Friday, February 23, 2007

10 hours to play

Gravelly News by Glenna Goodson

Ten Commandments in Cajun--------1. God is number one--and das' All 2. Don't pray to nuttin' or nobody--jus' God. 3. Don't cuss nobody--'specially da Good Lord 4. When it be Sunday---pass yo'self by the church house 5. Yo' mama an' yo daddy dun did it all--lissen to dem 6. Killin' duck an' fish, das' OK--people- No!! 7. God done give you a wife--sleep wit' jus' her. 8. Don't take nobody's boat--or nuttin' else. 9. Don't go wantin' somebody's stuff 10. Stop lyin'--yo tongue gonna fall out yo mouf!!

Fred's 76th birthday was Feb. 8th. baked him his favorite cake--Pineapple Upside Down. I kinda "got into it" and Fred says,"Who is eating my cake?". It was a different kind of birthday for Fred because for several years he has gone to our cabin at Texoma and the people there have given him a birthday party.And then he always stayed until deer season in October. But since his sight is almost gone because of his stroke, he decided he'd better not go to the Lake as yet. He still plans for Russell to take him when it gets warm and he thinks he may be able to stay, with Russ staying part of the time.

My source in Rover says that Johnny Turner is still doing well after his surgery a few weeks ago. Then the source says,"What doing well" means when it comes to Johnny Turner, you can decide!! Gee, I miss Johnny and the rest of my church family at Rover Baptist Church!

I decided today that 50 cents was a bargain for the Yell County Record! I bought a S. OKC newsaper for 50 cents. It had only 7 pages. I showed it to a lady in a restaurant and asked could she believe that this paper cosst 50 cents and she said it was a disgrace!

I talked by phone to my friend Melba Reed last night, the 21st. She's still doing well after her colon surgery. Of course, she refuses to be still and I betcha that the day she came home from the hospital, she was dusting, cooking, and whatever she saw that she thought needed doing. I look at hers and Mamie Glover's clean, orderly, house and I decide if they come to see me, we'll stay on the porch!!

I bought Fred a "talking book" at Wal-mart. It is Patterson's latest book "Step on a Crack." I sat here for 7-1/2 hours and listened to that book being read with him. At the last I kept going to sleep and I tried to get Fred to play part of it back for me and he saaid"No, I could take it back to Ar. with me." I checked him out a mystery from the library today. I read on the cover that this one is 10 hours to play. I don't imagine I will listen to this one.

I got up one morning and Russ had gone to Krispy Creme donuts. Gee, I love those things. I told Fred we did not have those in Ar close to me and I was really ging to enjoy them. Fred says that I probably will go into a diabetic coma!I made the mistake of emailing Lolucinda that I ate 5 without stopping and I really got a lecture. I'll not tell her next time!!

Since I subbed a lot at FV elementary school, I have great respect for those teachers. Vickie Roberson went from teaching 4th grade to teaching Special Education. I know what a good teacher Vickie is so I asked her to tell me some ofthe things they are doing . The programs sound so great that I am so poroud Vickie is at FV becauase I know these kids are learning. Her two para-professionals are Kenneth Hill and Patricia Hill hese 3 work together to give the kids the best. Vickie shared that the students cooked hanksgiving Dinner for the faculty. DEvery day for several days the children had their receipes and what they would do, taoped on the refrigerator door and they had to follow the directions. They used their reading skills to readthe receipes and their math skills in measuring the ingredients. They served the faculty the dinner and felt so good about themselves.

At Christmas, the students made candy and cookies for the faculty.

In their building, they have 3 rooms. At one end they have their life skills center, where there is a stove, refrigerator, sink, dish washer, and dryer. The children learn skills they will need all their lives.

Their reading program is called Reading Naturally. This program focuses on comprehension and fluency. They use casette players. They tape 20 stories and they have a list of vocabulary words to learn. The students read a story and time themselves. The kids set a goal for themselves of reading so many words a minute. They also use a Reading Lab with phonics and spelling and also basic reading. Doesn't this sound great? SWhen I get back I'm going to invite myself to this classroom and observe first hand!!

Think on this!!Life is like an onion--you peel off one layer at a time and sometimes you weep.


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