Monday, April 28, 2008

I'd never seen anyone as fast

Gravelly news by Glenna Goodson

Two 90 year old women, Rose and Barb had been friends all of their lives. When it was clear Rose was dying, Barb visited her every day. One day Barb said "Rose, we both loved playing women's soft ball all our lives and we played all through high school. Please do me one favor--when you get to Heaven somehow you have to to let me know if there's soft ball in Heaven. Rose looked up at Barb and said "if it's at all possible, I'll do that for you." Rose passed on. At midnight a few nights later Barb was awakened from a sound sleep by a flashing light and a voice calling, "Barb, Barb." "Who is it". "Barb, it's me Rose."__"You're not Rose, she just died." "I'm telling you, it's Rose, "I'm in Heaven and I have some really good news anda little bad news."Tell me the good news first,""The good news is that there is soft ball in Heaven. Better yet, all of our buddies we played soft ball with, are here. Better than that, we're all young again. Better still, it'salways Spring time and we can play softball all we want, and we never get tired." "That's fantastic," said Barb. "It's beyond our wildest dreams !!So what's the bad news. "You're pitching Tuesday."

Sunday the 20th,I was to play the piano that night at my Rover Baptist Church so I went early and attended our Butterflies meeting. This is the ladies' organization in our church with Sarah Light as our leader. Our program was "A cup of Coffee". We had 4 different kinds of coffee--different sweetners and creamers. Then Sarah brought out that when we eagerly get ourselves a cup of coffee, we do not want cold coffee--nor do we want bitter, nor lukewarm coffee. So compare that to us as Christians. Are we Cold, Bitter, or Lukewarm Christians? It wasa good program.

Monday night, the 21st, I attended the Women of Faith meeting at the Promise Land Facility at Wing. Kathy Lott was in charge of the program and it was a lot of fun. For refreshments we had about 6 different kinds of pizza that the Lighthouse Pastor, Dan Osolin, prepared.It was very good pizza and we had a large salad and Cake for dessert.I urge you ladies of the Valley to mark on your calendar the 3rd Monday night of each month and come meet with us. I met Sherrilly Forrest that sometimes writes a Plainview column in the Record. I was impressed to learn that she had taught school in Ola for 39 years. Guess what? I won a door prize---a nice watch--I have won a door prize every time and kathy Lott asked if I had put my name in the box several times. !!

I'm glad Anna Jewell Fryar is writing her Briggsville news again. She has been ill and I am glad to see she is better.

I met the couple at Nola last week that are thinking of opening up the Nola store again. They are from Michigan. I wish them well. They are very friendly, kind speaking and very interesting to talk too.

Wednesday night I went to Onyx

Missionary Baptist Church's revival with Kathy and Lacey. I was doubly blessed. The evangelist was Travis Lane. That man really knows the Word of God. His messaage just blessed my heart. When I hear a sermon, I don't want it to jut appeal to my emotions, i want to LEARN and learn I did from Bro. Lane. Kim Yates shared with me that Bro. Lane in the 60's and early 70's,was pastor at Onyx and Valley Home. This dedicated pastor shared with me that he has recently resigned after pastoring a church in Umpire for 40 years. I said I was doubly blessed---the other blessing was the music of the Yates family. The 10 year old son of Tommy and Annette Yatres, Morgan, led the singing. That young man fascinated me. He knew the music of the songs so well that even in the difficult parts of the song--not a mistake didhe make. He probably thought I was wierd because I was watching him so intently, not believing he could sing his part without missing a beaat !! I asked his Dad how could a 10 year old know music that well. He said Morgan always listened to them sing when he was a baby on up and then hestartedsinging. Hesaid Morgan was very competitive and wanted to be the best in whatever he did. Well, Morgan, you're the best 10 year old singer I have ever heard. I think music should be happy and enthusiastic and not draggy and slow and boy when Lanny and his group start singing and playing, you are really praising the Lord. There were 18 young people that night at church which was another blessing.

I just can't sing the praises enough of Janet Smith of Plainview as a beautician. I went to get a color last week. Always that has been a chore--putting a special cap over your hair after the color is put on and you wait and wait and they check under that cap. Janet plops that color on your hair in a few seconds and says "go sit and let it process." In a very few minutes she washed my hair, put me under the dryer and then fixed it--and it was beautiful and the color was perfect. I told her I'd never seen anyone as fast as she was and she said she cut a guy's hair one day and he told her later, she was so fast that as he went back to his truck, he wondered, "did I really get a haircut?" and he looked in the mirror to make sure.

At the beauty shop I met a lady that told me she ;lived in Gravelly when she was in elementary school and that she went to Gravelly school. Shesaid Mrs. Ophelia Peters was her teacher and i told her I also went to Gravelly school and Mrs. Ophelia was also my teacher. Her name was Eloise Davis Welker, Then I remembered her. It was neat. She said Bruce Hunnicutt was her boy friend in 6th grade. She went to FV for 2 years and then moved to Plainview. Her family lived in the Pugh's yard at Rover for awhile. Eloise said, ":Because of Ruby Nell Pugh I am a Christian. "!! What a testimony as to Ruby Nell's Christian life.

Remember this---If you want something you have never had--you must do something you've never done.


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