Sunday, January 14, 2007

The family in the house was having a feast!

Gravelly News by Glenna Goodson

A farmer was unloading hay into his barn when a guy in a fancy car drove up. The man got out of his car, introduced himself andsays,"I'm from the the U.S. Department of Agriculture. I need to ask you some questions about your farm."So the faarmer answered the questions and the fellow said," Now, I need to walk around your farm."The farmer said "O.K. but stay away from the N. pasture."THe guy pulled a card from his pocket and said"I am from the State Dept. of Agriculture, and I will go where I please." The farmer said"O.K." and went back to work. In a few minutes, the farmer heard the guy yelling and looked to see a big, angry bull chasing the man. He got over the fence just in time and told the farmer,"that bull almost got me!" The farmer said "Maybe you should have showed him your CARD."

I saw Chuck McCool Friday at Fowlers in Plainview, He shared the good news that his son,James, not only got a University scholarship from Ar. Tech, but he also got a Presidential scholarship. I congratulate James.

I learned from Melba Reed that my friend Meechie Mabry, is finally on the way to recovery, after his confrontation with a bull, several months ago.Meechie has had a long seige of pain and not being able to walk without help. Meechie I hope you are still reading my column and know I am thinking about you..

I went to see Betty Lampkin of Bluffton last week. I took her two books I had bought in OKC. One was written by our favprote mystery writer, Patterson. Betty is my dear friend that is always there when I need to talk.

The Bill Workman's of Gravelly are purchasing more goods for us to buy from their store. They also are very good cooks. Mrs. Workman can really make wonderful Nacho Supremes.Sunday after church at Rover, Philip and Peggy Robinson, Loiese and Harold Gillum and I came to the Workman's to eat fried chicken and all the trimmings!Gee, it was good!!Also Paul Wiggins came in to eat with a couple of friends.

Guess what?Iam writing a book. I have chosen as my title. "Who I Am." Do you like the title?

Kathy took such good care of my cat, Sister, that she has really gotten fat. She was glad to finally get back into the house.

I have journeyed to Dr. Sandberg's office twice this week. I have impetigo on my forehead and have medication for that. Then I came in frm Eastern Star Monday night, and found I had no heat. My propane tank was empty, so I slept cold and Tuesday my cold was back full force--infected sinuses, infected eyes, runny nose. So I get a shot and more medication. Gee, it may be forever before I get to visit with Loucinda because she does not want my cold. I wouldn't wish this cold on my worst enemy!!!

Cold, icy weather is all around us. Roy Austin tells me that the weather forecast he saw says we are also to have icy weather and I telll him the weather I watched says it's only in NW Ar. and that we will miss it--he says "just wait.", but I sure hope I am right. Mycousin Billy Highfill sent me an e-mail concerning icy weather as we remember it as children. See if the following words remind you of the early 40's, if you were a kid then. Billy writes--"By mid-week, the radio-if the batteries were up- might say the forecast for central Ar. will be cloudy with the possibility of cold rain and snow moving in. The parents would start with"You boys get the wood on the front porch, with some extra, so it doesn't get covered up and frozen together and hard to get in the house."To verify the forecast we would watch the animals .When they were out, they would stand face down, facing the southeast with the cold N. wind blowing by the northside. Then Mom would go to the smoke house, pull down a shoulder and a ham, move it to the back porch for easy access. As morning came, we closed the door ofthe chicken house and on the way in, pick p a chicken or two and move them to the back porch. Then Mom would have one ofthe little children reach under the bed and get canned green beans, corn, peas, peaches and apples. With basic supplies in the house, animals in the barn, the family in the house was having a feast!" I'm afraid we would not make it so well if we had another ice storm. See, the "good ole days" were better.

I had to miss the homecoming, Friday night at F.V. cause I was sick. I sure wanted to go. The Workmans told me that our Jr. boys lost their basketball game but our Jr. and Sr girls and Sr. boys won their games. The Workman's granddaughter was the Jr. high homecoming queen.

Leslie Harvey e-mailed me that he and June have painted their house--he says the second time in 100 years. June has 4 of her immediate family in the military and she especially wanted an American Flag visible so they erected a large, beautiful flag. on the S. end of their house.

I stopped at the Plainview Auto and Farm store last week. My car has a bad oil leak, and I just had a feeling I'd better get some oil.Kim Yates is wonderful and so kind to me. She says "You just put your money on the counter and I will go put this oil in your car for you. She started with two quarts andcame back in and said she would have to get another quart to fill it up. I really appreciate Kim, cauee she certainly would not have to do that for me.

Remember, you are the only Bible some people read!!


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