Sunday, July 06, 2008

T.V. Injun

Gravelly News by Glenna Goodson

If you can start the day without caffeine, --If you can always be cheerful, ignoring aches and pains---If you can resist complaining and boring people with your troubles-----If you can eat the same food everyday and be grateful for it----If you can take criticism and blame without resentment----if you can conquer tension without medical help----If you can relax without adult beverages----If you can sleep without the aid of drugs------Then you are -probably----------The Family Dog !!
Recently John Meredith of Gravelly, had a friend, Dave Edwards from Ca. visit him. Dave stayed in John's house across the road from John. One day, Dave went fishing in John and Carolyn's pond and caught a snapping turtle. As he is trying to get it off his line, the turtle bites down on John's thumb. Dave could not get his thumb from the turtle's mouth but finally gets a knife from his pocket and cuts the line. Getting bit by a turtle, having to travel minles to get anywhere, your electricity going off every time it storms, Dave said Gravelly was just like living in the Twilight Zone. And here it is July 6th and my electricity was just off for 23 hours. Every time it thunders in Gravelly, the electricity goes off !! Surely Energy could do something about this !!Gee, it makes me want the outdoor tolilets back and a well where I could draw up my water !!!
My little garden is not doing very well. The only things that are doing well are my squash and cucumbers. Have you ever fried squash, potato, onion, and okra together ? Yummy !!Oh dear, is a diabetic supposed to eat that ? Maybe that is the reason my bloodsugar was 583 Tuesday night !
I finally chased Jim McCoy down in Plainview so I could pay my ticket by showing him my proof of insurance. You know I tease JIm about scaring everybody to where they are afraid to drive over 30mph in Plainview, but he is doing his job and doing it well. Jim makes me think of my Dad, Doc Oglesbee, when he became a game warden. He told his friends and family (my husband was one of them) they'd better not hunt out of season cause he intended to do his job and he would give a ticket when it was due. So I will always have my proof of insurance in my car now, and I WILL slow down.
A couple of weeks ago, Margaret Lowe Bogle had a meeting in Jackson, Miss. and Billy Jack went along to help with the driving. Billy Jack says it is so interesting to drive down through Delta Country, where the crops used to be primarily cotton they arenow mostly corn and soy beans. Just S. ofPine Bluff, Billy Jack found a farmer named Esau who hasquitea corn growing facility. Heisfamous for hissweet corn. YOucan't just drop by and pick up somecorn, you have to make a reservation for a sack ofcorn and then go back on the day you reserved it and pick up your corn. Bill reserved a sack for July 3rd and he e-mailed me after he went back to pick it up. Margaret fixed them some of the corn right away and Billy Jack said it was really good. They also bought peaches for Margaret to make peach ice cream. Billy Jack was so impressed with the honesty and good work ethic of Esau that he decided Esau would make a good President of the USA He says he is going to enter Esau as a "write in"candidate for President and e-mailed my Highfill cousins to see if he could depend on their vote..He asked me if I'd vote for Esau and I said it sounded like a good idea--so Esau for President !!
Sonny Woodruff passed away this week and there will be a memorial service Monday, the 7th, at Parks Cemetery at Nola.
Tommy Vanover is doing a good job of maintaining the Parks Cemetery. I was at the cemetery last week and observed how nice it looked.
Geez, Janet Smith in her Plainview beauty shop, cut this little boy's hair into a mohawk. I mean to tell yu that kid looked like a T.V. Injun !! I am convinced Janet can give you any style you want.
For the 4th of July I went to Mulberry Church where they had tables loaded with food and chairs ,outside. The food was delicious and it was good seeing a lot of friends. I came home before they shot the fireworks.
Matthew.9. says of angels---It's not easy to become an angel. First you die. Then you go to Heaven, then there's still the flight training to go through, And then you got to agree to wear those angel clothes.


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