me up Thursday morning and we travelled to the Garner pet Registery, past the Mulberry Church, deep in the beautiful woods. Garry has retired and his daughter Susan and son in law Marcus Richmond own the registery now. Garry met us and we went into the Registery and Garry and one of the employees,addressed envelopes, typed and ran off the letters for our FV school reunion.We so much appreciate their help--we realize they are very busy people and it is very kind that they do these jobs for us. We were waiting for the envelopes to be done and Garry and

Sheila invited us to their home to visit while we waited. Garry and Sheila joined a crew of CBN, a few weeks ago for trips to Israel and China. It was so interesting to hear their stories of these two places, so much in the news today. When we got our material from there we travelled on to Waldron--after Loucinda stopped and got Mamie Glover. We met Dortha Putman, Peggy Brothers, Ted Copeland at a Pizza place and ate lunch. We then went to Fred Copeland's Housing Authority Club Room and folded ;letters. stuffed envelopes and stamped them. Lou Ann Copeland also helped us. We finishedat 5 PM and were very tired. But now the invitations to the October FV
reunion are ready to mail. Hurrah!!!

This will be the 50th anniversary of Roy Cost's graduation from FV, Since Roy has Vertigo and cannot drive, he probably will not be able to attend our reunion. Ted Copeland is gathering some of Roy's music together and will play selections of the music at the reunion.

My nephew, Cameron Swaim, moves into his college dorm this weekend at Jonesboro. I wish the best for Cameron.

My Copeland cousins, Ted, Dortha and Peggy came to see me Saturday. We had such a good visit remembering the "good ole days" when we were teen agers at Gravelly and at FV. Ted told about Ms. Lou Dishogn, their neighbor at Mulberry, and he and his Dad gong fishing one time. He said they had been at the pond about 5 minutes and his Dad said "they're not biting, let's go" and Ms. Lou had gotten into some ticks and she said "let's go home. ': Ted said that fishing trip ended very fast !!Of course Peggy is several years younger than Dortha and me and she remembers when she was about 5 years old a joke she played on Ms. Lou. You know you can take a rubber band and wrap it a certain way around a button and place it in an envelope and when you open the envelope, it will make a strange noise and then jump out at you. Peggy fixed one of those buttons and took the envelope to Ms. Lou and told her it was a letter from her brother who was in service and asked Ms. Lou did she want to read it. Of course when Ms. Lou opened the envelope the button hissed at her and then jumped out at her. She was so scared she almost fainted. Peggy said her mother spanked her for that little trick.

A lady called me with a story she wanted me to pass along in my column. Three high school girls from FV were trying to sell ads for the FV yearbook. They went to a business in Plainview and asked if they would like to place an ad. The manager of the business was very rude to the girls and said "I buy nothing unless it is from Plainview school. "The lady that called me said people of this Valley do a lot of business at this place and spend a lot of money every week in this establishment. She said if the manager lost the Valley's business this person's business would really suffer. So if you own a business, maybe you should be kind to whomever comes in !!

Ella McCool called me to invite me to Plainview Baptist Church's revival this coming week. I was complimenting her on her granddaughter Brittany and she told me this sad story concerning Brittany and her quarter horse she had had and trained since the horse was just a baby. Brittany was training her horse to be a barrell racing horse and she had the horse about ready to compete. A pack of dogs in Rover chased her horse into a fence where the horse got tangled up in the fence and fought the fence which just made her get more tangled. Finally the horse died. Of course Brittany is devastated. Bless her "real good "

A friend that graduated from FV is doing a lot of research as to what the State Board of Education 's Rules are governing the closing of isolated schools. There are a lot of interesting points that will be asked the Dept. of Education in the next few weeks. But one law really got my attention--it says--"The State Board of Education shall ONLY approve a local school board's motion to close an isolated school if the closing is in the BEST interest of the students in the school district as a whole." When the students have to catch a bus before daylight and ride that bus for over two hours to their school and when school is out they ride over 2 hours again and get home after dark. I just don't see that it is in the best interest of the students.

Remember---Life is 10% what you make it and 90% how you take it.


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