Monday, November 05, 2007

Under that monster mask

Gravelly News by Glenna Goodson

It was Halloween time and Joe decided to go to a Halloween party given by his office staff. He bought a devil costume and dressed to go to the party. He looked at himself in the mirror and decided he looked very scary. Since the party was near his home, Joe decided to walk. Unfortunately it started raining so hard Joe was really thrown around. He decided he'd better get out of the rain. He saw a building with lights and rushed inside the building. What Joe did not know was that this was a church and they were having a revival. The preacher had already started his sermon and when Joe came through the door, all the congregation turned to see who came in. When they saw this devil man, they all jumped up quickly and ran to the nearest exit. One lady tripped and fell into a pew and slid on down to the floor. Joe saw this and was afraid she was hurt and ran to help her. The lady was crawling around on the floor and looked up at the devil man and said, " I've been a member of this church/ for 32 years but I've been on your side the whole time" !!

My son in Ca.,Ellis, has published 2 books on the inter-net. The publishing company is called the LuLu Publishing Company. Ellis is taking my Country Writings and other stories I have sent him, a few of Granny Goodson's poems, and some pictures and is compiling a book for me. He says he has 100 pages, as of now, in my book. I will let you know when he publishes it so perhaps you would like to find it on the net.

Last Sunday I ate at Bill and Yvonne Workman's place. I sat by Paul Wiggins and Cecil Reed and I remarked that when it rains, it pours, because one day that week my computer monitor acted as if it was shutting down and my T.V. went out too. That night when I got home from church Paul Wiggins was here with Alan Ray Austin. Paul had brought me a TV and Alan had hooked it up for me. Paul says, "I told my wife Ms. Glenna needs a TV so I'm taking her this one." He said they had this one in their bed room and they did not watch it all that much. I wanted to cry and thanked Paul over and over. I thought back this year and remembered how people blessed me---Bill Workman-- after I hit a deer,saying "I'm taking your car to my yard and fixing it:"--and he did. And Dr. Sandberg sayhing "take this Cadillac, Glenna, and drive it as long as you need it."---Joe and Janet Harrison saying, "if you ever need anythijng, call us." and Paul brings me a television. God's angels are just everywhere.

I had about 30 ghosts, goblins and angels Halloween night. Did you people in Scott Co. notice that one of your trick or treaters was taller then most kids and perhaps you noticed a moustache under that monster mask ? If you did, the guy was probably Bruce Lee--if you students of Mr. Lee are being given candy for rewards, he got it trick or treatin'/

Jay Hunnicutt spent a week in a L.R. hospital last week where several tests were completed. Monday, the 5th, Jay will be admitted to the Baptist Hospital where a procedure will be done where the heart is stopped and is then charged. This is because Jay's heart is not in rhythm. This should make Jay have more energy and his heart be improved.

Our class of "49 is thrilled with our picture in the Record. We want to thank Laurie Gagne for making the pictures. I called my friend Melba Reed and said "Melba our picture is so good--Ido not even look fat" and she said I'd better frame that picture.! I am so proud of Laurie Gagne--she has only 3 more semesters of college to go until she has her degree in secondary education. It is hard when you start back to school and you have children at home, as Laurie did, so congratulations to Laurie. Another lady at FV of whom Iam very proud is Susan Rhoades. Susan will soon begn her student teaching.The future students of these ladies will be blessed !!

I attended the pie auction benefit for the Dwyer family at the Harvey fire department Saturday night. Several attended to show their love for this family, left so suddenly without a husband and Dad. People gave generously and I know the family is grateful

A couple of weeks ago on Friday night I attended the FV basketball game. It was FV versus Acorn. The Sr. boys B team was FV 25 and Acorn 19. One of the boys came out for a break and was upset about a mistake he'd made. I heard, Jeremy, the FV coach, say, "this is why we have these games--to learn, O.K.?" I was proud of Jeremy because I get so tired of hearing coaches yell at kids !! The Jr. boys final score was FV 47 and Acorn 41. The Sr. girls score was F.V.41 and Acorn 39.My neighbor, Cindy Clements took notes for me of our Sr. Boy's game. They are so good, I want to write them for you exactly as she wrote them. "The Sr. boys are looking strong and aggressive on this 2nd period, scoring Home 23-13 with the help from Clay Beggs and don't forget our strong Indiana JOnes. Keeping up with Indiana Jones will keep Acorn running. The officials look hot and sweaty--but doing a fine job. Our boys are showing up and showing out. Shawn Howell runs up the score to 45 to 24.Shawn throws the ball all the way to Carlton Treadwell and the score is 79-62. That was an awesome play" I know I do not have the space to
put in the rest ofCindy's notes but she did a good job--she should be a sport's writer.

Remember if we practiced "an Eye for an Eye, the whole world would be blind.


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