Sunday, February 18, 2007

you could not tell by their looks

Gravelly News by Glenna Goodson

Al Gore and Bill and Hillary Clinton go to Heaven. God addresses Al first. "Al, what do you believe in?"Al replies,"Well, I believe I won the election, but that it was your will that I did not serve. I've come to understand that now." God thinks a second and says,"Okay, very good. Come and sit at my left." God then addresses Biill."Bill,what do you believe in?" Bill replies,"I believe in forgiveness, I've sinned, but I've never held a grudge against my fellow man, and I hope no grudges are held against me." God thinks for a second and says,"You are forgiven my Son. Come and sit on my right.":Then God addresses Hillary. "Hillary, what do you believe?" Hillary replies, "I believe you're in my chair."

Two Sunday's ago there were 12 at the Nola store eating lunch. Then last week there were 31 there. Mary Lou and Boots Rhoades were celebrating their 61st wedding anniversary and Mary Lou's birthday.

I read in the Record that our Two Rivers school district has a new Supt. Ms. Sherry Holliman. If she is as good a supt. as she is pretty we will be doing well.

The last I heard, Jonnie Sue Willis was in the hospital at Hot Springs. After tests, the diagnosis was not as dire as originally expected. As of the 12th, her fever was down and she was able to feed herself. She has been staying with her daughter,Pam, at Mena, and will probably go back there when better.

Ted Buford had his hip surgery at Russellville last week and had quite a bit of trouble. The surgery had to be halted and he was on a ventilator, but it was soon taken off and he was breathing on his own. Being in your late 90's probably has something to do with that.

Charles Daniel went by to see Loucinda Buford on his way back to Hot Springs. Rita, his wife, is in Alaska awaiting birth ofl their first great grandchild.The baby was due the 13th.The granddaughter lives on an island and will have to go by boat to Sitka to a hospital for the birth of the baby.

O.L. Briggs of Briggsville, came by Loucinda's house last week and she drove him to town, to the Bank, grocery store, Dollar General and to Main Street Cafe to eat lunch. It started raining very hard before they got back to Fourche Valley and there was lots of thunder and lightning.

While in Danivlle, O.L. and Loucinda went by the new restaurant which was purchased by Rex Castlebverry, to check it out. It will be called Little John's and Loucinda says it is very nice. Rex, Shelby, and June were busy cleaning and polishing things. I hear that Dennus must have been supervising cause there was no polishing cloth in his hand.Loucinda reports that there are beautiful pictures on the walls of scenes from around Yell County, photogaphs by Mr. Carrouth.

My little greatgrand children have been over a couple of times to see me in OkC and I have spent a night with them in Guthrie. They have to get up at 5:30 every morning, Monday through Friday. Robyn fixes breakfast and a trolley comes by at 6:30 to pick them up. Allyson is taken to day care, Jake to school and Robyn to Francis Tuttle college in OKC.I think it is great that they have the trolley to take and bring them home. Robyn will soon be a Doctor's Assistant.

Wayne and Pat Bradley invited Loucinda to go to the races in Hot Springs with them last Friday. Since she is totally ignorant ofthe horses, Wayne had to study the sheets and decide which horses to bet on. Unfortunately, all the studying did not help too much, and the luck was running cold. About the fourth race, they finally go lucky and won their money back. On the very last race, Loucinda commented on a very sleek, opretty, black horse wearing a number 4, and thought he was a real beauty. Pat said you could not tell by their looks. Hebroke out first ahead ofthe pack and Pat said that the ones who start out in the lead can never hold it. Well, that little black horse ran the whiole race ahead and finished at least five lengths ahead of everybody else. He was one that Wayne had toldthe girls to bet on, so everybody broke even, after paying for their wonderful corned beef sandwich. It was a very pleasant day for all concerned even though it was very cold. Hot Springs is such a lovely town, a person could spend the whiole day watching people, as they all seem to be having such a good time.

Isn't this true---Too many people marry for better or for worse, but not for good.


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