Saturday, January 12, 2008

Riding a bus

Gravelly news by Glenna Goodson

A mother looked out a window and saw her son Norman, playing church with their 3 kittens. He had them lined up and was preaching to them. The mother smiled and went back to work. A while later she heard meowing and scratching on the door. She went to the window and saw Norman baptizing the kittens. She opened the window andsaid ":Norman, stop that !You'll drown those kittens." Norman looked at her and said with much conviction in his voice ! They should have thought of that before they joined my church."!

The last Sunday night I spent in OKC acouple of weeks ago, the doorbell rang anda handsome guy asked me could he go into my back yard to see if his friend's dog was there. When I said,"Of course," he asked "Did you teach at Coolidge"? When I answered "Yes" he said, "You were my 4th grade teacher." he was excited to see me and said "You were my very favorite teacher." He asked could he have a hug. He sure made my day. You know a teacher affects a life forever and I am so thankful I had those wonderful 30 years in the class room. Thanks to Miss Jessie Buford at F.V. that inspired me to teach.

Marie Parish Herrin of Tulsa called me in OKC. She told me Maggie and Thomas Sullivan were coming to see them and I could come to Tulsa and ride back to Gravelly with Maggie and Thomas. I decided it would be too much trouble for everyone so I just rode the bus from OKC, I appreciated Maggie and Thomas offering me a ride.

I thought I'd seen it all but sitting in the OKC bus station, I saw a young man come into the station and his face was solid tattoes ! I wondered "did that hurt?"--he was carrying a skate board that said "freak." --that says it all.!

Riding a bus for 6 hours can be very interesting. A man sitting across from me was talking non-stop. I thought he was talking on his cell phone but he was just talking to himself. He obviously was mad at the world. He was griping about the bus driver and the crowd on the bus and doing a lot of cussing to emphasize his point. One time we stopped and the busdriver said we had ten minutes if we wanted to get off the bus. A lot of people were getting off and as they went by the talking guy he would say "Wash your hands, we don't want to get sick." I was so glad when the guy got off the bus at Fort Smith.

Kathy and Laacey were at Russellville to meet me at the bus station the 31st. It was good to be back in my little house in Gravelly.--and guess what ? My favorite tv show, "Law and Order " was having a marathon and I watched two or three hours of the show before I thought about unpacking !

I was reallyglad to see Bill and Yvonne Workman at their Gravelly store the 1st and John Meredith was there. He says "Bill Icouldn't findany canned soup in your groceries."Bill came and looked and handed John 2 cans of soup. Johnsays, "Bill will you open the soup and cook it for me to take home?" I almost fainted and I said, "John that is the height of laziness that you can't take those cans of soup home and cook the soup." But John saidhis wife was sick and he'd surprise her with some hot soup .Maybe that was an excuse but it sounds good anyway.

When I got back to Gravelly I had a Christmas Card and a letter from thne former Doris Jones, daughter of Phineas and Emma Jones. Doris had a hard time in 2007. She had more then one heart surgery. I pray that this will be a better year for her.

I attended the 90th birthday party for O.L. Briggs at F.V. last Sunday. It was fun. His grandson said he believed there were about 90 that attended. I was glad to see Margaret and Billy Jack Bogle. Billy Jack had just recently purchased a new computer, so we shared e-mail addresses.

Joe Cal Cooper and Billy Jack Bogle went last week to Glenwood to visit Tom Bogle , Billy Jack'scousin. Billy Jack said they had a good time talking about their FV days. '

The 11th I was at Fowler's at Plainview. The Fowler girls told me Sadie Fowler hadbeen in the heart hospital at L.R, but that day an ambulance was bringing Sadie to Chambers Hospital at Danville. They were going to keep her comfortable because the Doctors say Sadie does not have much time left on this earth. I met Barbara, one of the youngest girls. All 7 of the girls are there to be with their mother. Sadie was born January 19,1919, so she will soon be 89 years of age.

Remember : Do not worry about tomorrow cause God has already been there.


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