Thursday, May 31, 2007

You could tell it was not finished

Gravelly news by Glenna Goodson for JUNE 6th

A newlywed lady named Janis really wanted to cook good meals for her new husband. She would bake cakes and he observed her using cake mix and later he would say "My mother cooked from scratch." Whatever she cooked whether it was biscuits, cakes or pies, her husband always said the same thing "My mother cooked from scratch." One day Janis decided she just must go find some of this scratch at the grocery store so she could cook as well as her mother in law. She walked up and down the grocery aisles but could not find any scratch. Janis asked the grocery store manager where she could find the scratch. He told her to buy scratch she had to go to a feed store.Janis went to the feed store and asked the clerk there if he had Scratch--he said of course it was in the back and he went to the back of the store and brought a very large bag of Scratch. He asked Janis how many chickens she had and she told him she had no chickens. The manager said to have Scratch you had to have chickens. On her way home Janis went to a farm where she knew they sold chickens and she bought 8 chickens and put them in the trunk of her car. When Janis got home, she put the chickens in their fenced front yard. Janis' husband came home from work and hurried inside and asked why were there chickens in their front yard. So Janis told her husband about buying the Scratch so she could cook as well as his mother and that she was told if she had Scratch she had to have chickens, so she bought the chickens. Her husband did not know whether to laugh or scream but this one thing he knew--he had to show Janis that there was more then one meaning of the word Scratch!!!

I want to apologize for the abrupt ending of my column last week. You could tell it was not finished. I was typing my column on my computer and when I was down to my last three sentences,Poof, I lost the whole column. I pushed key after key but could not get it to come back up--but I had pushed "Send" but thought it did not send. I typed the column again but never could decide if it sent or not--so the column that Julie got was the unfinished one--so that is the reason it ended so weird. Computers!!!I will never understand them!!

Bill Workman's place at Gravelly is getting to be a meeting place for people after church, to eat.Last Sunday,Norma and Rod Rupe, Grace Mitchell Brasher, Norma's mom,Vickie and Jim Roberson.a guy I did not know, and myself ate together. Bill hasa new ice cream machine and Jim was waiting for the machine to make the ice cream but finally he gave up and they went home. But I stayed and got me some ice cream.So Bill and Yvonne will fix you something good to eat if you come on down.

Bro, Shipley"s and Kathy's youngest, Emily , graduated from high school a couple of weeks ago. We had a little gathering for Emily a couple of weeks ago after church on Sunday night. She will begin college in a few months. Cindy Clement's older daughter, Rachel, graduated from Waldron and will go to college out of state.

I was so thrilled to see Katy Abrams picture in the Record. This young lady has won a national honor. She has been nameda U.S. National Award winner in Science. When we read that only 10% of students in the U.S. win this award, we are all that more proud of Katy. She is destined for greatness

Kathy and Lac ey did not get their passports in time to go to Australia. They applied for those passports in March and it makes me very sad that probably just because someone, somewhere, did not do their job, the passport was not sent in time. They had their airline tickets to leave from L.R. the 29th.
Maybe another time.

Peggy Dowdy e-mailed me a picture ofthe most fabulous,beautiful chair, I ever saw.Alle Lee Hunnicutt Defoor was Peggy's aunt, and one of Allie Lee's daughters, Gloria, is an artist.Peggy commissioned Gloria to paint her a special chair for her porch. Gloria got a cracker barrel chair and then painted her own designs on the chair.The paintings are really outstanding. Peggy says the picture does not do it justice because you cannot se e the seat of it. Every plank is a different design and color.

I always look forward to the weekends. The 7th day of the week, Saturday the Sabbath Day, I worship with my Adventist friends at Ola. Then Sunday, the 1st day ofthe week, the Lord's Day, i worshop at Wing where I teach a Bible class and then I go to Rover Baptist Church to worship with them. I hada good example in my parents that taught me to love the church. Daddy always camped out during deer season butthe rest ofthe guys knew Daddy would leave the camp on Sunday mornings to go to Mulberry Church. How thankful I am for the freedom we have to worship as we please.

Our Rover Baptist Church's Frontier Day on Memorial Day was well attended. We had a alot of games, cake walks, horse shoes, a dunking booth and train rides forthe kids.. Johnnie Ray Blankenship drove the train and that seemed to be very popular with the kids. Chris Light was the one in the dunking booth and he sure got dunked a lot. Sarah Light and Brenda Turner were clowns. They made their own clown suits and they were really outstanding. They walked in our parade from our church to Rover Park. Brenda says "Next year we clowns will have something with a motor for us." Bruce Lee rode his prize bull in our parade. The Rovers for Jesus and the Yates Family provided us with beautiful music. We had a lot of good food and fellowship The donations we received will send several young people to church camp.Anna Jewell Fryar was at the Park. Jewell Marie Webb brought her.Anna Jewell looked well after her 9 day stay in the hospital.

Remember this: God specializes in lost causes.


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