Sunday, July 27, 2008

darkness envelops them

Gravelly News by Glenna Goodson

Three women, Marge, Kathy, and Charlene, were killed in an accident and went to Heaven. They were surprised to see ducks everywhere. St. Peter tells them that whatever they do, they are not to step on a duck. They tried very hard but finally Marge stepped on a duck. Here came St. Peter with the ugliest man she had ever seen and chained them side by side. St Peter says, "because you stepped on a duck you will be chained together for eternity." When Kathy saw this she tried even harder to not step on a duck but she eventually did. Here came St. Peter with just the ugliest man she'd ever seen and chained them together for eternity. Charlene really watched every step and as time went by she was so thrilled because she did not step on a duck. One day St. Peter brought this extremely handsome man and chained him with Charlene. He was so talll, strong, and just the most handsome man Charlene had ever seen. Charlene says to the handsome man-- "I don't know what I have done to deserve this,"The man says, "I don't know what you did but I stepped on a duck!"

Let me tell you a true story. When I wasa little girl I lied to my mother. I was afraid God would discover what I had done and I would be punished. I decided I would hide from God. We had an old dirt cellar that usually I was afraid to enter but decided that God couldn't find me there so I went into the dark cellar. But soon someone came along and opened the door of the cellar and the light came in. The wrong was discovered. .There are a lot of my friends in this Valley that are concerned about their children. It seems that darkness envelops them and there's no way out. But the light will finally come and dispel the darkness. So don't give up==keep working, keep believing and God will send the light.

I saw Brittany Powell at Rover last week. Her time was to be over in Iraq in a week's time. She will go back to Tech in the fall. I am so glad she's back with her little girl.

Kelly Virbel, Shaleah Sandberg and I went to Russellville last Thursday. It will be the last time I see Kelly until probably her Christmas break from Loma Linda medical school. We had a great time. Sometimes 8 year olds aren't very good companions in restaurants, beauty shops, etc. but Shaleah was delightful !Kelly was in the beauty shop for 2 hours so Shaleah and I entertained each other. She had brought 3 Curious George books and she read to me and then I read to her. We walked over to a Salvation Army store and spent time looking at their merchandise. Shaleah has the kind of shoes that you seem to skate with the backs of them .I enjoyed watchjing her do little tricks on the pavement in front of the beauty shop. Ruben Medina, the hairdresser said to me, "let me fix your hair while I wait for Kelly to color." Wow!! it looked good when he finished. We had a wonderful lunch at Ruby Tuesday's and then headed back to Ola. It was hard to tell Kelly goodbye.

My sister Kathy, husband Lacey, daughter Kathleen and her two boys Jaycob, and Cameron and a friend of Jaycob's went to Branson last Sunday and came back Thursday. Friday they took 15 month old Wyatt to the Little Rock zoo. I bet that was fun.

The Wagner sisters, Mamie Glover and Robbie Fickle are both having medical problems, as of this writing. Robbie is in a Ft. Smith hospital. Mamie will go back to her son's hoime in Benton the 27th and he will take Mamie to her specialist in Little Rock. We need to pray for them and their families

And in closing you know you are in Ar. in July when farmers are feeding their chickens crushed ice to keep them from laying boiled eggs.


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