Sunday, March 11, 2007

seven acres of Daffodils is just breath-taking

Gravelly news by Glenna Goodson

The following are actual words uttered in a courtroom by an Attorney and his witness.-------
Attorney-----Doctor, before the autopsy,did you check for a pulse?
Attorney---Did you check for blood pressure?
Attorney--- Did you check for breathing?
Witness---- No
Attorney---So, then it is possible that the patient was alive when you began the autopsy?
Attorney--- How can you be sure, Doctor?
Witness---Because his brain was sitting on my desk in a jar.
Attorney--But could the patient have still been alive, nevertheless?
Witness--Yes, it is possible that he could have been alive and PRACTICING LAW!!

I am so glad that Robyn was taking Jake and ;Allyson to Ryan's and Heather's friday night in Kansas,so I could visit with them. I look at Jake and he looks exactly as Ryan did at 5 yeatrs of age. I forget and call Jake, Ryan and he informs he he is Jacob. I observe Ryan in his lovely home and know he is happy and successful and I am so proud of him. And I love Heather. What a wonderful wife she is!! I had such a good visit with them.

Saturday morning, Robyn, her friend Eddie, and two other ladies and I headed for Fort Smith, where Robyn and the other ladies were going to a special conference for recovering addicts. Kathy was meeting me in Ft. S,mith in front of the Inn where Robyn and her group were registered. Robyn had a map that supposedly showed her where the Inn was. After we entered Ft. Smith, Robyn drove and drove. Kathy calls on her cell phone and asks where we are. She tellls Robyn she is going the wrong way. I knew that 'cause she had just passed a sign that said we were entering Barling!! Eddie took the wheel and guys always know where they are going--right? Wrong !! He also got lost. Finally Kathy was really upset with us and talked to Eddie again. After driving in Ft. Smith for 45 minutes, we found Kathy. Ashly, her granddaughter was with her. We ate a 2 o'clock lunch and headed for Gravelly. We arrived in Gravelly about 4:30. It was several hours of drivingbut I am glad to be back in Gravelly, Ar. !!

I was anxious to see my cat, Sister. For a couple of hours, she refused to come in the house but finally I enticed her with food and now she is content in the house again. Kathy fed her outside while I was gone and it seemed at first that she liked the outside better then the house,but things are back to normal, now.

I went to the Workman's place of business right after I got back to Gravelly. I had missed them and it was good to get hugs and have a visit.

As I was driving to church, Sunday it was so good to gaze upon the beautiful Daffodils just outside of Gravelly that Wayne Hunnicutt planted a few years ago. He was so creative and planted the Daffodils to make words. The only word left is Gravelly, but they are so beautiful.

It was good to be back in Wing church and my Rover Baptist church. Hazel Russell's daughter, Rita, is visiting at Wing with her Mom. She led the singing for us at Wing. At Rover, Johnny Turner looked at my hair and said "I bet THAT hairdo cost a lot of money," which really means,"Your hair is awful!" And then he siad my hair was red but I believe Johnny must be color blind. Gee, I had missed everyone.!!

After church Sunday, Llucinda picked me up at Rover and we headed for Little John's restaurant at Danville. It was good to talk to Rex and Amy June Castleberry. Our meal was delicious. One of the cooks is Katie Fickle, Robbie's and Roy's daughter. I know Katie is a good worker so I'm glad she is there in Rex's restaurant.

After Loucinda and I ate lunch, we went to Wye Mountain to see the Daffodils. They were absolutely beautiful--seven acres of Daffodils is just breath-taking. They have a craft barn with a lot of interesting items to sell. We started back to Wing and Loucinda wanted to come back a different way. She wasn't sure which road to take but as she chose a road, she says "this FEELS right so I just know it is." I asked her what exactly was that "feeling" cause all these times I get lost, I need to know how you "feel" when it's the RIGHT way !

My niece Ashly has found out her baby is a boy and the Dr. says he will probably weigh 8 pounds when he is born !She has chosen the name Wyatt Nathaniel. Isn't that pretty? Iam so glad that she plans to keep going to college. My Dad's influence filters down to 3 generations--the teaching that we just must get an education--that we needed to go to college. shly is determined to graduate and I am proud of her.

I have a dear friend in Noble, OK with whom I taught school in Moore, OK in the early 60's. She called me while I was in OKC and told me she intends to go to Washington, D.C. and Virginia, the last of September. She says, "Glenna, I want you to go with me as my guest."Can't beat that can you?

Remember--when you spend time with someone you give them part of your life.


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