Monday, July 14, 2008

$422 for shoes!!

Gravelly News by Glenna Goodson

A tourist from New York was hiking through the mtns. of N. Carolina when he came upon the smallest cabin he'd ever seen in his life. Intrigued, he went up and knocked on the door. "Anybody home?" he asked. "Yep" came a kids voice through the door. "Is your father there?" asked the tourist." Pa, nope he left afore Ma came in,"said the kid." Well, is your mother here?" "No, she left before I got here,said the kid. "But," protested the city slicker, "are you never together as a family?" "Sure, but not here, said the kid through the door."This is the outhouse!"

We had only one to come to our food pantry at Rover last Tuesday. But sometimes we have 8 or more, so we are there to serve any one in need.

Chuck McCool has gone on a mission trip to Brazil. He and the pastor's son of Plainview First Baptist Church and others of another church left today, the 11th. I think that is so exciting!! I look forward to talking to Chuck when he returns

I'm sorry to hear that AnnaJewell Fryar had a stroke last week. I talked to her brother Tom Sullivan of Russellville Friday and he says AnnaJewell is doing pretty well. She was in Chambers Hospital at Danville but has been transferred to the re-hab at Dardanelle. Tom says he and Maggie have eaten so many green vegetables from his garden , he expects the two of them to turn green any day now.

Kelly Virbel, her mother Diana Brown and I went to L.R. Wednesday. It was fun for me to watch the other two shop !! We were at Dillards in the shoe dept. and I picked up a shoe and looked at the price--$422 for shoes!! Gee, our Dillards in OKC doesn't have prices like that. In our shopping spree, I got Vanilla coffee from Dillards and a pair of earrings from The Limited!!I don't have to buy to enjoy the time spent with my beautiful friend Kelly and her lovely mother. Kelly picked up her Dad, Tony Brown from the airport. He had been in Ca. visiting friends and his mother for three weeks. Tony was glad to be back in Ar.

Please !! If you see a beautiful Siberian Husky dog walking along the highway or walking in your neighborhood in Ola or Plainview, please call 479-2345457. Ivan disappeared almost 3 weeks ago from Kelly's yard in Ola. You would make a dog and its owner so happy if you find him. There is a reward.

I was so glad Kelly and Anthony came to get me at Dardanelle Sunday and we travelled to a Russellville park's pavilion, where there was a surprise birthday party for Joe Harrison. When Joe and Janet drove upo to what Joe thought was just a get together for people in his church, he was met with the singing of Happy Birthday. The party was fun--fun. Lots and lots of food and a huge birthday cake. I was so glad to see my friend Jewelene Putman Benefield. My Aunt married Jewelene's Uncle and had 3 boys. So those boys were Jewelene's cousins and my cousins also but Jewelene and I were not related In my visiting at the party, I was thankful all over again that God brought these people into my life They would not have to love this S. Baptist that is sometimes very unlovely, but they do. They have brought me through many a sad and difficult time by their love and prayers. I appreciate them.

Remember---the happiest of people don't necessarily have the best of everything.


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