Thursday, June 28, 2007

Our bodies need salt

Gravelly News by Glenna Goodson

A blonde was sitting in a bar watching the 6 0'clock news. It showed a man threatening to jump from a tall building.A man came and sat by the blonde and was also watching the news. He told the blonde, "I think the man will jump," and the blonde says "I don't think he will." the man said "I bet you $20 the man will jump and the blonde saays "You're on" and they placed their money on the bar. As the news was about to end, the man jumped. The blonde said "I did not believe he would jump, here's my $20." The man said "I just cannot take your money cause I watched this news at 5 and I knew the man jumped.". The blonde says, "I also watched rhe 5 o'clock news and knew he jumped but I did not think he would jump twice."

Last Sunday Bill and Yvonne Workman had a full house for Sunday lunch--3 tables were filled with hungry people. The menu was fried fish and all the trimmings. Sure was good!!

I will be gong back to OKC to my eye specialist the 1st of July as my appointment is the 2nd. I'm sure Russ can think of better things to do then travel the 300 miles plus to get me but I decided I should go back to the one that did the surgery. I was explaining to the specialist that I could not come back to OKC in a few days after my surgery since I did not want my son to make the trip to bring me back. Dr. Wise says," Can't you drive yourself?" and Isay "No" and he asks "Why not," My daughter speaks up and says "cause she's a crazy, old woman." Maybe that explains it.

Meredith and his son take long walks in the neighborhood. John said that one day they walked 7 miles!!Wow!Their hearts should stay healthy. I go to Bill Workman's most mornings for a sausage biscuit and most of the time John is there for breakfast.

I talked to Maggie and Tom Sullivan this week. Tom's garden is really producing a lot of vegetables.Maggie had been to see her son Nicky the day before. Since Nicky had the 5 stints placed in his heart, Maggie wants to make sure he does not lift or do other things he should not do. She and Tom leave for Texas in a few days where Tom goes to a Kiwanis meeting. They will spend a night with my cousin Calton Highfill and his wife who live in Carrollton, Texas. Maggie and Calton will have fun talking about their teen age years in Gravelly, Ar.

Ty Stokes, of around Aly, wrecked his car a couple of weeks ago and was injured pretty badly. When I was young, I knew his great-grandfather,Marvin Stokes who lived in Aly. Ty is in St. Joes at Hot Springs and is improving from his injuries.

Cindy Clements drove her daughter, Rachel, to Wyoming this week, where she will begin college in a few days. I pray Cindy will get back safely--that is a long way to drive back alone.

O.L. Briggs has a cousin that visited from Cleveland, Ohio, last week. She found out that when you live in Briggsville, Ar., you have to drive several miles for an ice cream cone.

You know I wrote last week that the tool bar on my computer disappeared. I had asked everyone I thought could help me with the problem and nothing worked. I called my former pastor who lives in Bixby,Ok. and he said to right click anywhere on the screen and a box would come upo and the work in the box would be tool bar. It did and I clicked on tool bar and got it back!! I called Terry and told him I always knew he was brilliant!!

Before William PRICE cuts my legs off, I wrote William's last name as Rice last weekSorry about that, William. William is absolutely one of my favorite singers. The Rovers for Jesus have a CD for sale and I am always encouraging William to make a solo CD. You would listen to one song and you would be hooked. I know it would sell. Speaking of CD's, the group Satisfied is making a new one. I will be glad when it is ready for sale.

Loucinda and I wento Danville, Thursday. We ate lunch at Little John's and then Loucinda got her hair cut. We went to Danville hospital to see Beatrice Garner Yeats. Beatrice had been in the hospital for a week but she was packing to go home. Her son, Gary, was coming to get her. Beatrices chief problem was that there was not enough salt in her system so the doctors had to insert salt into her body. So you people that have stopped using salt, should think on this--our bodies need salt. I'm so glad Beatrice is better.

Think on this: Whether a man winds up with a nest egg or a goose egg depends a lot on the kind of chick he marries.


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